My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1282

Vol 5 Chapter 1282: Explosion Is Art

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Long Yijing's eyes narrowed, and the look in Lin Chen's eyes began to become more provocative!

He really did not believe that Lin Chen could come up with a better gift than him!

Numerous evil spirits and participating pharmacists looked at Lin Chen with great interest.

They are also curious about this legendary and mysterious young man. What kind of background will this child come up against Long Yijing?

"Gift? I didn't prepare it."

Lin Chen shrugged his shoulders, and let everyone who was expecting, waiting for the theater, fell in love!

"Ha ha ha ha! Lin Chen, you are still a little self-knowledge,"

Long Yijing's enthusiasm, even some of his friends in the evil list can not look down, this is the tricky, calm Long Yijing they know?

As if something involved Lin Chen, Long Yijing would be demented.


Lin Chen's words turned and he smiled, "Although I don't have a gift, I prepared a surprise."

"What a surprise!" The little demon came immediately and stared at him radiantly.

"It's not a surprise to tell you, you will naturally know when the general election conference begins."

Lin Chen smiled.

"Lin Chen, are you a stage fright? Ha ha, I can't think of you as such. Don't hurry away if you can't get something decent, don't be humiliating here."

At the seat behind Lin Chen, a young man stood up. He was dressed in a green shirt, Qi Yuxuan, and sneered.

He is also a wizard of the monster list, a friend of Long Yijing, and one of the candidates for the election.

"This little guy is supporting the scene."

"It's normal for young people to refuse to lose."

Even some veteran saint-level refining pharmacists think that Lin Chen is supporting the scene, and the difference is that he can't get the treasure.

"Just take your big baby out and show it to everyone~~"

"You think of me as a stunner over there, I won't be so easily used as a gun by you."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled. Under the eyes of many eyes, don't open the demon and grab the slender jade hand of his arm.

"Cut~" The demon tongue out.

When she looked at Long Yijing, her tone was neither salty nor light"Withdraw, I am not interested in you. If I try to use these things to annoy me, I will interrupt your third leg!"

"Qing Wu..." Long Yijing shook his head and closed the jade box, but the corner of his mouth slightly raised.

He'confidently thinks' that he has pulled back his face.

Even the other evildoers think that Lin Chen is completely coming away from the battlefield. Is it better than others?

"Lin Chen!" Long Yijing shouted, referring to Lin Chen, the word clang-"I will fight with you in the name of the demon list!"

Lin Chen almost laughed out loud, what time do you still play this set?

"Duel? Your skin is itchy again?" Lin Chen raised an eyebrow.

"Natural election meeting, beating and killing, what is the system." Long Yijing said righteously, but some people looked at him contemptuously, who doesn't know if you lost to Lin Chen.

"The one I want to compare with you is Alchemy! You and I are in the general election. Whoever refines the Elixir of higher quality will win, and the loser will never be close to Qingwu after the defeat.

Long Yijing sacrificed the evil order, and the light was great!

This is a gambling agreement in the name of the monster list. The offender will lower the ranking, and the serious one may even be impeached from the monster list.

"Oh? Do you want to regain self-confidence from alchemy, anyway."

Lin Chenyun is breezy and light, and also sacrifices his own evil order, the light of two simple tokens is agitated, and the agreement is established!

"Big brother!"

"Mr. Lin Chen, don't be impulsive!"

Fei Xiaoyu and Shangguan Liuli exclaimed in unison.

Long Yijing's alchemy skills are terrifying! Some cultivating pill, ranking higher than him, may not be his opponent!

"Relax, he will never do reckless things."

Han Yizhi touched the green silk of Fei Xiaoyu. The first beautiful boy in the Holy World stood with a cute and lovely girl. The picture was very warm.

Long Yijing said to himself: "I know you have a spiritual skill that can reduce the spiritual coercion from the spiritual giant mountain just now, but alchemy can not only compete with spiritual power!"

Lin Chen suddenly smiled at Han Yizhi: "Yi Zhi, how would he describe this behavior in our class 66?"

Han Yizhi smiled slightly, revealing the jealous smile that the woman was jealous about, and Chong Long Yijing smiled and said: "The rain has stopped, the wind is slow. The monitor is low-key, and Yijing Xiongtai feels that he is OK again."

Bang ~!

At this time, an azure spirit cone thorn abruptly stabbed and shot Lin Chen directly!

This spiritual cone thorn is extremely powerful and only aimed at Lin Chen alone.


The crimson fairy standing behind Lin Chen blew out at random, blowing away this spiritual fluctuation.

"Oh? Someone wants to engage in a sneak attack?" Lin Chen smiled and turned to the master of spiritual strength.

On the seats, the beauty's skin wins the snow, cold and arrogant, like the snow lotus in the sky, Bing Qingyujie is cold.

"Do you only hide behind a woman?"

The beautiful woman sneered, is the princess of the Holy Kingdom, Zi Yunqing.

She saw Lin Chen's performance from the initial test. She rarely gave birth to a point of curiosity, and wanted to give him a try, but was blocked by the crimson fairy.

Jian Qingcheng whispered next to Lin Chen: "She is the princess of the Seventh Grade Holy Kingdom, Ziyun..."

"Okay, I don't want to know her name. If you don't have a figure, you don't look as good as you look, and I take the initiative to find trouble."

Lin Chen raised his hand directly to stop Jian Qingcheng's introduction and simply ignored Zi Yunqing.

He has seen too many such women. Arrogant, indifferent, self-righteous!

Jian Qingcheng's ears are reddish, and Zi Yunqing's face is even more indifferent!

Someone Lin sighed deeply.

"Why am I going to always be troubled by countless people? Isn't it handsome to be doomed to be jealous? Is it annoying, if God gives me another chance, I will choose to hide in the name and hide in the mountains Cultivate him for 8,000 years!"


There was a round of applause.

"Okay, little fellows, if you have any grudges, use alchemy to solve them at the conference. This is not a place for you to fight."

An old lady with a kind face in purple gold robe came and smiled and played the round.

Its spiritual breath has an unfathomable taste like a black hole, which makes the arrogance of the Wizards present on the spot converge by one point.

Dan Yu, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Some of these old monsters were also members of the list of evildoers at that time, so terrifying! Even if they cannot threaten their lives, it is very easy to teach them some profound lessons!

"Hey, it seems that this day's election meeting has to be watched."

"Some young and young people are just making a fuss. The top ten, the old man has reserved one."

"Old Castle Peak, don't rush to brag, drink two more glasses at night and blow again."

"Huh! A group of stubborn hairy boys, how can you understand alchemy, let the old man tell them the greatness and mystery of refining medicine!"

The elder saint-level pharmacists watched the drama and left.

"Hey, what the **** is that surprise? Tell me a little bit in advance!"

At this time, the little demon queen couldn't help asking the voice.

"The surprise is..." Lin Chen leaned over her ear as she approached the demon, and Lin sniffed at the tip of her nose.

It's so fragrant, so big.

"Surprise is just an explosion."

The demon queen: "?"

Lin Chen smiled confidently.

"And the explosion is art."