My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1283

Vol 5 Chapter 1283: Natural Election Conference Masters Are Like Clouds

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Fei Xiaoyu and Chi Meier were surprised!

Alchemy, how did it go with the explosion?

Lin Chen suddenly smiled at the little demon: "In other words, if I defeated Long Yijing, you don't need to see him in the future. How about, I ran a nasty ghost for you and did a good thing for you, you How are you going to repay me?"

"Then you come to my room, I will tell you~" The little demon queen smiled charmingly, and Qian Eye was wandering the sly blue waves, so beautiful and thrilling that even the woman was fascinated by her.

Someone Lin said indignantly: "What kind of person do you think of me Lin Chen! Why can't you open up and say something, you have to go to the room and say, I just like being outside!"

Women: "..."


When Lin Chen's registration was completed, the registration time for the Natural Election Conference officially ended. The natural selection conference left the contestants with seven days of preparation time.

The business groups in Qingtian City are even more busy. They have received too many lists of medicinal materials of the Holy Class Alchemists. The medicinal materials listed one by one are all rare treasures and expensive.

During this period, Han Yizhi and Jian Qingcheng were buying herbs for Lin Chen.

On the third day, while Optimus City was still busy and bustling, the sky-swept vision rose up!

A vision of a hundred beams of light shone to the west of Qingtian City, and two holy rings were wrapped around the whole body!

Who is refining the second grade Shengdan?

The pharmacists from all walks of life mobilized their spiritual power, and when they gazed at them thousands of miles away, they were the place where the young demon list lived.

If you take a closer look, it is Lin Chens position?

"its not right!"

"Refining Shengdan requires a high degree of mental concentration. Isn't he afraid of mental fatigue if he is refining the pill at this juncture?"

"This young man, do you want to build momentum first and put pressure on us? Naive, so naive!"

Many holy-level pharmacists dismissed the vision produced by Lin Chen's temporary residence, or shook his head and laughed.

Regardless of the reason, this alchemy of alchemy is an irrational choice. There is no harm in it. Even if you want to adjust the play and feel of the alchemy handprint, it is definitely not at this time.

Qingtian City, a high tower.

The humpbacked old man carries the hip flask, his eyes look like he looks through the void, and he has a penetrating insight.

"It seems that the old man looks up at this young man. Is it because he is really a man of this moment?"

Humpback old man, this refining medicine giant who once appeared on the list of evildoers, did not see Lin Chen's alchemy.

Zizhulin, a beautiful and beautiful lady, Ziyunqing authentic reading Dan Danjuan, when seeing the two holy rings rise up, Daimei frowned.

"That direction is, Lin Chen? At this juncture, what is he trying to do? Is he just doing this?"

Pinyan Pavilion, Long Yijing laughed in heaven!

"Lin Chen! When you lose your mind, you still look at the alchemy and the bells and whistles. Now you can refine the second-grade Saint Pill. On the day of the competition, I see how you can win this less!"


Star Pavilion, the stars flickered, and the visions appeared.

A handsome and fierce young man opened his eyes, and the devil's energy turned into his pupils. When he sensed the appearance of the Holy Pill vision, he turned to the young man sitting in the attic.

"That kid, what does he want to do?"

The teenager shook his head, his pale paper-like complexion, and an immortal sneer appeared!

"Looking at the alchemy? Huh! It's obvious. At this meeting, the king personally suppressed these alchemists!"


There were hundreds of doubts about Lin Chen's alchemy, but no one was optimistic about Lin Chen.

Everyone agreed that he was wasting his energy.

However, Lin Chen seemed to never play cards according to the routine.


In the next three days, Lin Chens temporary residence actually spawned visions again and again! One holy ring was born, which is a sign of the successful refining of Shengdan!

At the beginning, everyone was very disdainful, and on the fourth day, it was uncertain. On the fifth day, it was shocked!

Brush brush ~~!

On the sixth day, the sky above Qingtian City was Danxia soaring above the sky.

"Not yet? My mother, what does he want?"

"This **** thing is already the 31st second-grade Shengdan and 29 third-grade Shengdan!"

"Impossible! Could it be that Alchemy Ju Qing shot? What the **** is this efficiency! It's almost outrageous!"

The forces of all parties gathered in Qingtian City, all the evils, and the masters of medicine refining are scalp numb!

This efficiency is too perverted! No one can produce so many Saint Pills as fast as this one!

But the problem is that these Shengdan did not exceed the fourth grade at a time. Even if he was efficient, everyone did not feel too much pressure. The fourth grade and the third grade are very different!

Finally; on the seventh day, the vision finally stopped, and the general election meeting officially began!

Qingtian City, a crowd of twelve squares.

"In the past general election conference, I heard that there are still five grades of Sheng Dan born, what kind of super medicine is it?"

"Today my goddess competed, and I brought a hundred talents from the genius list to cheer for her. Later, if she became a pill, whoever shouted to me, Ben would double the reward!"

"Although I can't be on the spot, I still have a chance to see Cheng Dan's vision here, so excited!"

"Excite your sister, calm down!"

"Handsome people have already subscribed, and ugly people are still free."

"I came to see the most handsome man."


In the twelve squares; there is a lot of discussion, and the scene of refining medicine is not here.

There are not many people who can get a spot at the scene.

Above the 100,000 feet high sky of Qingtian City, an island resembles a giant levitating, tens of thousands of acres of huge white jade square, 391 holy-level apothecaries gathered together, each on their own side!

This picture can only be achieved by the General Election Conference, and only the rewards of the General Election Conference can impress these old monsters from birth, and can attract so many famous Saint-level Alchemists!

In Optimus Island, at least five top sectarians can attend the seats! Ordinary Wupin denominations are not qualified to receive invitation letters!

Many island castles were built on the island. Some powerful men sipped hot tea and wine in the castle, and watched slowly.

Many saint-level pharmacists cast their eyes in one direction when they entered the stadium.

That direction is Lin Chen who doesn't even have a furnace!

At this time, Lin Chen was full of energy, full of energy, holding his chest with both hands, and the expression of excitement and smile, it was completely like a big job!

Is this too strong?

Is this the one who made dozens of holy pill? Young people are not so energetic.

"It seems that this child should have a medicine refining giant engine to follow him. That day, the alchemy should not be him."

"Yes, he is a normal young wizard, and it is normal to have a master. Should his teacher be in the top five? Maybe more than that."

"I don't believe in killing. He is the one who made dozens of holy pill in seven days. It was 100% from his teacher."

At this time-

The sky-high platform emerged with a delicate and graceful beauty.

"You, I am your examiner this time..."

The clear spring-like voice is ethereal and beautiful.

The young wizards were shocked!

Such a grand conference, turned out to be a beautiful and attractive woman as the examiner?

What about grandpa? What about the layman?

Only the older generation of pharmacists, as if they had seen a ghost, their lips twitched slightly.

Someone Lin was staring at the graceful beauty, and nodded thoughtfully.

"Well, it was still a little bigger than the little goblin."