My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1284

Vol 5 Chapter 1284: Dragon Corpse Alchemy Stunning Audience

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"It turned out to be Senior Yilian..."

"She is the examiner and the pressure is too great."

"This nizi is also an apprentice of her old friend who passed away in the past. I didn't expect her to become one of the elders of the Danyu Presbyterian Church!"

Some older generation pharmacists lamented, or were full of fear.

This Song Yilian, the Holy Grade Alchemist, is in the sixth grade!

And she created three kinds of alchemy skills and fame, and created a precedent that alchemy never had. It can be said that many young people in Danyu now use alchemy and her skills and skills!

It is said that the possibility of her being promoted to Seventh Grade is unlimited in the future! It is the most legendary woman in Dan Yu in recent times!

Extreme genius always pays for it. This Song Yilian, who does not touch power, does not touch worldliness, and is not close to human feelings, has never had a relationship between men and women.

At this time, as long as the long cloud skirt, the misty and misty Song Yilian's lips lightly opened, slowly opening, and the voice was crisp and indifferent.

"This alchemy will last for 30 days. If any alchemy link fails, it will be eliminated immediately. The refining medicine is perfect and sacred. Creating a perfect elixir will not allow any failure."

As soon as this remark came out, 391 holy-level pharmacists had different faces, which was very exciting!

No failure is allowed in any link!

This pressure multiplied instantly!

"This girl is challenging me!"

Lin Shuai touched his chin and felt tricky for the first time!

His "Ultimate Alchemy" has not been completely completed.

Failure is always inevitable. After this statement, it is estimated that Lin Chen is the most stressful on the scene!

"Well, the previous ranking is useless. Rather than choose the most conservative way to fight, it is better to choose the possibility of the highest success rate! Now I want to win the championship, only beyond that level!"

Lin Chen's eyes became sharp!

"The final result of this time will be decided by myself. In addition to the ten elders who are jurors, if eight of the ten elders have different opinions from my decision, the result will be changed to the final decision of the elders."

Song Yilian waved her hand: "The rules are clear to everyone. Quality is paramount, and failure is not allowed. I won't say much about it. This day's election meeting officially begins!"

clang! clang! clang!

As soon as the words fell, the furnace was on the ground, all the alchemy handprints were brilliant, and a vision like wind and rain and thunder and lightning, like the controversy of hundreds of schools, bloomed one after another!

There is a person who foxes alchemy, Shangguan Liuli, the red charm of the orange-order handprint, there is Fei Xiaoyu, who has no furnace alchemy, and evil spirits bite the tongue and work hard to make alchemy with blood.

There is a demon wizard who is drowsy, even forming an alchemy fingerprint in his sleep, and practicing alchemy from closed eyes!

What's more, they sacrificed part of their own air-transplantation capsules, and began to refine the medicinal herbs by the power of air-transplantation capsules.

Everyone under Optimus Island, seeing such a show, cheered and talked about and exploded!

Suddenly, a sound of Long Yin shocked Jiu Xiao, and many strong men were surprised to see it.

I saw that Long Yijing north of Baiyu Square moved the alchemy handprint, and there were countless Lei Jiao, Lei Long, and wandering around him.

Its holy cave bloomed with the thunder of thousands of horses, ignited a thundercloud, and continued to split the lightning like an electric python, and poured it into his red furnace!

Orange Order Alchemy Handprint "Thunder Dragon Sacrifice Heaven Seal"! The dragon family is awesome and overbearing!

"This child's arrogance is not unreasonable. The external force alchemy that attracts the alchemy handprint from the start of the hand can only have such courage if he has enough skills and confidence in his alchemy skills."

"I have to say that between him and Lin Chen, the old man really is more optimistic about this Long Yijing kid."

"This Long Yijing is suitable for being an old disciple. After the game, see if he is interested."

The two elders of Danyu smiled at each other and were very optimistic about Long Yijing.

Bang ~! A loud noise roared, and one of them was born out of nowhere. An old man with a red-brown eyebrow and a rugged face, sitting in the void, pinching the alchemy handprints with both hands.

A strong spiritual force like a flowing cloud controls the fire energy, and thousands of medicinal materials are extracted from inside the volcano.

"This is the old man of the fire in Qianyu, this old guy's orange-order alchemy handprint is better than ever!"

"He moved three Chiyan Mountains into his own luck capsules, opened up some space for luck capsules, and mobilized Yanshan's energy to make alchemy. It was really wild."

"This old guy has to be in the top ten at least this time.

The elders of Jury on both sides of Qingtian Island nodded their heads, their eyes full of praise. Among this group of elders, the humpbacked elders who included the last wave of assessments were also included.

Brush ~! Another branch of the towering tree emerged continuously, with flowers blooming and pink cherry blossoms.

When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, there is a faint sound of phoenix revolving, and a few peach branches swaying and pouring out the star-like spiritual power, pouring into the red furnace!

Amidst the blossoming sky, there is a cool and gorgeous person standing at the tip of the cherry branch, with a beautiful and proud look.

The jade fingers of the beautiful woman's hands form a residual image, and the flowing clouds and water are urging the alchemy handprint.

This scene, all the forces present, each strong person more or less emerged dignified!

This is the branch of Zhongpin Lingzhi, the true Phoenix Phoenix cherry tree!

One person monopolizes the middle class luck, and this is a terrifying metamorphosis!

What surprised the elders was that this woman could control Qi Yun Ling Zhi to make alchemy?

"This woman is Zi Yunqing?"

"It's amazing! How can I use Alchemy to control alchemy to cultivate alchemy? These methods have never been seen before, never heard before!"

Even Song Yilian cast a surprised look, and apparently did not expect such a character in the younger generation!

"Well, I have made full use of the advantages of my blood and the power of nature, and the two can be perfectly combined. This woman is a malleable talent. Maybe she can apply for a place for her, and you can enter the Presbyterian Church in advance even if she does not win the championship..."

Song Yilian nodded slightly, as if seeing through Zi Yunqing's deeper secrets.

However, in the next moment, even Song Yilian was moved!

She suddenly locked a teenager!

This person was pale as if fainting at any time, his ten fingers fluttered like flying flowers, and each fingertip was condensed with spiritual power like wheatgrass, maintaining ten thousand spirits.

It is weird that in front of him, he actually visited three dragon corpses!

He put all the medicinal materials, regardless of the seventh or eighth order, into the dragon corpse!

The three-headed dragon corpse, like a new life, opened the eyes of the dragon strangely, and the twilight of the dragon swept the audience. No one was surprised!

In this world, there is such a method of alchemy? Alchemy with corpses?

"He, who the **** are... why does his mental strength give me a strange feeling?"

Song Yilian's eyebrows were tightly locked and her face was serious.

Someone Lin looked stunning.

It's so beautiful. Everyone is so strong. How can someone Lin get mixed up?

Lin Chen sighed.

"Ten Pills and Nine Lungs have become eight different patterns, seven handprints plus six postures, and the five elements Pill Furnace can't see the four quarters of medicinal herbs. Only Lin Chen is half-hearted and first-rate handsome. Horizontal approval: What am I doing?