My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1285

Vol 5 Chapter 1285: Hundreds

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Immediately above the sky island, there are frequent visions, directly stirring Jiuxiao!

Under Sky Castle; some young refining medicines are stunned!

They have never seen such a posture!

There are no less than 15 kinds of orange-order alchemy fingerprints appearing at the same time!

This scene is unheard of and unheard of for many young refining medicines!

Dan Yu, who is as strong as a master pharmacist, is also a rare sight!

However, what amazes them even more is that the alchemy methods of the major seed players are eye-opening!

Planting alchemy with luck and spirit, alchemy with dragon corpses, and alchemy with the power of the world!

"It really is a natural election conference, and every time there is a historic alchemy moment!"

"The alchemy that transcends cognition is worthy of my goddess! By manipulating Qi Yun Ling to plant the refining medicine, there is no one in the world!"

Under the sky of Qingtian City, there was a lot of heat, and a pair of excited eyes stared at the screen of the thousand-channel light screen, which could not help making people tense, and attracted countless people at the opening!

Inside the island, on both sides of Baiyu Square.

"Alchemy with dragon corpses may be the best way to absorb dragon gas! However, this idea is a bit outrageous. If you only keep the blood of the dragon, then it will have its own appearance and no charm."

"You can keep the complete dragon corpse, Long Wei is pure, and you want to control the spiritual refining medicine from the dragon corpse. It is as difficult as going to the sky. It is like cooking in a hot oil pan, preparing all the dishes in the oil pan. , How could this be done!"

The strong men from all sides watching the walls were puzzled and shocked.

"What a weird spiritual power, who is here?"

"Alternative to the list of evildoers, the Eastern Promise of the Sixth Rank Family?"

"His vitality is very weak, but he gives the old man a deep spiritual fear. This is not the spiritual power he should have at this age!"

The elders stood up, felt something wrong, and looked dignified!

"Don't move." The old humpback said.

"Sit down, don't let outsiders read the joke. Judging from the rules, this person has not violated the rules at all. If you rashly intervene, do you want everyone to read our joke in Danyu?"

The humpbacked elders spoke sharply, and the elders with high powers immediately fell into hesitation.

"It seems that this day's election conference is very variable..."

The humpback old man saw several silhouettes, and finally fell on Lin Chen in the far corner.

"Little guy, what surprise can you bring us?"


"There are many masters this time, but my Long Yijing will be able to be at the top of the younger generation! Let Lin Chens dog know who is more worthy of Qingwu!"

Between the dragon instrument crystal knot surrounded by the thunder dragon, a crystal jade-like jade emerged in the palm of the hand, lingering around thunder and thunder, and when the electric mangoes shuttled, it was thrown into the sky!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The sky thunderclouds exploded, thunderclouds tumbling into thousands of electric balls, and Leimang's birth and death, like a rising moon, blooming the ultimate thunderbolt power!

The power of infinite lightning is gathered like a storm, Long Yijing's palm is close to the Dan furnace, and the handprints are turned over and over. The fingerprints change from fast to slow, but every time the seal is printed, the energy of the Lightning Crystal Core can be perfectly integrated into the Dan furnace. Among the medicinal materials, the thunder of the thunder is constantly surging!

"It's a thunder-light polar core, and Yi Jing actually used this trick card."

"This is one of the sacred products that can bring the dragon family's Lei alchemy fingerprint to the extreme. It seems that he is determined to suppress Lin Chen!"

When the remaining two wizards of the evil demon list wizards swept Lin Chen, their eyes picked on the color of gloating.

"It's a huge momentum, it's the thunder core!"

"Dare to use the energy of the thunder and light core to make alchemy, this child really has a shadow of the former ancestor of the former Dragon family."

The three elders who mainly watched the younger generation were surprised.

This child dared to add foreign objects to the alchemy handprint, proving that he has cultivated the pinnacle of this handprint!


The vitality is vigorous, and to the west of Baiyu Square, a vision of a hundred flowers blooming out of thin air!

No, it is not a vision, it is real! Inducing the alchemy handprint with the divine power, if there is a spring blossom, the meaning of the three thousand begonias is in full bloom!

In Qingtian City; under the light screen of Shengli's rolling space, an obsessed woman is staring at the young man in the sea of begonias.

His sword eyebrows were flying high, his nose bridge was tall, his figure was eight feet, and he was amidst Yuyu Xuan'ang. When he urged the alchemy handprint, his fingernails appeared a faint purple brilliance. The person in the picture is full of free and easy meaning, fascinating a woman.

It was the young man who pursued the princess Ziyunqing, the monster listBegonia Sword Saint, Long Yixuan!

His alchemy handprint, once urged, was full of vitality and was refreshing, even Lin Chen was a little envious!

It is another orange-order alchemy handprint! This kind of alchemy handprint has a huge blessing and increase to the immortal medicine of refining and restoration!

Long Yixuan slightly glanced at Lin Chen with a provocative look, and seemed to be challenging him.

"Don't think you can get close to her if you get the princess's attention. Princess Ziyunqing is the son!"

Someone Lin's mouth twitched slightly...

Even before Lin Chen refuted, the visions appeared!

brush! brush! brush! The sky full of blooming cherry blossom petals withered in an instant, Ziyunqing was condescending, standing proudly with cherry branches, and the fingertips were quickly connected, the hands and knots were changing, and between the white eyebrows, a symbol of debris appeared!

Boom~! The huge purple Yan swept the world, Lin Chen's blood that belonged to the "Hong Yan Holy Phoenix" actually throbbed faintly?

"This woman can inspire my attribute bloodline? Isn't she as simple as the human race?"

Lin Chen was shocked!

On the top of Zi Yunqing's head, a pair of sky-covering giant wings appeared in the sky. Its head resembled an eagle, its jaws were like swallows, and its neck was like a snake. Deterring the eight parties, its virtual shadow leaked the coercion of the famine, as the prehistoric Holy Spirit came!

Feng Ming embraces Jiuxiao and releases a purple-red light. With the handprint of Zi Yunqing, an eighth-order holy beast core is quietly fragmented into alchemy energy.

What is even more mysterious is that her middle class luck is planted; the true Phoenix Phoenix cherry tree, dancing with the branches of the Holy Phoenix phantom, the energy of the medicinal materials continues to increase and climb, but it is under the control of Zi Yunqing !

"It's such a domineering energy."

The hunchbacked old man of the jury has his eyes shining!

"This woman is pregnant with both human and phoenix blood. No wonder she can control the true phoenix phoenix tree alchemy!"

"This little girl, can't really shake those old guys, this new and old generation's duel, it is much more exciting than before."

Some Liupin family stared at Zi Yunqing enviously. The potential of this woman is unimaginable!

Perfectly blending two bloodlines, peerless alchemy wizards, and nominations on the list of evil spirits, there are few evil spirits in the six-pin family that are comparable to her! Placed in Qipin Juqing, it also belongs to the top class!

Brush ~! The hurricane swept through, the pressure came, Zi Yunqing actually looked down at Lin Chen in the alchemy, his proud eyes seemed to question Lin Chen.

"This is our distance. When do you plan to hide, Lin Chen. Take out your trump card, and then see clearly, the gap between you and me!"

Everyone looked at Lin Chen!

He is the whole audience, the only person who hasn't started alchemy!

There are too many legends about this teenager. Some people say that he is the beginning of the transformation of the refining industry. Some people say that he is the most likely person in the world to break the alchemy of alchemy. Others say he is a liar.

But these are too confusing and beyond common sense! More importantly, no one in the field of refining medicine in Danyu has made a fortune, and no one can believe his legend!

Because this is the central point and origin of the Holy Alchemist!