My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1286

Vol 5 Chapter 1286: Lin Chen With Full Firepower

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"You can't wait to see my big baby, it doesn't look as cold as the legend."

Lin Chen teased; Zi Yunqing's face was black in one sentence.

He looked down at the magic mark on his palm,

"There are very few people who will drop the light ball of spiritual power this time. It seems that I can rest assured of alchemy."

Lin Chen looked at the young boy with the dragon corpse alchemy and his face pale but evil.

He probably guessed that this person's true identity!

"I can't think of him as an old monster, but it seems that I have to let it go this time!"

Lin Chen exhaled, his mouth raised, and his madness overflowed!

"You want to see it, then complete you!"

Lin Chen stepped out, his shoulders suddenly shocked!

brush! brush! brush!

Shenguang shuttle, at this moment, smallpox falls!

Nine-color Shenguang shuttles around Zhou Tian, and flashes from Lin Chen's side!

Six'Lin Chen', born out of the sky!

All the phantom avatars stood next to Lin Chen, with a gaseous appearance, rich and handsome, and arrogant and domineering madness, a bit of decisiveness broke through the eyebrows!

"Avatar skill? It's mysterious!"

"It's not as simple as a spiritual doppelganger! Even the old man can't see through, it's hard to tell the truth!"

The elders of the jury exclaimed that their spiritual realm at this level and the ordinary avatar skills were not in front of them. They were worth noting at a glance!

But the seven Lin Chen stood in front of each other.

If you don't know where the main body is at the beginning, no one can really see the real body!

"Good mysterious exercise, if I get this exercise, in time, the master of the Qianyingliu Flower Temple should also do it less and do less!"

"This exercise is very useful!"

A few of the demon list's devil's eyes are shining, passing a bit of greed and fanaticism!

As soon as the doppelganger came out, Lin Chen's momentum soared, and his hands swept the void!

Ripples in space popped up, new space planes on both sides bloomed, and a paradise-like paradise came!

On the other side is the spring blossoms and the valley stands. A mountain of icebergs spread all over, and Lin Chen opened both his Qingxue and Taoyuan treatment capsules!

Of course, only half of the two air transport capsules were opened, and the other half contained Lin Chens secrets and treasures that could not be revealed.

Many strong people are shocked!

Several elders in Zixia Wanggu numb their scalp!

Qingyao embellishes Taoyuan Township, and Longqing still transforms into Panlong. Wan Xian stood between the clouds and smoke, and the dragon blood shone red and shone.

Seeing the flat peach in Qingxue Changshan, the five elements are planted around the elephant. Chijin winding the vines around the fairy mountains, surrounded by Qingxue and wandering around!

This scene is too shocking!

"Ten...Thirteen kinds of luck and luck?"

"He actually pretended to be 13!"

"Wu Xing Ling Zhi was collected by him? Long Qingshu?"

"Wandering tree! Holy flat peach! My God, where is this monster from! This is the legendary man with luck? There are two such rare plants!"

Some well-known veteran powerhouses are shocked!

Even the thick wizards in the family are dumbfounded!

It is well-known that you will be rewarded with five luck-seeking seeds by becoming a monster.

However, according to normal rules, some of the seeds of Qi Yun Ling Zhi should be turned over to their denominations or forces! This is the kind of feedback that sectarians need to cultivate talents.

That is to say, the Wizards of the Sinister List, the actual personal luck transported between 3 and 4 luck transported plants.

Only the forces of a real family with great careers and giants will give all their luck seeds to their disciples. There are very few cases like Zi Yunqing that can hold a middle grade Lingzhi!

However, there is now a Lin Chen, and there are also middle-class luck, how can this not be shocking! There are also legendary countless pharmacists dreaming of wandering trees!

The Five Elements Spirit Plant, the Spirit Plant of the Golden Wood Water Fire Earth System, is the reward of the Monster List, and was also collected by Lin Chen!

The value of this kind of spiritual planting will be slightly inferior to that of the higher-value characteristic spiritual planting, but if there are five kinds of complete planting, the value will multiply, which can produce Five Elements Treasure, which is of great help to cultivation!

Seven Linchens stood in a group, and in a single thought, 13 kinds of Qi Yunlingzhi shook one after another! Tens of thousands of medicinal materials floated out!

Lin Chen suddenly raised his head, his eyes suddenly condensed, pulled by the dragon force, glowed with a low chanting dragon roar, such as the spiritual power of the vast starry sky, thousands of ways, check freely, instant seal!

Ten thousand kinds of medicinal materials merged into seven torrents of energy, and quickly extracted!

Not only!

Lin Chen's use of medicinal materials is extremely fast! An endless stream of medicinal herbs began to be injected into the torrent of energy!

brush! brush! brush!

Streamers crisscross, medicinal materials with different attributes and different types of energy are concentrated out accurately and without error!


Many reclusive pharmacists who were still talking about the last moment, sipping hot tea and blowing the alchemy of the alchemy of that year, saw this scene and instantly sprayed!

Several elders of the jury stood up suddenly, their eyes trembling and stunned!

Under Qingtian City, countless pharmacists were dumbfounded!

This scene is too shocking!

After all, the rumors are far from shocking to witness.

Not to mention that some people have not heard of Lin Chens rumors, or simply dont believe it!

The humpback old man got up slowly, his teeth were crunching, and his calm look was shocking and shocking like a wave!

"Is there such an outrageous thing in the world?"

Song Yilian's body is standing upright on the high platform of the sky, her beautiful eyes are blooming, and her eyes are staring at Lin Chen!

After seven Lin Chens hands, their eyes are like swords, and they are proud of the sky!

A sharp and sharp spiritual light flashed from his pupils, the wind and clouds changed suddenly, and the energy flew!

Even if there is no seal on one finger, just with that pair of sharp and eye-catching eyes, you can make thousands of medicines move in unison!

Zi Yunqing frowned, her cool and moving cheeks seemed to be unsurprised, but her heart was rare.

"He turned out, he was really making alchemy with his eyes..."

The daughters like Shangguan Liuli and Chimeier once witnessed Lin Chen's "eye-finishing alchemy" with his own eyes, but now when he sees it again, it is still so shocking!

Those who have seen Lin Chen's "eye-finishing alchemy" inexplicably palpitated, remembering what he said that day.

Also, to a new level!

Now, they finally understand!

That day Lin Chen was only the alchemy of the body, and he had not yet used his avatar killer!

Last time it was a Lin Chen, and this time, it was seven Lin Chen!

This kind of behavior may be the only one he can do in this world!

"Is he really able to compete with Long Yijing..."

The young man in the competition couldn't help swallowing. Long Yijing had beaten his man on alchemy. Even he himself was ashamed of Long Yijing. Can this kid shake Long Yijing's alchemy talent?

"Is this what you said is a higher level? Interestingly, the difference between Sipin and Sanpin Elixir can't be solved by the superposition of your number!"

Long Yijing's eyes swept to Lin Chen, just about to sneer, and suddenly stopped!

Next, a scene beyond everyone's expectations, appeared in front of everyone!