My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1287

Vol 5 Chapter 1287: A New Level?

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Juvenile left eye tenderness tenderness, right eye psychedelic sentient beings. Between the eyebrows is full of vicissitudes of human experience.

Yunyu Palace chief pharmacist, Wan Yunyu!

At this time, his'Yunyu Vientiane Handprint' was hidden by a young man's refining power!

He stared at the stars and medicinal energy, he could not help but secretly screamed in his heart, and his heart thundered!

"That's the kid who appeared some time ago? Even Liandan can be used without finishing..."

Qianhuo's Huoqianxun old man, red eyebrow soaring flames, but the tiger's body violently, the corner of his mouth twitched fiercely!

"There is such a thing in the world? Alchemy with eyes? The young people are really ridiculous!"

Under Qingtian City; seeing the vast vortex of medicinal materials, many medicine refining heavens are astonishing!

That's the realm they have never reached!

The next moment, a scene beyond everyone's expectations emerged!


The 13 medicinal herbs of Qiyunlingzhi are consuming herbs too quickly, and tens of millions of silver holy yuan coins are burning, accelerating Lin Chen's medicine refining speed.

Lin Chen's consumption rate of medicinal materials has surpassed that of all pharmacists in the audience by dozens of times, and it has broken through a hundred times!

His spiritual power is like a starry sky under the world, deep and mysterious. In front of you, but out of reach!


A handsome genius was dumbfounded, and the jade cup fell and shattered in his hand. He was dumbfounded!

If most of the participating pharmacists, the spiritual power is like a river of spring, the deep lake is not bottomed out. Then Lin Chen, raging in the sea, endlessly, as if the sea had no end!

Song Yilian's beautiful eyes suddenly flashed in glory, and her glamorous and charming face showed a trace of surprise!

"His spiritual state has reached this state!"

Anyone who is present in the spiritual realm that exceeds the middle stage of entering the holy realm will be shocked!

"Later in the Holy Land?"

"He broke through the spiritual power in the late stage of the Holy Land!"

"It's going to turn the sky! This kid, it's going to turn the sky! What age is he!"

"That's right! Youshen tree, he has a wandering tree, no wonder, no wonder!"

When the holy-level pharmacists were shocked and lost their voices, they cried out!

The spiritual power of the late 20s in the Holy Land?

It's impossible to start practicing in a mother's womb!

The corner of Long Yixuan's mouth twitched...

After entering the Holy Land! It was even that he gained the power of the entire sect, and he did not have the realm of promotion. On the contrary, it was a very high realm far away!

A princess from an ancient holy country, Zi Yunqing moved for the first time!

"He turned out to be in the same state as this palace?"

When Lin Chen's spiritual realm was revealed, from the entire jury to all the strong men of Optimus Island, no one was surprised, no one was shocked!

Each spiritual state is a brand new heaven and earth in the spiritual power of entering the Holy Realm. In the middle of the Holy Realm, you can suppress the early stage of entering the Holy Realm with no suspense.

In the late period of entering the Holy Realm, only some old monsters or the refining medicine giant Qing of the age of fame can enter that realm!

As far as the pharmacists of this day's election conference are concerned, the number of pharmacists with spiritual strength in the later stages of the Holy Land is only about 12!

"The squad leader actually broke into the late stage of the Holy Land!"

Han Yizhi's small face was pleasantly surprised. With his nihilistic body, he had the advantage of natural cultivation of spiritual realm, and he never asked this realm. It can be seen how crazy Lin Chen's retreat was during this time!

The crimson fairy flashed, and the blue waves flowed around, staring at Lin Chen's back, seeming to meditate...

"He's progressing too fast...I'm afraid he can't even keep up with his back..."

Jian Qingcheng felt bitter for a while, and she could continue to participate in the jihad for another ten years until she became a candidate for evil spirits.

Jian Qingcheng's cultivation speed is full of geniuses of the same age. There are few opponents, but in front of Lin Chen, it is not worth mentioning at all...

The pretty corner of the little demon rose slightly.

Finally, he also reached this level!

When the two met for the first time, Lin Chen was just a little war emperor!

Now, when she breaks through the acupoint expansion at a fast speed, this so-called "fast speed" is not worth mentioning in front of Lin Chen!

"Little friend Lin Chen really is a counterintuitive existence!"

"In this world, there are people who regard the practice of Tianli as nothing, perhaps, he can walk to the realm that the ancestors of Zixia Wanggu have not reached!"

The elders in Zixia Wanggu were amazed. Then, after the demon's words, a few elders and many pharmacists awoke!

"Everyone, you only saw his spiritual power in the late stage of entering the Holy Realm, but did not see his real trump card."

The little demon lifted up the slender and jade fingers, and the smile bloomed to charm all beings.

"Think about it, what did he do with his avatar?"

The little demon's words made everyone stunned!

Doppelganger? His avatar has enough strength to be comparable to the main body, so it is real!


So far, even the elders of the jury shuddered!

"If it can really be comparable to the body, wouldn't he..."

At this moment, whether it is the elders of the jury, Song Yilian, and all the elders of the hidden world, I feel a chill directly from the soles of my feet!

Is it equivalent to the seven saint-level alchemists who entered the sanctuary late in synergy with alchemy?

Is this still human?

Isn't Lin Chen alone equal to seven holy-level pharmacists?

If the ontology refining technique is four grades, then he is the seven fourth-grade refining pharmacists collaborating with alchemy!

What if it is a higher level?

Think carefully! This is really thoughtful and terrifying, and even makes people dare not continue to associate!

No wonder, it is no wonder that he consumes medicinal materials so fast, and the reason is that this part of the reason! Seven holy level alchemists collaborate with alchemy!

When the people waited and watched again, they saw that many of the medicinal resources of the 13 Qi Yunlingzhi plants were continuously extracted and refined by the seven'Linchen', which was extremely fast.

Every one of Lin Chen's refining methods are exactly the same, and the fusion of medicinal materials is completed between raising his eyebrows.

"This... isn't this a foul!"

The Wizards who watched the monster list are horrified!

"The convention stipulates that all methods of alchemy, except for the help of others or the confusion of the use of finished elixir, are regarded as the skills of the apothecary."

The hunchbacked old man of the jury sneered at the evildoer with a sneer. The deep eyes still had shock!

From the first test, when Lin Chen faced his spiritual coercion and was able to calm down, he expected that his spiritual realm might be at the same level as Zi Yunqing!

But he still underestimated this, he actually still has a stunt stunt comparable to the strength of the body!

To put it bluntly, this child will likely shake the background of all the pharmacists present!

Song Yilian's beautiful eyes are full of radiance, and a strong curiosity and excitement appear on her pretty face!

"This boy is very interesting! Compared with the ordinary method of spiritual avatar, it can't be compared with it at all. The spiritual avatar consumes the host's mental power, and more importantly, even without special manipulation, the spiritual avatar can't be like this. Ontology-like meticulously controlled refining medicine! His avatar skills are too mysterious!"