My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1288

Vol 5 Chapter 1288: What Is Lin Chen Doing? ?

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at this time--

"Oh, it's fancy. It's just a bit of the skill of doppelganger."

The teenager Oriental Promise sneered. The dragon corpse he was in front of him became more powerful. If a new dragon is born, the dragon will recover!

The jury's attention to the Eastern Promise is no less than that to Zi Yunqing and Lin Chen.

Quite simply, this young man's peculiar alchemy is not as stunning as Lin Chen's "eyes alchemy", but his medicine refining skills are very strange.

Even, with the jury, a group of old strangers who have lived for some time, they can't see what grade of alchemy fingerprints he uses, even his spiritual realm!

Very weird! This young man is extremely strange!

The new and old generation of refining pharmacists have a lot to look at. Lin Chen's avatar alchemy has ignited the fighting spirit of all the participating refining pharmacists!

Only Long Yijing's face was as uncomfortable as eating hot air, and his mood was disordered, almost causing failure in the way of refining medicine.

"Damn, how can I lose to him! My refining technique is unmatched in the same period of the evil spirits list. If Ben Shao loses to this savages, wouldn't it deny everything to my dragon family, win, I must win back !"

Long Yijing growled hysterically.

At this time-

Lin Chen, holding his chest with both hands, gazing at the sky with his eyes, devoted himself to the alchemy, his eyes were sharp and sharp.

During this period, he kept taking the wandering fruit!

The instantaneous speed of the second stage of Spiritual Awakening and the promotion to the late stage of the Holy Realm made his alchemy efficiency and accuracy soar more than ten times!

However, the shortcomings of high mental consumption still failed to improve. Fortunately, the mental energy consumed by Lin Chens avatar can be compensated by the rune energy attribute.

He does not need a dan furnace, and his mental strength is the best dan furnace. Have the most precise parts to control alchemy and run everything for him!

"Whether it is success or failure, this is probably the craziest alchemy in my life..."

In Lin Chen's eyes, the belief of breaking the ship and sinking into the sky!

Lin Chen's only weakness is probably the grade of the alchemy handprint, not yet orange.

The orange-order alchemy handprint is too difficult to obtain. A volume of the orange-order alchemy handprint can change the fate of a top-fifth sect and greatly influence the development trajectory of the six-grade sect!

Lin Chens opponent, which is not the old monster of the Holy Realm or the great monster list, the accumulation of the other partys ancestors is not so easy to shake.

However, Lin Chens many killer skills are in pressure, even if there is no orange-order alchemy fingerprint!

Lin Chen's pupils show the scenes of the past.

Time back to one month ago.

Jie Tower; the eighth floor, Shen Laomi indoor.

Mr. Shen, when the old jade jade opened his palm, his expressions ranged from doubt, to shock, to foolishness!

"What does this kid want to do?"

In the jade jade, a large number and repeated temporary prescriptions are sealed.

Temporary Danfang is a type that will be scrapped after a mental reading. It is usually used for cooperative alchemy or fast burning Danfang.

When closing the jade jade, Shen Lao gazed at the Nahuan sent by Lin Chen, which contained thousands of wandering fruits, which made his old man's heart unable to calm down for a long time.

"Genius and madman are always separated by a line. This young man is more like a lunatic than a genius demon!"

When Shen Lao sighed, a secret sound came out and went straight to the third floor under the boundary tower.

"All elders of the refining medicine department on the third and third floors, quickly head to the eighth floor!"

Old Mr. Shen mobilized all high-end pharmacists in Jie Tower!

Lin Chen used the wandering fruit as a bargaining chip, so Shen Lao ordered all high-end pharmacists in the world tower!

He is going to play a big game!

This time, it will be the most important alchemy in his life, Lin Chen will do everything and go all out!

This time alchemy, he will have no reservations!

The killer tool he said of going to the next level has not yet been used! !


As time goes by, next, the in full swing election meeting can be said to make all the powerful people in the audience dazzled, as if enjoying an ultimate feast of refining medicine art!

Under the sky of Qingtian City, the space picture turned by Shengli has gathered countless fiery eyes and gazed at the busy and smooth figure and seal of Qingtian Island.

Everyone raised their heads and looked up at the various visions appearing on Optimus Island, sometimes condensing the light screen, the hot discussion continued unabated, and some markets even opened bets. Whoever can enter the top ten will win the championship.

Not tired at all!

Alchemists who can watch this series with their own eyes are making alchemy, and every move shows the master's style. Few people are willing to miss a detail!

Outside Qingtian City, they are also unwilling to be lonely. Many second- and third-grade sects carry their own disciples and elders onlookers.

The terrible flow of people surrounded the area beyond Qingtian City, crowded with people and cars, or fierce beasts flying all over the sky, or the saints took the brigade to sit in the void.

Even if you can't watch the transfer of Holy Power in Optimus City, you can urge Holy Power or fighting spirit anyway. Can see the vision above Qingtian Island from thousands of miles away.

Its worth living a mortal life when you can see the high-level specifications of the refining medicine feast.

On the seventh day, another holy refining pharmacist made a subtle mistake, and the energy was chaotic when refining the young pill, leading to failure and exit.

On the eighth day, two saint-level pharmacists failed to fuse the nuclear energy of the holy beast one after another, and left!

All the participating pharmacists are tense and have no slack. The difficulty of this alchemy is unprecedentedly high, and a slight mistake will be judged to fail!

However, on the ninth day, all the strongmen in Optimus Island stared in one direction!

Lin Chen!

"His gesture is what he wants to do!"

"My God, you see, 4 saints, young pill? What time is this, what are he doing moths?"

Everyone was horrified, and even the elders of the jury were ignorant!

The little demon has an exaggerated look, and she is not too big, and her beautiful eyes shine!

Han Yizhi and Jian Qingcheng opened their mouths slightly...

But see inside the White Jade Square; in the area of Qi Yun Ling planted by Lin Chen, the energy and medicinal materials suspended at high altitude are as vast as seven thousand millstones!

To everyone's surprise, he actually extracted four holy saints?

Have you made a mistake?

Where are you choosing this concubine? How many are selected in one go to choose the best one?

The Natural Election Conference looks at the final alchemy results! It's no use relying on quantity!

"Someone is doing the wrong thing?

"Or he's got his brain out of practice!"

The intentions of all parties are consistent, and once thought that this young man has lost his mind!

"Hahaha, wonderful Lin Chen. Refining four young pill, you want to show everyone how fast you are?"

Long Yijing laughed in the sky, and the alchemy's efficiency could not help but increase one point!

"That's it?" Zi Yunqing proudly and contemptuously glanced at Lin Chen disappointedly.

Lin Chen did this, there is no doubt that he can't surpass her Zi Yunqing!

Quantity and quality are two different things!