My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1289

Vol 5 Chapter 1289: Opening Time

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Lin Chen gathered his attention and never paid attention to everyone's doubts, disdain, sarcasm, and only alchemy in his eyes.

Of the six avatars, two are in synergy with Linchen alchemy, and four are in independent alchemy.

Only the saint-level pharmacists of individual business groups sneered at first, and then a little shock appeared!

If this is the case, wouldn't it be the panacea he had personally refined before the start of the previous conference?

Then the speed of his production of Saint Pill is too fast! One person is better than six people?

In Qingtian Island, a loft is located on the south side of the square. Twelve wizards who are not pharmacists are watching here, gazing at Lin Chen's direction, their faces are different.

"What is he doing?"

Wizards who are not participating in the evil list curious.

"I don't understand. But it is certain that he is not the kind of man who killed the neck. Although this person is the new demon list, he is the most dangerous number one in my cabinet recently. He must be plotting something."

Another monster wizard wearing a cloak and holding a tree branch seriously said that this person has a restrained atmosphere, and his eyes are born with a sword light returning to the original, staring at Lin Chen's eyes, and there is no intention of contempt.

"Hey, I also agree. You look at the appearance of the little demon queen, I don't think that Lin Chen is here to play treasure."

The boy in red blew a whistle, and glanced at the corners of his eyes as he glanced at Zi Yunqing.

On the tenth day, there were still saint-level pharmacists eliminated one after another!

However, in the white jade square of Qingtian Island, four beams of holy light rising simultaneously attracted everyone's attention!

Under the sky.

"Has Sheng Dan been born?"

"Quickly, only one-third of the time required for this contest has passed!"

"The holy ring has emerged, look closely, it is a few grades of holy pill!"

Many young refining medicine Tianjiao stared deadly at the top of Optimus Island!

The same is true outside Qingtian City. The saints of all walks of life perceive that there is a saint pill born?

It's only a few days! Did they come late?

I saw the sky above Qingtian Island, Dan Yunling around, Yunxiaxia Wei. Between the birth and death of the Dan Qi, there was a faint rain and mist, the raindrops were filled with fragrance, and the heart was refreshing when sniffing, and there were signs of the faint increase of the Holy Power!

The four dragon-pill-like elixirs in the void will transform into a flying phoenix!

The four-headed phantom of the phoenix transformed into the magical essence of the elixir, the whole body is surrounded by four auras!

"This, this is Dan Yu!"

"Four Holy Rings! All the Elixir are Four Holy Rings!"

"Dan Yujiang, Sipin present. This turned out to be four Sipin Shengdan!"

The pharmacists of all walks of life were horrified and the presbyterians of the jury looked different!

too fast!

It should be said that it is ridiculously fast!

It is not difficult for the elders of the jury to refine the fourth-grade Shengdan, and in their realm, only when the fifth-grade Shengdan starts, can it be called challenging.

"The four elixirs are all inferior to the fourth grade, but the speed is too unnatural!"

The humpback old man shook his head.

Even if the elders of the jury are full of materials, even the lowest grade four can be difficult to produce two finished products in ten days, let alone four!

Lin Chen's efficiency and success rate are almost outrageous!

This is the advantage of [Spiritual Awakening]. As long as Lin Chens mental strength can afford to be consumed, his "spiritual seal" surpasses the speed of all pharmacists at the same level! Alchemy speed is naturally far beyond ordinary!

On the high platform, Song Yilian, who has always been elegant and unpretentious, is irritable!

Her curious eyes flashed intense curiosity!

She can't see Lin Chen! I don't see it at all!

She is a generation of medicine refining giant, has created a variety of alchemy precedents and unique techniques of alchemy, and is collected by the six ranks of sect, even seven ranks of sect.

Regarding alchemy, even if she has not reached the realm, she has enough vision and experience to look forward to, she is almost an authoritative existence!

But from the beginning to the present, the little guy used all the means beyond her cognition and prediction, and even could not understand at all!

"What the **** do you want to do... The energy synthesis between elixir is completely different, so complicated, you should be very clear. It is a waste of time to make excess elixir!"

Song Yilian racked her brain and couldn't figure out what the young man was doing.

The more she couldn't think of, the more itchy and unbearable her curiosity. If it weren't for a natural election meeting now, with her temperament, the meeting would be interrupted directly, which could force Lin Chen to her chamber of secrets for a few months. The start of the year!

brush! brush! brush!

Lin Chen took one move with one hand and took away the four Shengdan directly.

Bang ~!

13 Qi Yunling plants were shaken in unison, and there were a large number of heavenly and earthly treasures, eight-level medicinal herbs, which were blasted out.

There was almost no stagnation and hesitation, as if everything was what Lin Chen had expected. His eyes of his avatar turned, and he gathered a large amount of medicinal materials to refining!

At this point, what everyone can think of is, Lin Chen maybe, there is no five-grade formula? Is he trying to modify Danfang on the spot?

Only this possibility! He is the only wonderful flower in the enchanted list, the only enchanted wizard with no backing power, no time and background to accumulate the Fifth Formula, and it is also reasonable.

Throughout the ages, there are always some monsters who can suddenly rise in a certain field and modify the Danfang on the spot. It may be beyond the common sense for the mortal class, but in the Dan domain, it is not too much.

However, the next thing that shocked everyone was-

The 20th day of the day of the election!

Another medicine is born! It's still Sipin, Lin Chen, or four!

Whether it is the demon list for watching the game or the forces of all parties, or the elders of the Danyu Presbytery, the elders of the jury, he is all confused!

What does he want to do?

Lin Chen seemed to never act according to convention, Sheng Dan got it, and then practiced!

"Look! There are still young Dan!"

At this moment; the elders of the jury finally discovered the vision!

Under the coordination of Lin Chen's body and two avatars, an extremely hidden energy young pill is slowly taking shape!

And his other four avatars, continue to refine other immortals!

This strange scene puzzled everyone.

But this doubt was quickly swept away by the wonderful grand event!

On the 26th day, Dan Yun emerged, and the Holy Light that rushed to Jiu Xiao condensed into the Holy Ring, and Sheng Dan began to be born!

3 holy rings, 3 holy rings, 4 holy rings!

It is Shangguan Liuli, Chi Mei'er and Fei Xiaoyu's three daughters! Fei Xiaoyu Since last time, Lin Chen has helped her to control Tiansha's physique.

With their age, they are able to refine such a grade of Shengdan, and the future is unlimited!

Then, there were two more enchanted wizards out of the Dan, both of which were four holy rings and four ranks of holy pill!

"Oh, young age. This skill is not small, but the old man is not old enough to let young people easily surpass!"

A chuckle reverberated, and when the old man in the blue shirt sitting in the middle of the square got up, he patted the furnace.

Bang ~! With a roar, the sky cracked a python-like Danxia, and then dispersed into Danyun!

The eyes of the many powerful men in Optimus Island became hot. Optimus City is even more excited, and finally started!

At the moment of firing, witness the moment when hundreds of competing! Those holy-level refining masters from the thirty-six domains ushered in a head-on confrontation!