My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1290

Vol 5 Chapter 1290: Hundreds Of Competing

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The old man in the green shirt pushed the red furnace in his palm, and the holy light was like a bunch of heavenly dragons rushing to Jiuxiao, rushing to the sky, blooming the green brilliance, and steaming Xia Wei.

Between the holy lights in the sky, that rhyme turned into a spirit cat, with four strong holy rings!

Its fourth aura is much brighter than Fei Xiaoyu and the other two evil spirits!

Fourth-grade Intermediate Holy Pill!

"Old man, isn't the technology going backwards?"

"Hey, how can I count as one of my old man. This time you only dare to refine the fourth grade intermediate, don't have the courage!"

When the two old laughter sounded, it was two bunches of Danxia Qi at Xiaohan!

When Danxia's gas condenses, it is also the four holy rings

Two four-grade senior Saint Pill!

"You two old guys, how dare you gamble..."

The old man in the green shirt laughed dumbly, and the fourth-grade senior Saint Pill was extremely difficult to refine.

In a very high-profile game such as the General Elections, the average veteran saint-level pharmacist would only refine the most stable grade.

There are not many people who dare to challenge the limits in such a conference.

"Hey, your seniors are so interested, and the younger ones can't miss it."

In the square, when Jiu Xuan's dragon Yixuan got up, his pale face showed a confidence.

"Get up!" He shot the Dan Furnace, and another bunch of Dan Xiadun rushed into the sky, a thousand miles away, clearly showing the brightness of Dan Xia.

Then, four holy rings emerged one after another, and turned out to be a fourth-grade high-level holy pill!

"Long Yixuan, this guy usually hides really deep."

A red-haired boy whistled in the attic that was filled with twelve wizards.

"Four-grade senior holy pill, this guy can also practice such a perverted alchemy under the premise of such strong swordsmanship. It is really a monster."

In the face of the fourth-grade senior Shengdan, who was born out of the blue, all the veteran strongmen were surprised!

Unexpectedly, this time the afterlife has been so strong that it can even their level of refining medicine. The strength of the monster list is really terrifying from one session to the next!

Wow~~! The Holy Light shines again, the smallpox falls, and seven Saints are born, all of which are ranked fourth! Is another seven old-time holy pharmacists.

But viewing his vision did not exceed Long Yixuan.

The atmosphere of the scene was instantly ignited, looking at the heavy light pill ring in the void, this is the dream state of countless pharmacists!

Sigh~! boom! A thunder burst!

At this moment, the terrible power swept through the Baiyu Square, and the entire Qingtian Island passed a strong holy light!

"Ha ha ha ha, come out, my highest masterpiece!"

Long Yijing bathed in thunder and lightning, laughed loudly, stood up and opened his arms!

His eyebrows rose sharply, his robe rolled up, hunting hunted, and the infinite Thunder Dragon screamed in the sky behind him. The moment his alchemy handprint stopped, Wan Lei was still.

All of a sudden, the whole sky was full of lightning dances and silver snakes twined. The trembling thunder and lightning pressure passed down from the sky, and the space shivered. From the dragon furnace of Long Yijing, a ray of thunder burst and burst into the sky for nine days!

boom! boom! The Raymond exploded, crackling and bursting, and a clear blue holy pill was suspended from the Raymond.

The whole body of the thunder snake is wrapped with four holy rings of thunder and lightning!

There is a fifth super shallow holy ring looming, which is actually the fourth-grade pinnacle holy pill!

One step away from Wupin Shengdan!

Long Yijing's extraordinary play! This Holy Pill made many old Saint-level pharmacists look slightly changed and instantly suppressed the audience!

In the past natural elections, there have been few sessions where younger generations can refine the fourth-grade Pinnacle Pill! Very few cases!

"Qingwu, have you seen it, my Long Yijing is your real son!"

Long Yijing, who was extremely excited, turned to look at the little demon instantly, and the corner of her mouth was raised, mad and chic, handsome and extraordinary, causing many women under the sky to scream!

The little demon queen Daimei frowned, but he didn't say much. With his age and cultivation, he can refine the fourth-grade pinnacle holy pill, and even the demon list is very rare!

"It's too fierce..."

Long Yixuan couldn't help but utter his tongue, he knew very well that Sipin Shengdan is like a sage in the cave-expansion realm, and each level is upgraded, the difficulty is at least doubled!

At least he has a dragon and a mystery, and the probability of refining the fourth-grade pinnacle holy pill is not more than 20%. He dare not gamble on this terrifyingly low probability and waste so many resources in such a grand conference.

Long Yijing lifted his chin proudly, looking down between Lin Chen, with some irony. This time, the agreement between him and Lin Chen has won steadily!

He can't wait to see the embarrassment after Lin Chen's defeat, and admits to give the little demon a "surprise"? Big talk!

"Is the pinnacle of the fourth grade, so careless."

Lin Chen smiled casually in his heart, his gaze had not changed, staring at the young Dan, too lazy to care about this defeat.

"The young people nowadays really don't know how high they are."

Oriental Promise disdains sneer, the mental power condensed in the palm changes again, and the fingerprint changes suddenly!

Zi Yunqing's wonderful eyes focused on his own furnace, and Long Yijing's vision was not taken seriously at all.


Long Yijing's fourth-grade pinnacle holy pill came out, and many old-class holy pharmacists could not keep up.

Finally, time passes to the 30th day!

Brush ~ brush ~ brush ~!

Thousands of auras, floating lotus in the void. 999 Dao Ruiqis across the sky and 999 Danxia gathers like a storm.

Three pairs of "Golden Boys and Girls" beat the drums and drums, and they appeared from the horizon at the same time!

These six people were transformed by Shengdan!

"It's the three elders of Jianjin!"

"Awesome power, the immortals they have refined have the same effect!"

When the strong men of the six ranks of all parties exclaimed, the vision changed abruptly.

Buzz~! Three pairs of golden boys and girls began to derive holy rings!

Break through the four rings directly! Not stopped yet!

Click~ With a clear sound, the faint holy ring of the fifth layer emerged. Although the gloss was not as good as the first four layers, it was always more complete than Long Yijing!

Three pairs of golden boys and girls entwined with the five holy rings, the holy light is hundreds of thousands of meters, reflecting the sky and the sky, as if an ancient holy spirit came, and the sky immediately exploded!

"Five grades!"

"Five-grade Shengdan, too strong! Three five-grade Shengdan were born at the same time!"

"What a terrible energy fluctuation, the energy of the Fifth Grade Saint Pill is several times stronger than the Holy Power of the Holy Cave Nazang in this whole body!"

Whether it is outside or inside the city, a craze sweeps through!

The three twin-faced old men were radiant, restrained, and proudly stood between the sky.

As if it was just a prelude to a storm;

On the east side of Baiyu Square, a teenager stepped into the air.

"For many years, I have never done my best to make alchemy once."

His left eye is full of tenderness, right eye psychedelic sentient beings. The eyebrows are full of red dust, the vicissitudes of personnel, and the smile between the eyebrows.

"It's this old guy!"

The elders of the jury finally showed their dignity!

"Xuanyu's Yunyu Palace, Senior Wanyunyu!"

The enchanted list and others, with a serious look, stared at the young man's red furnace!

I saw that he was awe-inspiring, and when he stunned the furnace, a sigh of anger burst into the air!

Bang ~!

Dan Xia disturbed the wind and cloud, turned into a huge Dan Yun, a dragon covered in water mist, turned out!

That's the Jiaolong transformed by the Holy Spirit! Jiaolong breathes the dragon's breath and turns into a holy ring!

At this moment, the light shines! The glory of Jiaolong spreads all over the sky, and finally encircles the whole body of Jiaolong, the fivefold holy ring shines brightly!

In the elder regiment, the eyes of the humpbacked old man shined!

"Five Grade Intermediate Saint Pill!"

The audience suddenly entered a short time of breathlessness and silence!

Fifth Grade Intermediate, placed in the past, this is enough to compete for the top five Super Sundan!

Day election conference, began to enter the final climax!