My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1291

Vol 5 Chapter 1291: History Has Been Rewritten

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Fifth Grade Intermediate Holy Pill, this realm of refining medicine, chasing the elders of the Danyu Presbyterian Church!

Even if it is not as good, it is not far away!

"It's worthy of Wan Yunyu of Xuanyu, which really opened the eyes of the slave family~"

The beautiful woman giggled, and she wore a green dress, like a butterfly in a flower valley, psychedelic and hazy.

"This time, the slaves have reserved one of the top ten places."

When the beautiful woman smiled, her fingertips lightly touched the hearth and lifted it up, the green beam reflected between the world!

After a turquoise tour, all of a sudden flew out of the Dan furnace and danced the sky!

Dan Xia flew, the power was rising, condensing into a large green green cloud, releasing the terrible wave of Shengwei, the ordinary cave expansion even smelled a dangerous breath!

A faint fox shadow extends from the green pill cloud, and the green fox becomes illusory and spiritually dusty. Kneel down to worship the beautiful woman in the void!

"It's Qianyu's Hua Man Lou Fei Lian Sheng!"

"What a holy pill with sufficient spirituality!"

The elders of the jury couldn't help but exclaim, they recognized the Lord at the beginning of their birth, and this pill is at least a fifth grade!

Finally, Bihu's danqi began to gather together, from one to four, in one go!

At the fifth level, the light disappeared after a while!

"Another fifth-grade Intermediate Saint Pill! It's amazing!"

Fei Xiaoyu and Shangguan Liuli exclaimed.

Moreover, from the perspective of spiritual sales, it is slightly better than Wan Yunyu's, but the specific ranking will have to wait for Song Yilian and the elders of the jury to decide.

"Hahaha! This is what the general election should look like. It seems that the old man can't be left behind either. Because everyone is interested, the old man is always with him!"

Qianhuos old man laughed boldly, his palms swirled, the temperature of the Dan furnace rose sharply, and the heat wave swept all directions, making people dry and sweating, and even the saint felt a sensation of heat.

A beam of heavenly flames swept up, and the fiery red Dan Yun condensed into a flaming lion. It was extremely powerful. The holy ring of the whole body broke through the fivefold. The fifth ring of the holy ring was not inferior to the former. Fifth Grade Intermediate Holy Pill!

Under the sky sky, the pot exploded! Fifth grade is another fifth grade!

It's too tough. These super sacred pills have a priceless market in the past. There are very few opportunities to learn from the high-end auctions. Today, there are so many splendid sacred pills that have emerged!

"Oh, the old man's luck is not bad. Come and accompany the big guy to fight for the championship!"

The unremarkable old man in the grey shirt flicked his sleeves, and in the light smile of the fairy bones, tens of thousands of spirit palms appeared behind him.

The cyan brilliance shines in the void of a hundred thousand feet, and the faint blue light condenses into a dust, haunting the fivefold holy ring, and another fifth-grade intermediate sage is born!

"It's him! Thousands of masters known as alchemy, thousands of masters with thousands of skills, Li Daoran of Jing Taizong!"

The eyes of the powerful of all parties have been fixed, and this natural election conference is really frequent!

The forces outside Qingtian City saw the heavy holy ring and could not help but breathe tightly.

What's more, even sit cross-legged and practice on the spot!

When a large number of high-level elixirs are born, they will gather a large amount of Reiki Holy Power, which will have a boosting effect on cultivation.

The efficiency of the saints in ingesting the spirits of the heavens and earth far exceeds that of the war emperor. This election conference has endless uses and benefits for the low-ranking saints of the second and third ranks!

Inside Baiyu Square;

"Old man, the sword is not old."

The climax continued, and with a long laugh, Optimus Island burst into the air!

The Yellow River is rolling, and the panacea is born!

Rolling Huang Quan came to heaven, and death came to heaven and earth. One finger to Huangquan Dao's life and death, a heart to see Dao Soul!

Under Huang Quan, an old man in sackcloth smiled with care.

"One finger of Huangquan Hall, Huangquan, Xiao Huang!"

Wizards and other wizards exclaimed that this Holy Pill's energy surged, and it was the condensed five radiant holy rings that shone to the world!

Four fifth-grade intermediate and three fifth-grade primary holy princesses shine like moons and stars, illuminating the entire Optimus Island and even Optimus City!

This scene has made countless pharmacists worship! If the sacred miracle came, Wanshi worshipped!

It's not over yet!

At the corner of Baiyu Square, the energy fluctuations comparable to Wupin Shengdan came out!

After the young man lost his hands, the seven were as straight as the war guns, and his eyes were sharp and unstoppable!

Lin Chen!

His young Dan, actually spread the energy comparable to Wupin young Dan!

"He's actually refining the Fifth Grade Saint Pill!"

"My God, is he going to surpass the masters of Taishan Beidou?"

The tianjiao Tianjiao, staring at the Shengli light screen, were shocked!

"What a joke? How could he refine the fifth grade?"

Long Yijing's eyes were protruding, his face was blue, and he was extremely ugly.

But the next moment, he suddenly laughed!

"Ha ha ha ha! Lin Chen, you have no time, what about the fifth grade, you are still a young pill, there are less than 7 hours left in the conference, and you have been on the street!"

Long Yijing laughed wildly, Lin Chen ignored it, his gaze fixed on the young Dan in the sky, and his eyes passed by the extreme excitement and fiery!

"Almost, almost..."

When Lin Chen meditation-

A whistle of Fengming shouted, and the sky and clouds suddenly changed!

"Lin Chen, you are barely an opponent of this palace, but everything is too late."

It is Zi Yunqing!

She stood on the true Phoenix Phoenix tree, blossoming cherry blossoms, embellished her feathers, it seemed that she was so proud and dusty. Wearing a purple cloud and flowing moon skirt, wearing a phoenix crown, like a bird of phoenix at the moment, arrogant to the world!

The beautiful lady waved her sleeves, the fuchsia phoenix covered the sky, and emerged from the red furnace.

All the visions between the heavens and the earth instantly became the foil, and within the intense purple-red Danxia, a true phoenix was transformed!

The true phoenix haunts the fivefold holy ring, and the brightness of the fifth holy ring is more than double that of all other five-grade holy pill!

The powerful men of all forces suddenly stood up, stunned, and their faces were horrified!

The elders of the jury breathed in the air!

Fifth-grade senior Shengdan!

This princess from the ancient holy country, pressure the new and old pharmacists!

"This girl is the ancient demon in the refining medicine! The future will surely be the leader of the representative of Danyu Refining Medicine!"

Song Yilian gave Zi Yunqing the most vivid comment in a simple sentence!

At the election conference, very few young people can make it to the top ten! The first three are all very representative old-style pharmacists!

Now, history is rewritten at this moment!

With his own strength, Zi Yunqing surpassed all the pharmacists present!

"It's really the back waves of the Yangtze River pushing forward the waves!"

"A generation is stronger than a generation! This kind of immortality medicine, I will refine the old man, I am afraid that the success rate will only be less than 10%..."

"Zi Yunqing, really a wicked girl with evil spirits..."

Many of the strongmen of the Sixth-ranking family are marveling. The people in the enchanted list are all staring at Zi Yunqing with a dignified look. This woman must be a strong contender in their enchanted list in the future!

Zi Yunqing is based on the void and has no pride in her eyes. On the contrary, she has a natural taste.

"Is it the first? Is it the first again? Didn't Dan Yu even surpass the people of this palace? Well, then, this palace will aim at the first of Dan Yu's Presbyterian Church!"

When Zi Yunqing was lonely, a hoarse boy's voice spread across Qingtian Island.

"Little girl, why do you show a look of being alone and seeking defeat. At a young age, you haven't known what a true invincibility is."

"Let Ben Wang tell you what is alchemy!"

Holding up the palm of the teenager, the three dragon corpses recovered, and there was a sign of resurrection!

At this moment, the elders of the jury were terrified!

Ben Wang?