My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1292

Vol 5 Chapter 1292: The Holy King Recruits The Last Lin Chen

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Ben Wang?

In this world, who dares to call himself the king?

The Ninefold Holy Realm, and even the Jiujian Saints are not eligible!

This claimed that the elders of the jury were inexplicable!

They were the ones who had the honour of seeing the true Holy King. The existence of such a wave of hands can overturn the world and destroy thousands of planes!

The three dragon corpses throbbed, and the strange dragon scales, dragon skin, dragon tendons, and skin flesh began to recover, and the flesh began to condense!

This scene is weird and spooky! Medicine refining giants as strong as the Sixth Rank Forces and Seventh Rank Sects also felt a physiological aversion!

Derived from Longqing, it was restored to life. Seeing the vitality of the dragon corpse getting stronger, everyone's scalp numb!

Just as everyone was alert to the resurrection of these three archaic dragon corpses, a screaming dragon roar made this strange scene come to an abrupt end!

The energy of the dragon corpse's recovery actually spit out a breath of dragon gas, which was colorful and incorporated into the immortal medicine in the void!

Finally, Song Yilian's face changed slightly!

"He sacrificed alchemy medicine with dragon corpses, while refining young pill, he consumed a large amount of medicinal materials and holy power to assimilate the life energy of young pill and dragon corpse, and then used the young pill to transform into the massive life energy that broke out when he became a pill. The dragon corpse gains the energy to force its life to change, and attempts to resurrect!"

"At the moment when the dragon corpse is resurrected, the vitality of the dragon corpse is cut off, and the pure dragon gas produced at the moment of its resurrection is injected into the young pill to complete the sublimation of the holy pill! What a clever trick, how profound? Refining skills!"

Song Yilian moved!

While refining the young pill, assimilate the breath of the dead dragon corpse, and then use the energy of the pill to forcibly resurrect the dragon corpse, so that the instant resurrection can obtain the pure dragon gas into the pill, and make the finished pill again. sublimation!

This is not an alchemy skill that mortals can think of!

If Song Yilian continuously refines himself, the success rate of using these techniques is no more than 50%! Of course, the technique and the final refined medicine grade are two different things.

"Roar~! Roar~!"

The three-headed dragon corpse went from death to life, and then from life to death, only a short moment; experienced a reincarnation.

The dragon's breath rushed and coagulated into the Dan. The sky suddenly changed with time. The tens of thousands of huge purple and black Danxia gave birth to a dragon's air. The magic dragon relies on the world, and the magic power suppresses all directions!

Many of the strong men present seemed to be pinched by an invisible big hand, instinctively exuding deep fear and fear, as if there were any mortal creatures, which would soon be brewing from that layer of Danxia!

None of the holy pill visions present were suppressed to dullness!

In Danxia, a purple-black elixir turned into a magic dragon breathing, and the whole body was surrounded by bursts of dragon spirit, and finally the five holy rings!

Fifth grade! It's another fifth-level medicine!

However, the pupils of all strong men tremble!

The light of the fifth holy ring, which surpassed the purple dazzling holy pill, finally stopped when the sixth holy ring was about to congeal.

The elders of the jury stood up!

Pinnacle of fifth grade!

Ziyunqing, far superior to the fifth grade!

This kind of alchemy heritage, compared with some elders of the Danyu Presbyterian Association, is not much more than giving up!

You must know that you can enter the Presbyterian Church, all of which are the best refining medicine wizards and hidden elders selected in the 36th domain.

Where is this person sacred? Is it really a level that a young genius can achieve?

Zi Yunqing lost her soul and was shocked, but she was defeated?

The entire Optimus City exploded in a pan! Speculation and curiosity about the identity of this Eastern Promise instantly ignited!

In just a quarter of an hour, the champion of this day's election conference changed hands several times!

"Little girl, Ben Wang's spiritual idea is just to accompany you to play with. You don't need to show this expression, your talent is more than Ben Wang's back then."

Dongfang Promise patted the dust on his shoulder, smiled coldly and evilly, and looked at Zi Yunqing, the corner of his mouth was full of disdain and arrogance.

"Your Excellency, who is it!"

Song Yilian stood up slowly, her eyes bursting into the spirit of tearing the sky, and his voice was coldly asked!

He has repeatedly claimed to be the king himself, the means is profound, it is not a young man who can do it!

"Ben Wang's name, your junior is not worthy of knowing. Ben Wang's title: Haotian!"

When Dongfang Wuji made his debut, the audience suddenly fell into a strange silence!


"Is it..."

The pupils of the elders of the jury tremble, this name, no one in the Holy Realm knows no one knows!

Every holy king is the supreme being who leads an era in the holy world!

No peak saint can match the king in the holy realm!

"You are, Holy King Haotian?"

Song Yilian was amazed that this legendary figure would actually visit them in Danyu?

"Junior, your talents are fair. Other common folks, this king is not good. This king gives you a chance to follow this king and be a servant of this king. You will have the opportunity to spy on the higher realm of refining medicine. You What is in front of me is just a hint of spiritual consciousness of this king."

After the hands of Dongfang Promise were lost, the tone was slow, and there was a kind of arrogance that dominated Jiu Xiao between the brows.

As soon as this remark came out, all the strongmen in Optimus Island were stunned!

Haotian Saint King is soliciting Song Yilian?

Ziyun blue and white looks pale, pretty face pale...

It turned out to be a holy king! Even if it is just a ray of spiritual ideas, it is also the existence of the heavens and the earth, the summit of the sage of kings!

What a domineering and courageous, he bluntly recruited the most outstanding demon in the modern world of Danyu, the refining medicine giant engine, and other refining masters, he did not look down!

Song Yilian's look is changing. According to the regulations, Haotian Shengwang has not violated the rules. Any pharmacist at the Tianxuan Conference can participate, regardless of qualifications and status.

"Junior, Ben Wang gives you three days to consider."

Haotian Shengwang laughed at Song Yilian awe-inspiringly, then grabbed his palm and held his Wupin Peak Shengdan.

The strong men present were shocked and sighed, losing to the Holy King was completely taken for granted!

"This time, it's Haotian Saint King..."

"It's too strong, I didn't expect the old man to be lucky enough to see the appearance of the Holy King..."

"But this is too bullying? Isn't the Holy King coming to participate in this kind of competition equivalent to ravaging our generation of pharmacists..."

The pharmacists in the audience were bitter!

too difficult! Who has ever made a holy king? A ray of spiritual will is not comparable to them!

"And you, kid."

Haotian Saint King is condescending, turn to Lin Chen!

"Lin Chen, the young pill you refined is probably the fifth grade senior?"

Haotian Saint King smiles awe-inspiringly.

As soon as this remark comes out, all the strong are surprised!

Zi Yunqing's gray eyes with gleaming thoughts glanced at Lin Chen.

Did he even refine the elixir of the same grade as himself?


Everyone looked at it, Lin Chen laughed with both hands behind his back!

"It's really a big deal, Holy King Haotian. You might not forget, who jumped on your grave!"

Lin Chen's lips rose, and he was mad!

"Next, it's my turn to give you a big gift! Try to see your brother Chen's eyes alchemy to a higher level!"