My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1293

Vol 5 Chapter 1293: Dan

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When the Holy King said in a word, all the people knew that this child's demon talent in refining medicine was at the same level as Zi Yunqing?

He came this time to stop Lin Chen!

The demon of this son, even his holy king, felt threatened. He was one of the strongest players in the audience, and he paid most attention to Lin Chen. This time, he came to stop him from winning the championship!

However, when he heard his laughter, the crowd exploded in scalp!

Change to the previous level?

The elders of Zixia Wanggu stood up subconsciously!

The demon queen clenched her pink fist, "Come here!"

Long Yijing's pupils tremble!

Does it mean that the six-person alchemy is not his full strength?

At this moment; all the young Dan grades that have not yet been thoroughly seen through Lin Chen's refinement seem to be covered up by him with a very peculiar technique, but the energy fluctuations will not be inferior to the fifth grade!

"A higher level? Joke, do you think you can surpass this king, you are now refining the finished five-grade high-level medicine, it is a problem, what is the next level?"

Holy Heaven King Hao smiled angrily.

Alchemy? The alchemy height he reached at that time was enough to despise Linchen's Eighteen Streets!

Want to counterattack in front of his generation of holy king? Lin Chen, not yet qualified!

"Then give it a try!"

Lin Chen and all the avatars stared at each other, and their spirits were so sharp that they pushed the young Dan who was surrounded by brilliant spiritual light into the sky!


Song Yilian's figure flickered and stood beside Lin Chen's square. Although he didn't speak, it meant that everyone's heart was unspoken. It was to prevent Haotian Saint King from making any illegal actions.

Haotian Saint King sneered, completely disdainful of shooting at Chen Chen, holding his chest with both hands,

Behind Lin Chen are his six avatars, Fengshen Junlang and Meiyurujian. Step by step, he stepped into the void, and finally, stood on the same level as Holy King Haotian!

Everyone was shocked!

Zi Yunqing's eyes were stunned. Could he really have a start?

But even Tiantian's backers can still shake the masterpiece of Saint King Alchemy!

Lin Chen opened his arms, and his mental power surged! At this moment, the wind and the wind dance wildly and the situation changes suddenly!

The young man's pride is shocked, mixed with the strong spiritual power, spread throughout the entire Optimus City!

"Dan comes!"

This sound came as though penetrating the consciousness of all the powerful players in Optimus Island, a trembling sensation spread throughout the body instantly, and the blood was boiling!

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen's 13 Qi Yun Ling Zhi dances with the wind, lasing infinite streamers instantly!

Dan Xia is in the sky, the streamer shines!

Thousands of aurora-like meteors burst into the sky!

Ten thousand streamers, all lifted off! Every streamer is a holy pill!

Thousands of holy lights are floating, like the radiant and crescent moon, like the eternal unchanged dazzling stars. When floating in the void, the dazzling brilliance of Dan Yao, set off the extraordinary peerless spirit under the young god!

"what is that"

"My God, ten thousand Holy Pills?"

"What does he want to do?"

All the elders of the jury have scalp numbness!

The various forces and powerhouses of Optimus Island were stunned, it was incredible!

Not to mention the top pharmacist, even individuals are almost scared and fainted!

A full of 10,000 holy pill, suspend the entire sky!

The young man of Nine Colors and Lights smiled slightly, like a fairy mortal, and his style was peerless.


His eyes swept away in an instant!

boom! boom! boom! boom!

As far as Lin Chen's eyes are concerned, Shengdan exploded!

A series of sacred pills crashed into the sky, bursting into flames, and all exploded!

Rumble~~! A turbulent flow of energy swept through the sky, covering the entire Optimus Island and spreading out of the island!

The endless nine-color brilliance spreads towards the end of the world and continues to explode!

Aurora bursts, colorful clouds of energy mushrooms bloom in the world!

Like the most beautiful fireworks in the world, bloom at this moment!

The world shakes and the space shakes. Outside Qingtian City, hundreds of thousands of miles away can clearly witness the dazzling scene!

"This... what happened at the natural elections?"

"A strong man fights? No, so pure energy fluctuations!"

"This seems to be the smell of Shengdan explosion?"

"Impossible! Who the hell's fried Sheng Dan! Isn't that sick! This is covering the sky, how much must be fried!"


At this moment; looking at the sky is completely covered by the nine-colored Danmang Yaohua, beautiful and magnificent, extremely beautiful, and as far as the eyes can see, there are only nine-colored aurora blooming between heaven and earth!

The mouths of all the powerful players in Sky Island...

All the people under the sky of Qingtian City are even ignorant!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

Even Haotian Saint King is no exception!

Pandan at a glance!

How can there be such a crazy move in the world?

In this world, how can there be such a superb view!

This is the glory of the explosion of ten thousand sacred pills, which is suffocatingly beautiful!

This moment when everyone looked dumbfounded was the time when Lin Chen was so focused!

"It's now! Give me, congeal!"

All of Lin Chen's avatars have entered the best state, and their spiritual power has been pushed to the extreme!

Like the celestial energy in full bloom in the sky, the spiritual power is like 100,000 miles of the galaxy, traversing the sky of Qingtian Island, all the celestial energy in full bloom is extracted at the speed of Lin Chens will and order!

I saw that the bright and colorful Dan Yaoguang was stripped in and began to be refined into his longan-sized young Dan!

As the layers are compressed, the nine-color dazzling Dan Yaoguang is constantly being absorbed, and the energy of the young Dan climbs at a rate visible to the naked eye!

The first to notice this drastic change was the elders of the jury and Song Yilian, and then the high-skilled pharmacist present, all staring at Lin Chen in horror!

He is actually extracting the energy of Wandan explosion in alchemy?

"How **** it!"

"Perverted, too perverted! This young man, how could such a crazy alchemy method appear in this world!"

All the elders of the jury are mad and gazed!

Alchemy with the energy of the finished Shengdan? This is fundamentally impossible!

The energy of the finished elixir is indeed all essence, but it is almost impossible to use it for secondary alchemy!

The refining of each holy pill is completed by numerous rigorous and meticulous combinations and selections. The energy after their formation is extremely complex. Unless they are well aware of the pill of the holy pill, it is possible to extract part of the finished holy shrine. Dan's energy is absorbed, but it is difficult to use in refining medicine!

Not to mention, 10,000 at the same time? This idea is more than crazy, it is simply maddening! No one dares to think, and no one can do it!

"He... he had such a means..."

Zi Yunqing froze in place!

When all the wicked wizards looked at the sky covered with the overwhelming glory of the Nine-Colored Dan, the ghosts made the gods think of what Lin Chen said that day!

The surprise is the explosion. Explosion is art.

The demon queen's slim hands cover her lips...

It turned out that this was what he called surprise?

Seeing Lin Chen's young Dan energy begin to decay rapidly, Song Yilian's beautiful eyes renewed their unprecedented light!

"There is such a pharmacist in this world..."