My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1294

Vol 5 Chapter 1294: Alchemy Alchemy

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The explosion sound of Shengdan was still enveloping, and the space boundary of Qingtian Island shook.

The huge nine-color Dan Yaoguang radiates into a tens of thousands of vortices of energy. Looking at it from a distance, it seems that a beautiful round of nine-color roulette is spinning slowly.

The center of the vortex is Lin Chen's young pill!

The energy of his young pill fluctuated several times and ten times compared to the original soaring, and he couldn't stop!

It has become several grades better than before!

Lin Chen's eyes were dozens of twists and turns, the incorporation and order of all energy, the quantity, and never exceeded his expectations!

Lin Chen's spiritual power is extremely fast, and he grabbed hundreds of energies at the same time almost instantaneously and incorporated it into his young pill!

He's vast as a galaxy's spiritual understanding of the sea, but the spiritual power at this moment is rapidly drying up!

[The host continues to launch phantom runes, consuming 8000 rune energy and 5000 rune energy...]

The mental power of the avatar is consumed more horror, almost like a few dozen breaths hollowed out the mental power of an avatar!

To control the energy of the explosion of ten thousand sacred pills, extract the parts and sequences you want and refine them in turn, the spiritual power required is simply beyond the sky!

If Lin Chen had not advanced into the spiritual power of the Holy Land in the later period, it would be impossible to try his unique eye-fried Danliu!

Seeing that Lin Chen's young Dan's energy has skyrocketed, and it is not at the same level as the previous birth!

Many saint-level pharmacists and strong men couldn't help swallowing and asked Song Yilian hardly.

"Senior Song Yilian, Lin Chen, what is this..."

"His young Dan energy, before it is finished, is almost beyond the peak of the fifth grade..."

Even the elders of the jury were shocked and their scalp numb!

Everyone underestimated his ambitions, the goal of this child was a little horrible!

In the face of inquiries about the voices of many powerful men, Song Yilian said decisively.

"Yes, you guessed it right. He is going to refine the authentic Six-Pill Elixir!"

As soon as this remark came out, the powerful men of the evil spirits and the forces of all parties shivered!

Six ranks of Shengdan?

The higher the rank of Shengdan, the more scary the horror of each rank is!

The most intuitive example, if refining the fifth-grade pinnacle holy pill, requires billions of steps in tens of thousands of medicinal materials.

Well, tens of billions of steps are needed to refine the Six-Pill Elixir!

The fifth and sixth grades are not on the same level!

The difference in difficulty is far more than ten times as simple. The more steps you need to prepare, the more difficult the later stage of refining!

Even the elders of Danyu who are here can refine the Sixth-grade Saint Pill, no more than five fingers! And the success rate is extremely low!

The high-ranking Danyu present, Song Yilian, dare to guarantee the success rate of Liupin Shengdan!

It can be seen how difficult the refining of the Sixth Grade Shengdan!

Lin Chen dared to challenge Liupin as soon as he came up. From ancient times to the present, there is no unprecedented election conference!

"However, Senior Song Yilian, he controls so many violent sacred pill energy alchemy, and the difficulty of the sixth-grade sacred pill is so high, this cannot be successful..."

A demon list can't help asking questions in fright.

"Not necessarily." Song Yilian's gaze stared at Lin Chen, and she did not want to leave Lin Chen for a moment, and said seriously.

"Sixth grade Shengdan, the difficulty of refining is mainly in the second half. When Dancheng becomes Sixth Grade, when the young Dan turns into Cheng Dan, the energy required is even greater. It often takes a lot of heaven and earth to complete it. A refining pharmacist, when refining Liupinchu Dan, the whale swallowed thousands of miles of aura, resulting in an area where grass was not growing and the aura was exhausted. It did not return to its original state until a hundred years."

"But Lin Chen chose the craziest and most incredible method. He detonated Banten and created a condition for the young whale to swallow energy."

"With his understanding of the composition of the ten thousand exploding sacred dan energy, according to the sacred dan energy he wants, he will extract and refine it very quickly and incorporate it into the young dan, directly crossing the six-grade sacred dan to transform from the young dan to the young dan During Chengdan, the most difficult step!"

Song Yilian deserves to be a modern medicine refining giant, and instantly interpreted the significance of Lin Chen's move!

"Yes..." The old hump-backed man took the conversation, with a rare expression of trembling, very solemn.

"Throughout all the contestants in the general election conference, including any previous one, no pharmacist can refine the Sixth Grade Shengdan. Strictly speaking, Lin Chen will not work either. From the perspective of ordinary medicine refining, even he There are six avatars and synergistic refining medicines comparable to the body, and there is almost no possibility of refining the Sixth Grade Shengdan."

"However, he is now using pill as a medicine and pill as alchemy pill. With the energy of ten thousand sacred pill, the most difficult part of Liupin young pill is crossed, and it is directly sublimated from Wupin peak young pill to Liupin Shengdan!"

This analysis hears the scalp numbness of all the superpowers and the sixth and seventh rank forces!

Alchemy? Is there such an operation?

This alchemy method is beyond the level of cognition!

Directly from the fifth-grade young Dan, transformed into the finished six-grade Shengdan?

This kind of crazy alchemy method is usually impossible to think of and impossible to do!

All the 10,000 sacred pills must come from the sacred recipe that the refiner is very familiar with, and control the sacred pill's energy structure to such a degree as to look at the patterns.

It's not that you can use this method to make alchemy by simply buying 10,000 holy pill, otherwise you don't know how to write dead words.

Furthermore, it requires huge and anti-celestial spiritual power. The energy produced when the Shengdan explodes, according to his own understanding of all Shengdan, requires an extraordinary spiritual response to ingest this ready-made energy!

Not to mention how much spiritual power is required to maintain this alchemy process!

When a little more detailed, all talents wake up like a dream!

It turned out that it was so!

Why Lin Chen would frantically refine the Holy Pill before the election meeting was prepared for this moment!

"Is he really a human..."

"What a good devil Lin Chen who is a goddess under the heavenly gods.

"This young man is not only challenging Liupin Shengdan, it is the first in the world of refining medicine!"

"The demon can hardly describe his stunning one-tenth of a million, perhaps it is more appropriate to call him a ghost. How could anyone dare to try such a subversive method in this world!"

At this moment, whether it is Li Daoran with thousands of hands, or the Flying Refining Saint of Huamanlou, the fire old man of thousands of domains, Xiao Huang of Huangyu, Wan Yunyu of Xuanyu, etc.

All the Taishan Beidou-like veteran saint-level alchemists are all willing to worship!

Eyes alchemy, alchemy alchemy! The ghost of this child is talented and has completely convinced them!

Regardless of whether Lin Chen succeeds in the end, at this moment, these arrogant masters of the refining medicine world, would like to call Lin Chen the strongest in heaven!