My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1295

Vol 5 Chapter 1295: Dan Dao Dao Linchen.

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Let Ten Thousand Saints explode to make Optimus Island crumbling, and the space enchantment of the other pharmacists is indestructible.

But at this time, no matter who is Cheng Dan, its power is less than 1% of that of Lin Chen, which is completely covered up!

The alchemist of Chudan couldn't help but smile bitterly, and he participated in the same general election with this monster-like existence. Even if he lost, he was defeated and convinced!

The young Dan energy is as terrifying as a small star core, and has initially exceeded the scope of the fifth grade!

Within the energy of the nine-color vortex, a trembling energy wave suddenly appeared, and the elders of the jury were shocked!

"Not good, the mental power is unstable, Lin Chen's mental power is about to be exhausted!

The humpback old man exclaimed!

Lin Chen's mouth was raised, and her fingertips were printed!

Behind Lin Chen suddenly raised a virtual image leaning on the sky!

The virtual image is extremely tall and tall, with a human-shaped half body, a blue cape on his shoulders, and armor on his head, and no real appearance. The orange eyes flash under the helmet.

The virtual image possessed Lin Chen, as if an ancient **** came, and his virtual image was folded into two hands, Lin Chen's orange light surged in the body, facing all directions, Lin Chen's power to control Wandan's energy surged instantly!

[The host launches the orange-level talent; the extreme possession of the god, consumes 800,000 talent points, the alchemy handprint of the host "True Dragon Sacred Hand" obtains the extreme possession of the god, the extreme mutation effect.

At this moment, Lin Chen's "True Dragon Hand" spurred by the spiritual seal broke through the shackles, temporarily exceeded the limit, and exerted the effect of the orange-order alchemy handprint!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The spirit of a real dragon blooms from the eyes of Lin Chen and all the phantom avatars, spawns out of thin air, dragons dance in a flurry, and the sky and the sky move towards the stars!

"This... what's the trick?"

"Look, Cheng Dan is born!"

After waves of turbulence rise again and again, everyone's horror continues.

The sky above the sky is changing, and the energy of Ten Thousand Pills has just exploded, the vortex is gone, and the energy is contained in a fiery red pill!

The spiritual rhyme of the fiery red elixir forms an illusion of human form, which looks somewhat similar to the virtual image of the Extreme God appearing behind Lin Chen!

Spiritual rhyme transforms, the holy ring appears!

One, three, five!

Five holy rings, instantly formed!

Whether it is Optimus Island or everyone under Optimus City, subconsciously breathe and stare, fearing to miss a detail!

Buzz~! The energy was trembling, and the sixth holy ring began to generate in white gold!

Many strong men and evil spirits twitched in their hearts, their tremors trembling!

Time seems to be still, and finally, the sixth holy ring in platinum is perfectly formed.

Sixth-grade low-grade Saint Pill!

The entire Optimus Island, Optimus City, fell into a short silence.

Everyone stared at the teenager in the sky.

The energy of Shengdan slowly dissipated, and the faint nine-color Yaohua afterglow was like a rainbow bridge, pouring on the teenager.

There are six sacred rings on his head, the gods are rich and handsome, and the handsome face of the young man has a wild and conceited smile from the beginning to the end.

There is such a good boy in this world!

Zi Yunqing stared staringly at the young man who was shining in nine colors, and for a time he looked stupid.

"He actually defeated the Holy King Haotian... refining the Sixth Grade Holy Pill that even the Holy King can't reach!"

When the opponent he knew was the Holy King Haotian, he couldn't even mention a hint of war, let alone challenge him!

Dare to confront the Holy King, there is geometry throughout the ages!

"This kid is so young that he has this kind of execution and talent. Given the time, give him enough time, is it not to be a supreme existence in this world?"

Haotian Saint King Qingjin was exposed, and he came here in person this time to prevent Lin Chen from having a chance encounter in Danyu.

Entering the Danyu Presbyterian Church will make this son get a rapid change, forcing him not to make his own shot. Unexpectedly, he still cannot restrain his sharp edge!

Six ranks, this rank of Saint Pill can't be refined even by the current Haotian Saint King. He is already a half-dead man, but his spiritual thoughts are incomplete, and it is impossible to support the refining of the Sixth Grade Shengdan!

The crimson fairy stared at Lin Chen's back, seeming to make certain determinations, and looked softer towards him.

Song Yilian was staring at Lin Chen when she found the New World!

This boy is amazing! Its all secret!

She can try to reproduce or do better than Haotian Saint King's medicine refining method, but Lin Chen's "Eye-Exploding Danliu", she can't even learn it!

At this time, Lin Chen turned his head and looked in the direction of Zi Yunqing.

Swept by his eyes, Zi Yunqing, who had always been cold and proud, was inexplicably palpitated.

Lin Chen smiled slightly, and his demeanor shone.

"Do you like this surprise?"

Ziyun Qingfang's heart tightened suddenly, and the cold and beautiful cheeks showed a faint blush, and there was a little little panic like a little woman.

At this time, in the VIP seat of Zixia Wanggu, who was standing behind Ziyunqing, the two beautiful and enchanting little demon raised their thumbs up, smiled joyfully, charmed all beings, and shouted.

"I like it! Lin Chen, you are so handsome!"

It wasn't until the little demon's excitement shouted that Zi Yunqing just woke up like a dream, her flowers looked pale, her pretty face was pale, and her heart twitched a few times.

It turned out that he didn't say to himself...

When Zi Yunqing raised her hand to speak, Lin Chen had already turned around and withdrew her gaze, never looking at her from beginning to end.

Hao teeth bit his red lips tightly, and Zi Yunqing's tingling in his heart was even stronger.

"Six...six is it possible..."

Long Yijing fell to his knees, lost his soul and lost his soul. His eyes were dull and dull.

Six grades, this grade, placed in the history of their dragon family and even the entire dragon family, there are only two refining pharmacists!

How many years younger was he than he was, and he was able to refine the Sixth Grade Shengdan!

This will mean that, no matter whether it is the attainment of refining medicine or the cultivation of combat strength, one can never surpass him in this life, and will always have to live in his shadow, even his back can't be touched!

The dim hexagonal starburst of the 32nd holy cave in the Longyi crystal suddenly became completely radiant and extremely stable. He wanted to break through the next holy cave again, and it was difficult for all. Lin Chen has become the demon on his way to practice!

The most important thing is that he can no longer be close to his dream goddess in his life!


Long Yijing, who couldn't stand such a severe blow, looked up and spit out blood.

The followers of the Dragon family panicked instantly!

"Quick! Master Yi Jing has vomited blood, or it is a relapse of the old injury!"

"The medicine can't stop, Master!"


Song Yilian withdrew her gaze and immediately stepped into the air to hover. The thin Qianying looked around the audience for a long time and could not calm down.

"This election is only half an hour away from the end of the time limit. All pharmacists have completed alchemy. The seat announced that the championship is..."

"Legend List, Lin Chen!"

Until the moment Song Yilian announced, all the talents woke up like dreams!

This is destined to be an unforgettable day election conference!

Dan Chen came to Dao Linchen, and Wan Gu Dan Dao respected!