My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1296

Vol 5 Chapter 1296: Who Dares To Commit Murder This Handsome

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"Champion Lin Chen?"

"Oh my god! He defeated all the old pharmacists! Even the Holy King was suppressed by him!"

"This election is so rare! It is unprecedented and there is no chance to see it in the future!"


Unprecedented heated discussion and cheers broke out under Sogo Island and Sogo Castle.

The title of Lin Chen champion is well deserved. No one disagrees!

"My goddess is still down..."

Long Yixuan's heart twisted like a sword, watching Zi Yunqing's expression change, how could he not know, Zi Yunqing would not be tempted at that moment.

However, he was defeated and convinced.

With Lin Chen at that moment, even he was fascinated, which woman could not fall.

After all, this man who used his eyes to refine Liupin Shengdan is so handsome...

"Poor Yijing."

More than ten Wizards of Wizards looked at Long Yijing who fainted and shook his head and smiled.

The agreement between him and Lin Chen can be seen at a glance!

Long Yijing's multi-colored dragon king ginseng is certainly priceless and unavailable.

In comparison, compared with the Sixth-grade Saint Alchemist, it is worthless!

Those who can refine the Sixth Grade Saint Pill, even the giant forces such as the Seventh Grade Sect, dare not offend easily, and their own chance to make alchemy can far exceed the value of the colorful Dragon King Ginseng!

With only one shot of alchemy, Lin Chen can create a more precious relic than the colorful dragon king ginseng. Compared with the two, there is no doubt that Long Yijing has been defeated!

Looking at the empty Lin Chen, the elders of the jury marveled.

And even for the well-informed jury elders, this is also the most memorable and engraved in the bones of a general election conference!

Who can forget the sacred scene of the Holy Realm that Ten Thousand Saints lifted into the sky on this day!

Song Yilian read out the ranking of this election.

First place; Lin Chen. Second place; Eastern Promise. Third place, Zi Yunqing.

The fourth place, after being reviewed by the elders of the jury, was won by Fei Lian Sheng Huahualou.

The top five have the quota of directly becoming the Danyu Presbyterian Association, and the top ten have the quota for participating in the assessment, but for all the master refining masters, the assessment can be ignored completely, which is basically equivalent to passing.

Become the elder of the Danyu Presbyterian Association, this value can really double exponentially!

When Song Yilian announced the top ten places, Lin Chen made a one-handed move, withdrew his sixth-grade Shengdan, stood in the void, and smiled indifferently when he stared at Haotian Saint King.

"Holy King, next time I want to mess with me, I'll be direct. I like to be simple and rude. I will give you a punch."

Lin Chen deliberately said "One Punch" very seriously. Obviously, the Holy King Haotian must have seen his "Armor of God of War" in the boundary tower that day.

The implication is very simple, you dare to move this handsome force is just a punch.

Lin Chen is not as good as it is now. In the face of Holy King Haotian, he will never be as weak and ashamed as when he was fighting the emperor.

Unless his body is resurrected, Lin Chen wants to be able to fight, to be able to run, to be a blue man!

Haotian Shengwang's face twisted a few times, and he smiled angrily.

"Relax, there is more opportunity here to kill your junior."

Lin Chen is neither salty nor indifferent: "The enemy I killed last time said the same."

All avatars moved, taking away the attribute light ball scattered in the void, Lin Chen secretly refined more than a dozen dragons, and guarded the Holy King Haotian.

Although it is forbidden to fight privately in the Election Conference, the Holy King of Haotian is not an ordinary saint.

Who knows what evil tricks this old Yin Yin will make, since seeing the identity of Haotian Saint King, Lin Chen even guarded him even in Qingtian City.

Feelings of body weakness came, Lin Chen was dizzy for a while, and the avatar guarded him quietly.

Brush ~!

At this time, the scarlet fairy appeared beside Lin Chen.

Haotian Saint King's eyes narrowed, a little doubt in his eyes glanced at the scarlet fairy.

"Relax, with me in, he dare not move you."

Crimson Fairy smiled confidently, Lin Chen couldn't help but wonder.

When was your relationship with her so good? Would you rather offend Haotian Saint King for yourself? This is unrealistic!

Does it mean that he surpassed the man, and finally reached the state of surpassing the most handsome and lovable! So annoying!

Not only is the Scarlet Fairy, but even after Song Yilian announced the result, he also protected Lin Chen, fearing that he would miss a trace.

"Oh, that championship reward..."

Lin Chen hadn't finished speaking yet, the dry spirit of consciousness at sea finally dimmed, his head fell, and he passed out.

He had reached the limit long ago, and he held it all in one breath.

"Squad leader!"

"Lin Chen!"

Han Yizhi and others rushed up.


Lin Chen had been in a coma for a long time, but was inexplicably comfortable. The back of his head seemed to be pillowed with a soft and flicky baby, which made him very useful.

For a long time, when he vaguely heard the sound-

"Why did he faint for so long, wouldn't it be alright?"

"Will the squad leader leave any sequelae... It is too hard to refine the Sixth Grade Shengdan."

Hearing Han Yizhi's worried voice, Lin Chen opened his eyes.

In the first act of opening your eyes, the two beautiful crimson arcs are round and full, and come into your eyes.

Lin Shuai couldn't help but exclaimed, got up and hit a choppy wave.

"A big weapon! Who dares to force the coach!"

Lin Chen almost subconsciously took out his "King of Dragons" protector.

"Who is murdering you, you are now well protected."

Jian Qingcheng snorted hummingly, with a sour taste of autumn.

Lin Chen found himself in a beautifully decorated room.

Beside the bed were Han Yizhi and Jian Qingcheng, as well as a crowd of people sitting in the living room of Zixia Wanggu, who immediately stood up when they heard Lin Chen's voice.

Lin Chen was a little unbelievable. Crimson fairy sitting on the bedside? Was it still her knee pillow just now?

"What happened"

Lin Chen shook his head, his mind was a little messy, and he didn't calm down at once. Did he already'after the event'?

Can not be done! I dont have any memories or feelings, so I have to do it again!

"Congratulations to Friends Lin Chen and the champion of natural selection. The old man really admired his five-body cast when he was watching!"

Several elders in Zixia Wanggu laughed and clenched their fists.

On the side, the little demon queen's lips lighted up, Hao teeth bit a long Qingguo, the smile was full of jokes.

"The big champion, you finally woke up. The leader is not small. The chief elder of the domain, Song Yilian, guards outside the door, and the elder crimson fairy of the crimson palace guest protects himself, but you can do it."

Lin Chen remembered all this and couldn't take a joke with the little demon queen, anxiously saying-"What about my championship reward."

Everyone is speechless...

This kid is playing with women without heavy samples on weekdays, why can't he sit so messy now, beautiful women gathered next to have no idea at all?

Can someone Lin be in a hurry! That's about his God of War parts, he can get away with his life!

"Relax." The door was pulled back, and Song Yilian struck an elegant and noble cyan dress, raising her hand.

"Your championship rewards are here, no one will grab it."