My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1297

Vol 5 Chapter 1297: 3. Break Through The Bottleneck

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Lin Chen took the precept and swept away his spiritual consciousness.

But see; there is a roll of alchemy handprints quietly placed in Najie, one wind and one fire, two lines of middle-grade alien crystals, and one middle-grade luck seed.

These prizes are worth the money!

The volume of orange-order alchemy handprints alone is enough to control the development of a six-grade sect!

However, Lin Chen's focus is not on these.

"What about Jiu Pin Sheng Mine?"

Lin Chen froze and asked.

Song Yilian smiled slightly, "This will naturally be for you, but the champion needs to be selected. You have been mentally exhausted and comatose recently, can't you carry you to choose?"

Lin Chen asked again: "Then, the secret of the Presbyterian Church can have gold-based nine-grade sacred mine?"

Song Yilian pondered a little bit-"Yes, except for the light and dark sacred mines are scarce, there are five elements, but you can only choose one, and each sacred mine has different energy and volume, and the value also varies. This is You have to measure it yourself."

Lin Chen was relieved.

Just have it, as long as there is this thing, his trip is meaningful.

Song Yilian's eyes shone strangely, and continued: "You have been in a coma for four days and four nights, and you'll rest after you've recuperated."

"Then King Haotian?"

Lin Chen suddenly thought of this number one enemy and asked seriously.

"He's gone." Song Yilian's face suddenly dignified. "He left without even receiving the reward. He wanted to be in his position and couldn't look down on our reward. Maybe he came just for you. I already had it in Danyu. Da Neng was born and expressed my Dan Yu's attitude. But fortunately, he seemed to have taken care of it and dared not take action."

"If it is the Holy King in the heyday, we can't stop him, boy Lin Chen, the only option you can make sure of is to join my Presbyterian Church!"

Song Yilian talked about this matter, and her eyes were bright-"The champion of heaven is not enough to deter the Holy King of Haotian. The only way to ensure your safety is to join our Presbyterian Church and practice and study refining medicine in Danyu with peace of mind. If you are As a member of the Presbyterian Church, Dan Yu will try his best to protect you, and even the Holy King of Heaven will not dare to move you easily."

Lin Chen shook his head and laughed.

Come on, then he has to stay in Danyu in stepless pace. Although Danyu is high and wide, it will take a few years for him to turn someone around Danyu, but if you really want to fully ensure safety, I am afraid you have to stay. Presbyterian high-rise area.

Shouldn't he be locked here?

"Even if I join the Presbyterian Church, I won't sit here and wait for death. A dead saint, I still need to be afraid that he won't succeed. If he dares to come to me, I will ask him to lose a few teeth if he tries hard!"

"No matter what conspiracy he has next, big deal, I can surpass him in the next time."

Lin Chen talked and laughed between the wind and the wind, but the display of the spirit made Zixia Wanggu look all over!

Song Yilian moved!

Beyond the Holy King! If this sentence is placed in the mouth of other evildoers, it will only be ridiculed by the world, but what Lin Chen has confronted with the Holy King is so convincing!

"That's good, if you need to buy medicines for healing, you can tell the elders of Qingtiange. Remember four days later, there is an awards ceremony for the elders seat. You can't miss this champion."

After Song Yilian explained, she retreated.

"How do you feel that Senior Song's eyes are a bit weird staring at the monitor?"

Han Yizhi murmured.

The little demon stretched out lazily, and the enchanting hot figure showed full, jokingly smiled-"Who made him use his eyes to make alchemy, sullen, sullen, people are now eager to catch him to study, afraid of a handsome guy Can't hold it."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly, looking at the Scarlet Fairy-"So what, how long do you want to stay in bed."

The Scarlet Fairy smiled brightly-"It was obviously when the son was comatose yourself, and a sister Ruoyan yelled, teacher Yue Qi shouted, and hugged me not to let go."

"Cough cough..." Someone Lin blushed old, this bad habit has to be changed!

After briefly understanding the situation after the conference with everyone, everyone knew the fun and left Lin Chen the time to recover.

Lin Chen rubbed his temples, and his mental strength was still in a dry and sleepy state. This alchemy was the best he ever struggled in his life.

Of the 10,000 sacred pill he used for refining medicine, ninety-nine percent is a first-class sacred pill. It was Lin Chen who joined Youshenguo and Shen Lao in the name of "semi-employment" and asked the refining pharmacist of the moving world tower to help him refining Made.

Even if Lin Chen turned against the sky, it would not be possible to cultivate spiritual power and break through the realm within a month before the general election meeting. Not allowed at all.

The temporary recipes for the Ten Thousand St. Pills were provided by Lin Chen. These recipes are all the panacea he had refined in the past, and they are very ripe.

If it is just a first-class Saint Pill, the high-end pharmacist of Jie Tower can be precise so that every detail is in accordance with Lin Chen's requirements!

The main energy of fried Dan is the fourth-grade and third-grade Shengdan refined by Lin Chen himself!

If there were no wandering fruit and selling the seeds of Qiyun Lingzhi, he would not dare to squander in this way. The price of refining this six-grade Shengdan was enough to bring a fifth-rank sect into half-bankruptcy.

And these six grades of Danfang, burned to Lin Chen by Shen Lao personally, in his status, it is impossible to easily send a six grades of Danfang, Lin Chen can be regarded as a part of Shen Lao's favor.

"Fortunately, I have wandering fruit."

When Lin Chen swallowed more than a dozen wandering fruits, his mental strength quickly recovered, and his phantom avatar even urged the mind, and absorbed the massive amount of mental strength.

Lin Chen's spiritual idea urged Qingxue to plant the capsule, and the pink and bright flashed.

A huge holy flat peach is suspended in his palm, and the fragrance is lingering, and the fresh fruit fragrance instantly diffuses in the room.

Three times, Lin Chen killed a holy flat peach, and the light in the holy cave suddenly skyrocketed, and the weakness in the body quickly gave birth to new power and vitality!

Lin Chen's 22nd holy cave began to loosen!

St. Peach has a great effect of breaking through the bottleneck, solidifying the essence and nourishing the Eucharist.

Lin Chen's strong foundation, coupled with his previous alchemy, has reached the threshold for his spirit and cultivation and even the Eucharist. The benefits after breaking through the limit are now immediate!

Three days later, after taking the second holy peach, Lin Chen swept the entire attic with a click, and the 22nd holy hole of Lin Chen burst away!

22 hexagonal star bursts, which turned into shining polar stars, flickered inside Lin Chen's body, and Lin Chen opened another holy cave!

"The effect of St. Peach is really wonderful. The only drawback is that it cannot be mass-produced. Even if it is at its peak, if it is not irrigated with a lot of Tianyi holy water, it will only produce three in a month, which is the key. It is better to take it after you exceed the limit at any time."

When Lin Chen withdrew from practice, he was full of energy and refreshed. Perfect recovery, and beyond the heyday!

There are avatars to assist in cultivation or recovery, Lin Chen's recovery speed is terrible!

"It's time to collect my championship reward!"