My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1298

Vol 5 Chapter 1298: I Am Just A Simple Handsome

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Lin Chen left the Chamber of Secrets and found himself in an ancient tower. Elders had been waiting for a long time, and the elder smiled at Lin Chen with a fist.

"Congratulations to Lin Chen Xiaoyouhao for winning the natural selection champion, his talents are rejuvenated, and the old man is convinced. The ceremony of the presbytery is here, please come with the old man.

Lin Chen nodded and smiled, "There is labor."

At this time, a faint fragrance lingered in the passage. The cold and beautiful iceberg beauty was dressed in a light blue dress, graceful and graceful, and the green silk was bundled, dignified and elegant, and it was all over the country.

"That, are you together? I will also participate in the Presbyterian ceremony."

It turned out to be Zi Yunqing, looking at its appearance, it seems to have been carefully dressed.


Lin Chen smiled lightly, and the elders respectfully led the way ahead. From time to time, when the afterglow of his eyes aimed at the two, the more they looked, the better they were.

Lin Chen and Princess Ziyunqing respectively represent the pinnacles of the two major refining medicines of the younger generation. If the two can join together and join the Presbyterian Church, the future potential of the Presbyterian Church is even more worth looking forward to!

On the way, Lin Chen will be envied and congratulated by numerous pharmacists in the ancient tower.

Zi Yunqing's jerky conversation with Lin Chen, as proud as her, almost never take the initiative to talk to men of the same age.

However, Lin sips a wandering fruit in a bite and is at ease, not paying attention to her at all.

On the top floor of the ancient pagoda, when pushing the door in, many top pharmacists in Danyu gathered in the lobby!

The elders of the jury, Song Yilian, and the top ten pharmacists who won the conference, as well as two sympathetic old men.

"Hahaha, our champion is here. Danzhi Liupin, who thwarted the idea of the Holy King, and Lin Chen Xiaoyou are the people whom the old man admires!"

An immortal old man in white and Yan Yuese took the initiative to step forward and shake hands with Lin Chen.

This person's mental fluctuation is a little more terrifying than the hunchbacked old man at the first inspection, and it is the same level of medicine refining giant engine as Song Yilian!

All the old master medicine refining masters in the lobby are not hostile to Lin Chen's gaze, and some only admire and admire!

This is an absolute conviction from strength!

If Lin Chen's medicine refining skills are at the same level as them, they may appreciate this young man, but he far surpasses them. On the alchemy skills, they respect Lin Chen as a senior!

After chatting with Lin Chen for a moment, the crowd was taken into the secret room of an ancient tower by the elders of Dan Yu.

The secret room is its own space, and the interior is actually three lofts!

Song Yilian led the team and said while walking.

"Everyone, enter our Danyu Presbyterian Church; we must abide by the rules of our Presbyterian Church. The denominations and forces that everyone belongs to will naturally not change, but any refining medicine content accessible to the Presbyterian Church is limited to personal learning. Those who prefer to abolish the alchemy skills, while others will sanction personally, will be known to everyone."

"In addition, if you have new refining experience and skills, you can get new contribution value if you share the contribution to the Presbyterian Church."

As Song Yilian said, everyone understands that the details of the Danyu Presbyterian Association must not be rumored. If there is a rumor, the elders will have various methods to recover the profit.

The old man in white whispered and smiled; "Among the three pavilions of the world, the pavilion needs you to become a foreign elder and have enough contribution value to enter."

After all, he brought everyone into the Ren Pavilion, which contained ten thousand volumes of Danshu and hundreds of types of Danfang, each of which is invaluable! It is the refining experience or the main outline of refining medicine of many holy level pharmacists in Danyu!

"System, how much skill is needed to burn the entire scroll of the Pavilion?"

Lin Chen transmitted the system.

For others, the collection of refining medicines that can be selected is limited, but for someone in Lin, as long as he has enough skills, he can burn all of them into the system and learn slowly!

[The system prompts the host to burn all the scrolls in the whole loft. It takes 137 million advanced power points. The host now holds: 78.6 million advanced power points attribute value, which is not enough to burn completely. Please select the host Then make sure.

The systematic answer moved Lin Chen!

This is how many top refining pharmacists have mastered the experience and top recipes!

Lin Chen practiced a kind of high-level exercises with orange-level exercises but not more than a hundred thousand. What does it all add up to more than 100 million?

Song Yilian turned to Lin Chen in the front and said, "Lin Chen, Zi Yunqing, you two will follow me. The top three, you can enter the court."

Zi Yunqing and Lin Chen were taken into a deeper loft, only three floors, covered with dust, but the space boundary of each counter is extremely strong.

"This is a citadel. You can choose a volume of the refining medicine collection you want, or you can contribute your refining experience. According to our review, we will return the corresponding contribution value to you."

Song Yilian looked at Lin Chen: "If you contribute your alchemy experience of alchemy to the Presbyterian Church, it may be included in the Tiange Pavilion, and the contribution value obtained can be more than a star and a half!"

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled: "No, no one can use it except me."

"That may not be necessary!" Song Yilian stared at Lin Chen with anger.

[The system answers the host, and contains all the ancient books of Danshu in the entire attic. It requires 3.9 billion points of advanced exercises.

At this moment, the system's answer made Lin Chen's mouth slightly twitched.

No wonder so many masters of refining medicine crushed their heads and wanted to enter the Presbyterian Church. This is really terrifying. Now even if he is given the opportunity to enter, he can't move away the secrets and remedies here...

Lin Chen and Zi Yunqing can only choose a recipe or recipe for each of them. Zi Yunqing chooses "Ten Yang Zong Ju Pei", which is from the master plan of the Sixth Grade Saint-level Refining Pharmacist.

Lin Chen chose the Six-Piece St. Dan's Recipe "Nine Lines Pole-turning Pill". The selected Danfang needs blood to collect. It cannot be leaked.

[It consumes 69 million points of advanced exercises and spirits, burns a master outline of the Pluto Pill Sacred Heart Experience, and completes three volumes of the Sixth Grade Pixin Pill.

A touch of fine light was incorporated into Lin Chen's eyebrows, and the secret Lin Chen had already burned more Liupin recipes!

"According to the regulations, you should be the deacon elder, but according to the two elders, we will make you promoted to the seat of elder guest secretary. You do not need to be responsible for any affairs of the elders, you can enter and leave freely."

Song Yilian's hand grabbed Lin Chen's palm, swayed her fingertips, outlined a golden rune, and Lin Chen's name was engraved on it.

"This is the mark of Elder Guest Secretary Qing, remember to come to Danyu."

Song Yilian seemed to be very clear about Lin Chen's temperament, and did not force him to become the deacon elder, which surprised him.

Ziyunqing looked at the two strangely.

This kind of treatment that only takes its name, dispels its blessings, and does not take on its own responsibility, can be taken away by lifting pants, much like someone else in Lin!

However, as long as Lin Chen is capable, if the future elders have trouble, he will also help.

Lin Chen clenched his fists and smiled: "Thank you Song Damei."

"Thank you, but you don't have to say it." Song Yilian stared at Lin Chen's eyes and became more and more hot.

Someone Lin was shocked!

What does she want to do, no, I am still just a handsome man!