My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1299

Vol 5 Chapter 1299: Holy Demon King

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Lin Chen selected the master outline of the Pluto Pill, which is probably the most special medicine secret left by a giant Qing Alchemist.

Pluto Dansheng, a generation of lunatics, his refining direction is all those immortals that are not dead and disabled, pursuing beyond the limit of life, and temporarily gaining strength!

There are even a few volumes of Danfang mixed in the master plan, because the direction of refining medicine is too brutal and fierce, so that not many refining masters will choose this person's refining secrets, and have been idle.

Who has nothing to do with this panacea that squeezes vitality for short-term strength? Isn't it fragrant to go to specialty medicines such as longevity and cultivation for breakthrough?

However, this type of refining experience has a wonderful effect for Lin Chen!

Because, his phantom avatar is not afraid of death!

How many brutal and holy holy pill can endure, this is no less than Lin Chen started an ace of the refining medicine department!

In the future, the battle avatar will directly take drugs and fight with the other party, and they will make the enemy's scalp numb without fear of death!

Withdrawing his gaze, Song Yilian said indifferently.

"Take you to claim the champion's reward."

Song Yilian's fingertips twirled a space vortex inside, revealing a whole new world.

It is actually a golden mountain range and heaven and earth, a pile of mountain relics and heaven and earth treasures!

Someone Lin was shocked!

Wanbao Secret Realm, one of the resource collection secret realms of the Danyu Presbyterian Church! No saint can face such a rich treasure without moving!

However, at the next moment, Lin Chen's expression changed again.

Within the territory of Marlboro, a light orange attribute is shining!

"There are new attribute talents in the secret territory, at least not lower than the orange level!"

Lin Chen felt a great shock in his heart, and his expression was a little hot!

Song Yilian, carrying Lin Chen, walked into the void and sneaked into the territory of Wanbao Secret, leaving Zi Yunqing with eyes missing.


Within the territory of Marlboro, golden afterglows are reflected in the beautiful scenery of the world.

"Eighth-order relic Liuliu Xinguo, there are a hundred here?"

"This lake is actually Yin and Yang Longquan?"

"And there is this thick, black and hard mountain, actually a Liupinqi mine, Jiuxiao thunder stone?"

Lin Chen was shocked!

This is where the fairy lives!

His breath rushed, and even the small shadow in Qingxue's capsule was also about to move!

After several dive repairs, the ordinary elixir and sacred objects can no longer satisfy it, and the resources in this treasure are too rich!

All of Lin Chen's current net worths are comparable to it, but they are nothing short of nine! Not even a hair!

"Like it here? Or join our Presbyterian Church and study the refining medicine with me. I guarantee you will have enough contribution value every year to come here and pick treasures."

Song Yilian's tone is crisp and elegant, beautiful and full of temptation.

Lin Chen swallowed hard and saw him like this. Song Yilian raised her lips and continued to seduce.

"And with your talents, staying in the Presbyterian Church is the fastest way to advance to the Seventh-grade Holy Alchemist. The Seventh-grade Alchemist will mean that you will become a supreme presence in any place in the entire Holy World. Fabulous beauties, cultivation resources, huge denominations, these are all within your reach..."

Song Yilian's voice is soft, like a fabulous ketone body in bed, who is teasing Lin, who is'one thousand years old single'.

However, the real fact is-Lin Chen did not bird her at all!

Why he is so tempted not because of the condition stated by Song Yilian, but because of his "decomposition function" of someone in Lin!

Although every treasure in Wanbao Secret Realm has space enchantment, someone in Lin can decompose it!

After decomposing the Wanbao secret realm, how many attribute values should he get? Dare to think!

"Brother Chen, calm down! Calm down! Take everything here, I have to become the number one wanted criminal in Danyu!"

Lin Chenqiang resisted the urge and even sent out ideas to suppress the small shadow!

The elders of Danyu will provoke, in a way, it is more terrifying than offending Haotian Saint King!

The treasure cannot move in front, as if you can't enter with a gun. Lin Chen is very uncomfortable!

Seeing Lin Chen calm down quickly, Song Yilian couldn't help but be surprised!

It should be known that very few people have won the temptations of the Wanbao Secret Realm.

Because of the extremely high level of refining medicine, they can better understand the preciousness of this mysterious realm, and some treasures have basically disappeared in the Holy Realm!

This little little boy Chen Chen is so impressed? What a powerful state of mind!

"Senior Song, the man is aspiring in all directions, and the handsome man is trying to make waves. I will decide what to do, and lead the way. For the five-element sacred mine, I choose the gold-based sacred mine."

Lin Chen said indifferently, no amount of treasures could be as important as his God of War parts.

Song Yilian gave Lin Chen a deep look, and led the way personally, taking Lin Chen to the extreme east of Wanbao's secret realm.

There is a golden pool here. A golden mountain is hidden in the golden pool. What is strange is that the golden pool is actually filled with the gas of Gengjin. If you touch it a little, you will have thousands of knives!

Especially the small Jinshan, Lin Chen also felt a sharp and sharp edge across the space, it was terrible!

Lin Chen was shocked. I was afraid that it would be a battle. If I can throw this thing at my opponent, I am afraid that a five-fold saint will be hit hard!

This thing is the raw material for casting the ninth-grade sacristy!

"This is the only gold-based Jiupin Sheng Mine that currently exists in Wanbao Secret Realm."

Song Yilian waved his hand, the space boundary was lifted, and the Jinchi quickly shrunk into the palm of his hand. This small Jinshan gold-based Jiupinsheng mine has more than 5 cubic meters, just meeting Lin Chens requirements!

Song Yilian Xiu was high and deep, and handed a seal with Jin Chi to Lin Chen.

"Finally got it! Next, as long as the number of second-grade sacrificial objects is full, I can have three pieces of the God of War suit at the same time!

Lin Chen was very pleasantly surprised. When the Jinchi was put into Qingxue's capsule, suddenly, the whole piece of Wanbao's secret realm shook!

"not good!"

"Someone's attacking!"

When the voices of the two old men entered the Wanbao secret realm, Lin Chen and Song Yilian waited almost instantaneously!

Who dares to be so bold and come to Danyu to make trouble?

"Lin Chen, Lin Chen, you are the first young man to take this king seriously, and I hope you will die more thoroughly this time."

Lin Chen and Song Yilian's expressions were different when they heard the indifferent voice of the highest majesty!

"It's him?"

"Haotian Saint King!"

Bang ~! The space in Marlboros secret realm is torn apart by a crack in the space.

Six figures walked out of the crack slowly, being the first person, it was the Haotian Holy King who possessed spiritual thoughts in the Eastern Promise!

Behind him, in addition to a simple young man, there are four dark, eight-height magic shadows.

Their heads are horned, their backs sway with a long black tail, and the void is crushed between the swings, their arms like barbarian dragons are covered with barbs, and their sharp blood teeth are stained with thick blood stains.

Those blood-red pupils showed tears of the sky, and the twisted faces were full of tyrannical murderous intentions and evil smiles!

It's a demon! Moreover, compared to the demon king Lin Chen saw at the sky pagoda in the mainland of Kyushu, it is several times more powerful!

"Four-headed senior saint demon king, Haotian holy king, you are really willing to give up!"

Lin Chen talked and laughed in the wind and lived, and two pieces of God of War parts were connected in one thought.