My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1300

Vol 5 Chapter 1300: Nine Nights Of Battle Demon

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"The annoying boy, see if you can laugh again in a quarter of an hour!"

Haotian Saint King saw Lin Chen's chatting and laughing look, and he smiled angrily.

Song Yilian waved his hands lightly, the space was rippling, but he could not tear, and his face changed slightly. Immediately, the voice of the elder seal unique to the Danyu Presbyterian Association.

"Elders, what's going on outside?"

"The space is blocked, we are calling the elders of the Sky Criminal Hall!"

When Elder Yin expressed his ideas, Song Yilian's heart sank suddenly!

This is probably a hard battle! It is no problem for her to protect herself, but it is extremely difficult to protect Lin Chen!

The key is that there are four senior saints on the opposite side, and each one's strength will not be lower than the six peaks of the holy realm!

She has heard of the information of Holy King Haotian, and is very likely to collude with the Demon Race.

But she did not expect that Haotian Saint King had only a ray of spiritual thought, and would have such a powerful appeal!


At this time, the palm of the Haotian Saint King was sealed, and a dark green light was disillusioned from his palm!

The dark green brilliance enveloped the vast expanse of Wanbao, and even Song Yilian's unique mark of the elders lost its effect!

In terms of space attainments, all the creatures present cannot be comparable to Haotian Saint King!

"He wants to completely block this space, so that the elders of my Presbyterian Church can't come in. Once let him finish, we will have no chance. After a while, I will try to drag the four demon kings. Your opponent is only the young man. You must prepare to explode at the necessary moment. I will use the mark of the elders as the space channel to try to send out your spiritual ideas! This is the only way for you to survive!"

Song Yilian stood beside Lin Chen and said solemnly.

At the Danyu meeting place that day, the elders of the jury and various forces were present, not even the Holy King Haotian.

He expected that Lin Chen will enter this secret treasure after winning the championship! Here is the best time to ambush him!

Lin Chen had not yet answered, and the distant Haotian Saint King looked at the four senior Saint Demon Kings around him.

"Four, let's do it. After the event is completed, the things in this space are your rewards. This king will personally unlock the space boundaries of the treasures here."

The four-headed demon king quacks and smiles!

"Then thank you Saint King's friends, Wang Guoran is right, you are my most sincere friend of the Mozu."

"That woman, I want it. I can ask for less treasure, I want to swallow her spirit!"

The holy demon kings moved in shape, the devil qi rolled, and the speed blasted away the blasting airflow, the hurricane swept the four directions, the space breaks like a giant python, and the space crack like the sky is hitting the two Lin Chen!

Brush ~! Boom~~!

A crimson Changhong like a crooked moon, swept out of Qingxue's sac from Lin Chen's waist, shaking the sky!

Suddenly, the four-headed Saint Demon walked in a row, each with a palm, and shattered the crimson Changhong in the front!

"Huh? The Terran also have helpers?"

The four demon kings were shocked, and even Lin Chen did not expect this!

While blocking the imprisoned space, Holy King Haotian couldn't help staring at Lin Chen's direction, his eyes filled with amazement.

"There is such a thing?"

But when I saw a crimson long dress like clouds and clouds, the beautiful lady's three thousand green silks floated like a waterfall, a pair of beautiful eyes and blue waves were flowing, dusty and elegant, and there were enchanting charms between the eyebrows and lips raised.

"Can't think of a holy king, and collaborate with the demon to attack a young man?"

The Crimson Ladies chuckled and raised their hands like a fairy.

Lin Chen was shocked!

Crimson fairy?

How did she come in? Although Haotian Saint King is far from the strength of the heyday, the elders of Danyu outside can't get in!

"Your holy flat peach seeds were given to you by the slave family, so how could you not have a backhand."

The crimson fairy chuckled, and Lin Chen recovered.

Her body is Qiyun Lingzhi, and it has a wonderful relationship with the holy thing that is also Qiyun Lingzhi. Perhaps because of this relationship, she can cross Haotian and be the imprisonment of the Holy King.

"You are really a living person." Lin Chen shook his head and smiled.

Haotian Shengwang's eyes suddenly became puzzled and strange-"Aren't you human?"

The Scarlet Fairy smiled and said, "How can Senior Saint King still scold others?"

Song Yilian's heart calmed down a bit. Although the crimson fairy's breath was strange, but with her help, this time was not the most desperate time!

"Roar~! I'm not afraid of how many people come, I swallowed all!"

The four demon kings roared and rushed towards the second daughter! One of the demon kings swept towards Lin Chen!

Song Yilian immediately whispered: "This friend, I will hold the three Saint Demon Kings, and the rest..."

The Scarlet Fairy said indifferently: "Share it equally."

The second female instantaneously turned into a beam of light, such as a streamer instant shadow, and collided with the four demon kings!

The two Shengwei rise like sun in the territory of Wanbao Secret, shaking the whole plane!

Before the war, the scarlet fairy sent Lin Chen a thousand miles away.

Even so, Lin Chen was still retreated by the strength of the six strongest players to retreat thousands of miles, and retreated all the way to the extreme south of Wanbao Secret Realm.

This momentum was even more terrifying than Lin Xingchen, who was wounded that day.

He did not rush to reveal the trump card, but looked at the young figure in the void.

Lin Chen suddenly smiled at the cold and indifferent young man.

"Fight me, are you afraid of dying?"

The young man in black robe disdainfully smiled and said: "I bet you can't get the strength in the Jie Tower that day."

Lin Chen was stunned, why is this word so familiar! Your Excellency is Yan Shuangying, betting that I have no bullets?

"Lin Chen, remember my name, Mo Jiu Ye, I am the one who killed you!"

Mo Jiuye sneered awkwardly, when the shoulders shook sharply, the world faded!

A triple inky magic wheel was raised behind his head, and the magic energy was surging and dying.

However, there are 35 holy caves in his body, and the Holy Power and the Demon Qi coexist together!

"Lin Chen, do you know what a supreme existence exists. I have two demon fellows, the Devil Nine Nights, and the Demon King, and the Holy King helped to expand the hole 29 times. Let me see you today, what is the Son of Destiny!"

29 times hole expansion!

To know the standard of even the list of monsters, expanding the hole by 15 times is already the top score of the 36th domain of the holy world.

Even if the ensuing list may exceed the first hole expansion, it will not exceed too much!

This Devil Nine Nights is indeed ridiculously strong!

Mo Jiuye laughed loudly, and the palm of his hand came out suddenly.

His right fist was like the giant of the Holy Light passing through the heavens and the earth, and his backhand was furiously striking Lin Chen's direction.

With one punch and one palm, blending the two masters of man and demon, the murderous opportunity shrouded Lin Chen!

"A fellow demon, a sword!"

Choke~! Lin Chen was not afraid, he drew his sword and cut across, and one face was instant light splitting blessing Gods tears!

The five-pronged rapidly rotating Aurora Daoman crosses the sky and slashes towards the Devil Nine Nights, the Dao Qi explodes!

boom! boom! boom!

The shards of the sword air slammed into the magic nine nights like a hurricane, and there were more layers of gun shadows like a dragon fluttering, and the sword light was cut across. Its punch and palm were twisted into energy explosions by the shards of knife air and many offensives!

The face of Mo Jiuye suddenly changed slightly!