My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1301

Vol 5 Chapter 1301: One Faced Haotian Saint King

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"How could his divine power be so strong?"

When Mo Jiuye was shocked, Lin Chen in the void stood at the top of the holy dragon head, carrying a ghost phoenix on his shoulder, and his fighting intentions rose, and there was no fear at all!

His six avatars were either standing by the sword, or standing next to him with a negative bow and a sword.

Even more terrible is that when Lin Chen and his avatars shone 22 holy caves, more than 36 alien crystals shining like bright stars shining on his whole body!

"36 alien crystals? Aren't you the triple of Holy Realm, useless that armor, how could the strength be so strong?"

When Mo Jiuye was shocked, it was Lin Chen's offensive that responded to him!

"True dragon dances!"

Prompted by the instant light splitting, Lin Chen pulled layers of gun shadows, like the dragon dances, assassinating all the escape routes of Devil Nine Nights!

"Magic bite!"

When the backhand magic energy rises, it turns into a blood basin and swallows Lin Chen's gun, the world changes dramatically.

The ocean tide is surging, flooding the whole sky, forming five jail dungeons in the Jingtiandi, trapping the devil Jiuye heavily!

"Supernatural power, bad repair. Broken!"

The holy light of the holy cave turned into a long sword, and the devil qi grabbed it, and instantly crushed the five sacred dragon prisons!

Although the supernatural power of the Holy Dragon is strong, it also depends on what kind of cultivation is used.

There are 35 holy dens in Mo Jiuye, which are expanded eight times, 29 to 30 times at a time, and can produce more than 70 billion dragons of lethality, not to mention that he is still two fellow initiates!

The holy dragon is only 2 billion dragon veins, and 20 billion dragon power is in front of him.

Before he could completely break free, the prison prison was just a shot of Lin Chen's emptiness, the prison was broken, and the endless dragon roar torn the sky!

When Mo Jiuye was about to retreat, his pupils were shaking!

In the space in front of his eyes, a spirit dragon dancing in the sky and dancing with flames burning from the top of the six avatars!

Eight Burning Dragon Sounds!

This rare orange-level spiritual exercise, Lin Chen can fully reveal its power after breaking through into the Holy Realm in the late stage!

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

In addition, as soon as the instant light split started, the sound waves of the "Eight Heads" spirit of each avatar shouted from the burning dragon all changed from one to five, and shattered the mainland plate!

The dragon sound shattered the world and shook the galaxy! A terrible spiritual shock sonic wave swept through the extreme south of Marlboro's secret realm. The airflow collapsed and the light dimmed!

boom! boom! boom!

The devil qi exploded in Devil Nine Nights, and the Holy Light was dim. This roar shocked him, and the Holy Light was dim.

When retreating again and again, Almost shocked the Nine Nights to a serious injury, bleeding at the corner of the mouth, and a hot, burning sensation coming from the spirit of the sea!

"This spirit burn can't be recovered?"

When Mo Jiuye was horrified, Lin Chen's six avatars swarmed up instantly, forcing him to fail to take care of his injuries and quickly battling with Lin Chen's avatar!

The magic energy is vertical and horizontal, and the light explodes. The two sides fought from the sky to the earth, where they exploded in infinite waves, and the strength of the battle was beyond ordinary sense!

"Impossible! My demon qi is nourished by the high-level Saint Demon King. The hole-expanding multiple is far more than the ordinary demon list. Even the ordinary five-fold early saints are not my opponents. This guy has a triple sanctuary. The essence of the fight with me? The strength of the Holy Force is not like the triple realm at all!"

Devil Nine Nights is getting more and more frightened!

Is this guy really human? All the sacred caves of the avatars, such as Zhou Tianxing, have exploded in every move with the power close to the fourth stage of the Holy Realm!

This is the fighting power of the saint who opened 22 holy caves? What a joke!

With the passive passive talent and "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue", every holy abode of Lin Chen will start four times stronger than others!

22 holy caves, ordinary saints are only 4 billion dragons of destructive power, but Lin Chen can cause 20 billion dragons of lethality, not to mention 36 alien powers and powerful spiritual realm!

boom! boom!

Even if the avatars fight against each other with death, it only caused a slight injury to Mo Jiuye, and he was still hit by three avatars with his magic energy. In the realm, there is an absolute gap between the two!

Brush ~!

Lin Chen's body, ghosts and gods appeared to the top of Demon Jiuye's head, and the nine-colored stars in his palm turned the breath of destruction!

All his divine power was injected into 33 alien crystals, 4 of which are still middle-grade alien crystals. The power is like the condensation of the star core, and the atmosphere is shaking!

Bang ~! Behind Lin Chen, the vast Very God Void Shadow appeared again!

[The host activates the instant light split, the active effect of the supernatural power, consumes 600,000 talent points, and stimulates the extreme mutation effect.

The Jishen possessed one another, and the nine-color stars were free with a dim purple light.

"Leave you!"

Lin Chen laughed, and the nine-color stars in the palm of his hand flicked into five, five nine-color aurora, and fell to the Devil Nine Nights!

Mo Jiuye immediately spit out a blood arrow, grabbed the blood arrow, the holy power of the holy cave of the whole body was quickly consumed, and the magic energy surged, as if swallowed by the magic energy!

"Demon Bloodthirsty Dafa!"

A giant troll emerged from the Devil Nine Nights, his eyes sullenly, holding a magic sword and chopping to Lin Chen's Nine Tribulation Stars!

Bang ~! The sword cuts the stars, and the nine-color star explodes, instantly submerging the demon nine nights!

Between the rotation of the five nine-color beams of light, a thousand square miles were enveloped by the nine-color light, and the faint purple light dissipated, releasing the atmosphere of world extinction!

Lin Chen moved Chaowei back to the doppelganger, and when he saw an extra light ball in the void, he immediately knew the result.

"The active effect of the supernatural possession talent is very strong, and it can increase my tricks to the limit of variation. The higher the grade, the stronger the amplification effect brought by the practice, not to mention my Jiujiao stars, power Going through several grades."

This result made Lin Chen a little surprised. Demon Jiuye's combat power was comparable to that of Sage Wuzhong. Even if one move of Jiujiaoxing could shake Sage Wuzhong, he would not have such a record.

In addition to some horrible accidents of talent point consumption, the extreme **** talent is probably the strongest growth talent Lin Chen has ever received!

Brush ~! Tear ~!

A sound of breaking wind screamed, the nine-color beam of light was suddenly torn, and disappeared and vanished in a vacuum!

Lin Chen's heart sank!

The Lord is here!

I saw that in the very center of the nine-color beam of light, the figure of Holy King Haotian appeared.

He was bathing with blood in one hand, and he passed out in the demon nine nights, like carrying a cargo, his brows locked.

"This idiot can't even delay time."

"Are you done, space is confined..." Lin Chen urged the imprint of the elders of Danyu quietly,

As expected, nothing happened!

Lin Chens avatar and the Holy Dragon leaned towards the body, Lin Chens aspiration was rising, and he was waiting for it!

This Wanbao secret realm has been completely cut off from the outside world, and has been completely imprisoned. If you want to leave, you may only have to bang out from the inside!

Haotian Shengwang threw Mo Jiuye into his own luck capsule, and smiled palely.

"I actually made Ben Wang's spare body like this, Lin Chen, this time, even if some old things from Dan Yu come, they won't save you!"

Bang~! Haotian Saint King crushed the void and rushed to Lin Chen!

Song Yilian's expression suddenly changed, but the offensive of the two demon kings was attacked by the opponent in turn, and no opportunity was given!

Lin Chen put on the armor of God of War like lightning!