My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1302

Vol 5 Chapter 1302: 3. Fighting Beyond Class

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Danyu, in the three pavilions of the world.

"What happened to the space plane?"

"Someone broke into Wanbao's secret realm, it's Holy King Haotian!"

"Oops, although the protection and prohibition of Wanbao Secret Realm is strong, it is not enough to look at a Saint King!"

The faces of many elders and former masters of refining medicine have changed slightly!

If Wanbao's secret realm is destroyed, it is their loss!

Not to mention that there is also Song Yilian and Lin Chen, any of the casualties is a major loss in the refining industry!

A sacred light descended into the Three Pavilions of the Earth and Earth, and out of the three elders, the previous two elders, and an old man in Tsing Yi, the giants of the Presbyterian Church!

"Senior, how is the situation inside?"

Zi Yunqing asked anxiously, the Tsing Yi giant said plainly.

"The Holy King's shot, even a ray of spiritual thought, suppresses the existence of eternity." Although the Tsing Yi giant's face was plain, there was a shock in the eyes that was hard to conceal.

"All space restrictions in Wanbao Secret Realm have been lifted by him, and they have been used instead. They have completely cut off the independent space plane. Now they have freed the boundless void and want to forcibly open from the outside. Only the Wanbao Secret Realm can be directly broken into fragments. But the people in this way will also die with great probability."

Everyone's heart is cold!

Isn't this saved?

A holy king's spiritual ideas plus the four devil kings, unless all the elders present are complete, otherwise Lin Chen will not be protected at all!

"Hao Tian Sheng Wang is determined to kill Lin Chen's son..."

"He can refine the Sixth Grade Saint Pill at such an age. In the future, it is really possible to grow to threaten the existence of the Holy King. The Holy King wants to destroy him. It is not unreasonable."

"For the sake of a fart, quickly find a way to save people!"

The Tsing Yi giant turned to the distant void and said seriously: "I have summoned two Taishang elders, but I don't know if Song Yilian can protect Lin Chen from Taishang elders..."


Wanbao Secret Realm!

Song Yilian failed to break through, and his heart was as heavy as a trough, fighting and refining medicine are two different things. How could Lin Chen be the opponent of the Holy King's idea!

Although the Scarlet Fairy was fully engaged in the battle, his attention was on Lin Chen!

Bang ~! Haotian Saint King stepped on a Qinglei, five fingers palm

The moment when Lin Chen put on the armor of the God of War, Jin Hui dazzled, shining on the plane, an unparalleled power resembled the resurgence of the gods, Lin Chen's dragon force raged!

500 billion dragon power, 1 trillion dragon power, 1.5 billion dragon power, it has surpassed the strength of the original battle against Lin Xingchen!

1.800 billion dragon power, has not stopped!

Unstoppable! The golden divine light sprinkled all over Lin Chen's whole body, and his eyes were like gods coming into the world, gazing at the heavens and the world, and the invincibility of war!

Lin Chen slammed his fists, turned around, and shook Haotian Saint King head-on!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The energy wave between the world and the world is exploded between the two, the golden divine light shines on the world, and the whole plane is shaking!

If all the treasures that are not in the Wanbao secret realm are protected by space enchantment, this will cause heavy losses to the elders of Danyu!

"Wh... what?"

Song Yilian's heart shivered!

Can Lin Chen actually explode such a powerful force?

She retreats and cultivates medicine all year round, unaware of Lin Chens legends, not to mention the recent incident at the Jie Tower.

When the aftermath of the magic energy dissipated, Haotian Shengwang shook his palm and frowned.

"2.3 trillion dragon power, directly surpassing the power of 2 respects, this kid has reservations last time?"

On the other side; Lin Chen's body retreated, and when he stabilized his body, he couldn't help but exhale.

"This old Yin is more prepared than it really is. The 230 billion Dragon Force can only force him back a little."

The Eastern Promise of the Haotian Saint King possessed itself, and it was naturally impossible to fight Lin Chen. He purely relied on spiritual strength and the strange Demon Cultivation to fight Lin Chen.

The last time he played against Lin Xingchen, he hit a maximum of 200 billion dragon power blows. This time has exceeded the last full blow, but Haotian Saint King did not mean to fall down!

"Sure enough, it's a scourge. With you, the future will definitely be against me! If you can't get your body, you will die here!"

The Haotian Saint King's palm flashed, and a holy pill surrounded by infinite dragon air appeared, and he swallowed it down!

Bang ~!

Mysterious light circulated, Yin and Yang dragon lingering in life and death, just like the rebirth of a new life, the vitality of Haotian Saint King suddenly skyrocketed!

It was the holy pill he refined at the election conference! Unexpectedly, he also stayed after such a move!

Haotian Saint King flicked his body, moved the void, faster!

"Little guy, it's your turn!"

Lin Chen drank aloud, his momentum remained undiminished, and he waved Jinhui's brilliant fists to violently beat the void where Haotian Saint King was!

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen slammed repeatedly, the fist wind dominated the Jedi, Haotian Saint King's fingertips were connected, and the devil qi was born and destroyed into a dragon roaring, hitting the fist with a brilliant golden glow!

The two play against each other, and every move makes the entire Wanbao secret realm tremble!

Haotian Saint King's shoulders were shocked. Four pairs of dark wings emerged like the Devil's Wings. They flicked thousands of miles away with a slight shake. Five fingers showed through the murderous opportunity. Lin Chen's Tian Ling Gai photographed!

Bang ~~! The palm wind crushed, swept the wilderness, the magic swallowed the world and the nine spirits, like a black hole of magic energy, and stirred Lin Chen into smash!

However, it is a residual image!

"Impossible, he can keep up with the speed of the king. The nine wings of the heavenly demon are orange-level intermediate body skills, and even the use of magic energy to urge it is not something that a junior like him can avoid!"

Haotian Shengwang immediately looked around the entire Wanbao secret realm!

The next moment, his pupils shrank.

On the east side of the mysterious realm, a teenager with a **** mouth corner flapped a pair of purple-black wings with a length of more than ten feet.

Even more mysterious is that the wings opened a pair of eyes like life, staring at Haotian Saint King.

"Innate Shadow? Demon Race? No, no! What is this!"

Haotian Saint King was horrified again!

Many secrets of this young man have never seen him as a holy king!

He studied the magic of the Demon Race, and his judgment is far beyond ordinary saints. He can recognize at a glance that this shadow has an unknown breath of life!

The Haotian Saint King once again urged the Nine Wings of Heavenly Demon to turn into a flash of black lightning!

"The strength is not enough, it has to be stronger!"

Lin Chen's God of War armor golden divinity rolled again for a more turbulent force, and the momentum suddenly rose, leaning against the sky!

At the next moment, Lin Chen punched the front with a fist, Longli climbed rapidly, reaching 2.5 trillion Longli, and one punch could break the galaxy!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The two immediately fought into a mass, as fast as two lightning bolts fighting from the Wanbao secret territory, a thousand miles in a flash, and a thousand miles in a flash!

Every time the two collide, they will form a crushing space airflow, as if even the light cannot escape, and they will fall into the crushing!

Song Yilian almost shocked her chin!

Lin Chen, even fighting back and forth with the Holy King? It broke out as much as her fighting power! There is even more!

To describe how pale it is to use leapfrog fighting, it has completely surpassed several classes!

How many secrets does this boy have? Could it be that the refining medicine revealed at the election is only the tip of his iceberg?