My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1303

Vol 5 Chapter 1303: 2. How Are You Sure I Only Have One?

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"I really guessed right, his limit is far from being as simple as it used to be at the boundary tower."

The crimson fairy was very happy, and he devoted himself to dealing with the two holy devil kings.

From the moment when the shadow appeared, the fighting rhythm of the four demon kings was disrupted and shaken!

"Little guy, can you cross the border here?"

Lin Chen transmitted a small shadow.

The little guy's tender voice echoed Lin Chen: "No cooing, the space here has been sealed by that man, and the original space boundary has been converted into energy confinement cooing, which can only break the cooing from the inside."

"Can't you break through... It seems more durable than him!"

Lin Chen was not discouraged. His opponent was a generation of holy kings. Once the state of mind and fighting spirit were half timid, there would be fatal flaws in the battle, and he would be defeated instantly!

If you want to fight, you have to kill yourself! Fight a blast of thunder and lightning!

The mysterious realm of thousands of times of continuous tremors, the space enchantment covering many treasures began to disintegrate!

Although this enchantment is strong, they can't stand such a terrible clash and fight!

Lin Chen's pure power has been maintained at about 2.4 trillion dragon power, and the avatar is constantly refining Long Qingguo and Shengdan in Qingxue's capsule to heal Lin Chen's wounds as much as possible for him!

"2.4 trillion dragon power is the suitable limit for the armor of the Ares at this stage. If you increase it further, the speed of power consumption will increase exponentially. He is a living dead person.

Lin Chen struck a real fire, the God of War armor released a piece of Jinhui to protect the small shadow from the aftermath of the battle, and the frightful dragon force that exploded the star core!

Haotian Saint King was even more shocked. During the battle with Lin Chen, he found that the innate shadow that attached to Lin Chen and assisted him to move was only about eighth order!

Even the eighth order intermediate level is not measured by the standard of the Holy Beast!

Lin Chen, who moved by pure power alone, couldn't flash his'Nine Wings of Heavenly Demon'!

However, it is such a young shadow that can actually double Lin Chen's speed!

Bang~! Fist up and blow up the terrifying mushroom cloud covering the sky!

Haotian Saint King retreated hundreds of steps, Lin Chen was shocked to retreat thousands of miles away, covered in blood without showing fatigue.

Lin Chen's state of mind has become more rounded and polished. His 23rd hexagonal star is ready to fight and fight against the Holy King. This benefit will bring him a more terrifying increase in the near future!

The Holy King stared at Lin Chen and the little shadow on his body not far away, his eyes lingering in a flash.

He seemed to see the most difficult combination in the world.

He Haotian Saint King has never seen any evil, and he has also seen a lot of Holy Infant in the sage list, but he has never seen such a combination!

Congenital shadow with a top bloodline of various races.

A teenager so strong that even his generation of Saint Kings feel beyond cognition!

"With time, you really have the potential to surpass this king."

Haotian Saint King has calmed down. In the past, he was afraid that Lin Chen's potential would hinder his resurrection plan.

Now, he has to admit that if this son does not fall in the future, it is very likely to surpass him, stand on top of the Holy Realm, and explore the supreme God Realm!

Although, he is not as good as a sage list.

"Why, Lord Saint King has changed his mind? If you don't want to fight, go out and turn right, and someone from Lin can still give you away."

Lin Chen grinned and looked at the charge of the God of War armor quietly, with 1.85% left.

Fighting down again, his dragon power will drop.

Haotian Shengwang opened his arms and smiled with great pride.

"Lin Chen, feel honoured. This king admits that you can be regarded as my real opponent of Haotian Saint King! Four demon kings, dedicated their efforts!"

As soon as this remark came out, the four demon kings trembled.

"The last trump card at the bottom of the trick was actually used."

"This tiny human race is so strong that Haotian's friends can't beat it?"

After the Holy Demon King was shocked, one arm transformed into a black knife and slammed into his chest!

Poof~! Once the magic blood was spilled, they actually dug out their magic hearts!

"not good!"

The appearance of Scarlet Fairy and Song Yilian changed slightly, and she seemed to realize something terrible!

At the next moment, when the four kings swallowed the demon heart and chewed the devil heart, they spit a black blood and shot at the holy king!

Haotian Saint King stepped back, his fingertips were like a knife, and he cut his palm. The strange thing was that his fleshy body did not bleed.

Lin Chendun didn't feel well, the God of War armguards slammed continuously, and the golden Shenhui punch went through the beating!

The magic blood is so fast that when it comes into contact with the flesh of the Oriental Promise, the wound in the palm is instantly incorporated into the four blood!

boom! boom! boom!

Jin Mang burst, and Haotian Shengwang took Lin Chen's fist with one hand!

"That's the feeling, ah! The feeling that the blood is boiling is really addictive."

Haotian Shengwang moaned intoxicatedly, his eyes were red, and a series of strange black bubbles were tumbling beneath the skin of his body, and his horns broke out of his brain, becoming more and more like a giant troll!

"Taste the power that Ben Wang lost in the centenary Shouyuan, human race woman!"

"Cquack! Swallow your flesh and blood, the king will still chew your spiritual power!"

The two demon kings went wild, and their claws fired thousands of magical powers, such as dragons and snakes entangled and danced, and the Wanbao secret realm was trembling!

Crimson Fairy and Song Yilian were repelled and even suffered minor injuries!

The current Holy Demon King is more than doubled in strength!

Not only that, but also two holy demon kings rushed out of the blocking circle of Song Yilian and Crimson Fairy, one left and one right out of the space that Lin Chen can avoid.

Three to one!

Lin Chen is in absolute dilemma!

"Ben Wang has said that he will do whatever he can to get rid of you. With the armguards removed, your potential is nothing in front of Ben Wang!"

Hao Tian Sheng Wang Sen Ran evil smile, when you want to act-

Lin Chen smiled suddenly.

"Yeah, with the exception of my armor, I am indeed nothing in front of you. But where are you confident and think that I have only one such baby?"

Lin Chen's smile seemed wild and overbearing!

"In order to prevent you old-yin ratio, I can't just rely on an ace!"

Haotian Saint King was shocked!

Could it be that?

A touch of Jinhui reappeared, and the pupils of Haotian Saint King shivered!

The splendid golden light wraps around Lin Chen's left leg, and the mysterious God of War lines are outlined. A brand new leg armor fits all parts of Lin Chen's left knee down!

boom! boom! boom!

At this moment, the world roared!

Awe-inspiring and majestic, falling through the sky!

Jinguang Shenhui converged into a sky-shadowed phantom that shrouded Lin Chen's body. The phantom wore a helmet and armor, and the prestige was unbeatable!

Even if it is just a phantom flash, Haotian Shengwang has an unparalleled illusion!

This invincible sense of oppression, he only met once from the barren period!

The realm of God above the Holy King!