My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1304

Vol 5 Chapter 1304: One To Three

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In the God of War suit, the number of parts can be added to increase the ultimate strength. At this moment, Lin Chens pure power is unstoppable, soaring to a new level!

Golden Divine Glory covers the top of Lin Chen's head, and the brilliant golden light radiates the absolute power of all realms, and a pair of eyes like the rebirth of the God of War, terrifying and shocking Haotian Saint King!

2.5 trillion dragon power, 2.90 billion dragon power, 3.5 billion dragon power, 40 billion dragon power!

The blood in Lin Chen's body was violent and chaotic for a time, like boiling lava, which couldn't stop at all.

The flesh and blood began to collapse, the Eucharist blew blood, and Lin Chen, who was in the endless golden divine light, began to bleed at the corners of his mouth!

The body has reached the limit!

This is the first time after Lin Chen has become holy, the Eucharist cannot bear the blessing of the God of War suit!

"Not enough! With this power, it is not possible to break through the two demon kings and the transformed Haotian Saint King! I need more!"

Lin Chen roared and looked directly at the Holy King of Haotian, with a vast body of divine glory, he began to burn a ray of orange flame!

[Consumption of 300,000 talent points, the host has selected the target to complete, open the orange rank talent, desperate life and death. The power of the host is increasing...]

An orange flame dying to death is like a break through the shackles, and 22 hexagonal stars in Lin Chen's body glowed with the glory of orange flame!

This orange flame burns all his holy cave holy power, qi and blood, spiritual power, and even his vitality into power!

The orange rank limit singled talent, desperate life and death! This is Lin Chen's first use after upgrading this talent!

The power gained by burning the vitality of the Eucharist, and the effect used during the War Emperor period are completely two world levels!

450 billion dragon power, 500 billion dragon power, 530 billion dragon power!

Leveraging the effects of the'Death and Death' talent, Lin Chen's strength in the God of War suit has increased to a higher level, beyond the limit!

"not good!"

The two demon kings changed their colors together, and slammed into the void, slamming like thunder, rushing behind Lin Chen!

The two demons slammed into Lin Chen's back, and the palms were like a dark vortex. With one shot, the world's light was dim, covering the sky and the sun, and the entire Wanbao secret realm was reduced to an endless devil's cave.

Only that brilliant golden divine will not fall!

The golden brilliance flashed!

Sigh~! boom! !

The devil qi exploded, the dark mist exploded in the sky, and two tens of thousands of miles of space were torn apart in the Wanbao secret territory. That was the direction in which the two holy demon kings were flying, and it was shocking!

The two demon kings didn't even see how Lin Chen shot!

Finally, after Lin Chen's power soared all the way, he finally stopped before the 3,000 billion dragon power barrier!

9999 Dao Jinhui criss-crossed from the void, the young man slowly walked out of the golden beam of light, and the terrifying power of tearing the sky and earth shattered the crystal wall of space.

Lin Chen stepped into the air, wearing the right arm and the left leg armor of the God of War at the same time. Between the golden divine light, the space enchantment set by the Haotian Saint King began to fall into collapse!

His whole body is full of stars, divine glory, and invincible in all directions. The **** of war wearing a golden armor comes into the world, rules the sun and the moon, and rules everything.

The two demon kings were repulsed by Lin Chen, awakened a bit of reason from the violent hostility, and for the first time revealed the color of shock!

"What trick does this human race use......"

"This king has never seen such a descendant of the human race!"


Lin Chen's heart throbbed, and his vitality gradually passed away at this time, but his emotions were not at all panic and frightened.

Some are just the willingness to dare to compete in the world!

"Little guy, go back and give it to me next."

Lin Chen passed on the spirit, and the small shadow immediately retracted his Qingxue capsule.

In the next battle, the little shadow couldn't intervene even though his talent was different, Lin Chen even scored a **** to protect it.

Full of anti-heaven power, he has the illusion that he can upset the world!

It seems for a long time, but in a flash, the Holy King Haotian suddenly recovered!

"You actually have a back hand..."

Haotian Saint King's voice was hoarse, he never expected that Lin Chen still has such a strong trump card!

"My trump card is still there. Lord Sheng, the last buried Holy Mountain was almost smashed by your large formation. Now..." Lin Chen smiled awe-inspiringly.

"This account will be liquidated now!"

"Crazy junior, die! Chilian seven kills!"

The Holy King no longer retains, pointing out with one finger, everything is up and down, seven magical engraved fingers with the word "kill" are born, and as far as the eye can see, if there is a heavenly demon rolling in, one finger presses to Lin Chen!

God of War, the right armor of the **** of the world, Lin Chen smiled wildly, and he hit him with a palm!

With this palm, you're so immortal!

This palm, only me!

Between five fingers, the power to suppress ghosts and spirits is broken, such as a global storm sweeping across the sun, moon and stars, and suddenly comes to the Wanbao secret realm, and the world is trembling!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

At the moment when the space was broken down, the "Hero Refining Seven Killing Fingers" of Haotian Saint King was directly shot into nothingness by Lin Chen!

Bang~! Lin Chen stepped on, stepped into the void of thousands of miles, and turned into a flash of brilliance!

Haotian Saint King's scalp was exploded, and he hadn't evaded to avoid it. A Jinhui twirled angrily. Lin Chen's speed was as fast as the jumping plane. The golden leg armor Shenhui was on top of the Saint King's head!

Lin Chen flashing to the top of the Saint King, Long Li's time erupted, Jin Hui flashed, his legs like a battle axe rage the Saint King's head, and the heavenly spirit cover!

Sigh~! boom! !

Haotian Saint King was smashed and fell by Lin Chen, striking the veins of Wanbao's secret realm!

If the entire plane is hit by a meteorite, it will be turbulent and shaken, directly smashing half of the mountain range in the secret territory, and the foundations on both sides will be overturned and cracked!

Song Yilian, who is in a bitter fight, can't help but tremble!

You know, many treasures in Wanbaos secret realm are set up by the elder Taishang elders, and there is no specific method. Even Song Yilian cannot destroy the flowers and grass in Wanbaos secret realm!

Lin Chen blasted away the mountains of Wanbao's Secret Realm?

How many secrets does this teenager have!

boom! boom! boom!

The magic energy rises, and when it explodes continuously, it generates a black magic ring, which is hundreds of thousands, covering all directions around Lin Chen!

Each magic ring can easily crush a saint's five-fold peak and even hit the saint's six-fold early!

The two devil kings clenched their hands in anger, the magic ring shrank like lightning, squeezing the space, trying to tighten Lin Chen!


Lin Chen's shoulders were shocked, Shenhui was in the world, Long Li was going all over the world, and he shot tens of thousands of golden lights, turning into golden Shenhui like smallpox, shattering all the dark magic rings!

Lin Chen raised his hand into a fist, and the golden fist suddenly struck in the direction of the two demon kings, instantaneous countless afterimages, and hundreds of fists lightning-blasted! The power of each punch is not less than 5.5 trillion dragon power!

The two demon kings were in anger, and the fierce fierceness was waiting for them. A demon king was released with all his devil qi, and turned into a huge thousands of acres.

The other one, the Devil's body split open a series of other space-time space planes, and a fierce claw was found in the crack, which shook Lin Chen's hundreds of punches!

boom! boom! boom!

The terrible energy is so fragrant that it blows up the Wanbao Secret Realm!

The shining golden light fisted the two demon kings back and forth, even the crimson fairy on the other side of the secret realm...

Why is he so fierce... one dozen and three can still have an advantage?