My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1305

Vol 5 Chapter 1305: The Last Foot

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The space beneath Lin Chen was blasted by another ray of **** lightning, which contained the withering breath of death.

The **** lightning of Haotian Saint King made Lin Chen feel a sense of crisis haunting his heart, and immediately urged Longli to retreat, shot it with his backhand, and smashed the **** lightning into smash!

"Lin Chen! I won't get rid of you here, this King's heart is uneasy! Let's die!

Haotian Saint King roared, and the blood in his body condensed into a vast dragon to Lin Chen!

"An old monster who renounced the morality of the human race should lie back in your coffin!"

Lin Chen's aspirations rose, and when he smashed the magic dragon, he scored dozens of fists in succession. The dragon force of Tianweidi was shocked by the dim light.

The two battled into a ball, and Lin Chen had the terrible divine power of smashing the plane with one punch and one foot, but after the Haotian Saint King absorbed the magic blood of the four demon kings, his strength became stronger with time!

But at the same time, his entire body will also collapse, his body will ooze blood continuously, his demon qi will skyrocket, his face will be distorted with black bubbles, and his fangs will be nowhere to be seen!

After this battle, his body must be no longer usable. Every time he replaces his body, his mental strength will gradually weaken.

Both of them are fighting with the will to kill, and no one intends to retreat! Everyone wants to get rid of each other here!

The two demon kings were repulsed within ten breaths and swept again!

The cruelty and hostility of the Holy Demon King are extremely heavy, and they have to devour the devastating price of devouring the devil's heart and consuming the century life, they must win this battle!

Three magics are coming together, Lin Chen is bleeding, and he is devoted to the battle.

Every time, he rushed to the melee field of the three demon heads to fight, and exerted his pure power to the extreme, punching to the flesh!

Four holy lights intertwined in a vertical flash, Lin Chen punched one foot, transformed the fighting **** into the world and fighting the demons, the might of war was invincible, and Shenhui never fell!

[Trigger Super Chaos 4 times, the host has activated all Chaos times, costing 400,000 talent points...]

[Successfully launched an extinction fissure, costing 660,000 talent points...]

[Obtained 250,000 points of Heavenly Dao, 190,000 points of talent, 190,000 points of essence, 300 million points of strengthening...]

Lin Chen became more and more courageous in battle, and many talents were used in turn. He did not hesitate to exhaust all talent points and died with Haotian Saint King!

At the same time, each of the harvested attribute values is terrifyingly high!

The outside world; Danyu Presbyterian Church is still in a hurry--

The Tsing Yi giant suddenly changed its look!

"The enchantment of space is about to split! Is the situation inside changing?"

The Tsing Yi giant acted immediately, tearing the space and rushing into the void above the entrance to Wanbao's Secret Realm, waiting for it.

As long as there is any situation, even if there is a trace of breath; he will immediately rush into the internal space crack!

Seeing this, the elders immediately rushed out of the three pavilions of heaven, earth and people, stepped on the air and suspended above Qingtian Island, and the sleeve robe waved, starting a large array of space, and even protecting a layer of space enchantment!

"What... what is this?"

"It's from the Presbyterian Church, why did you start the space formation?"

"Something is wrong. Could anyone dare to come to Optimus City to make trouble? Ten lives are not enough!"

The general election conference has just ended, and there are still a large number of people stranded in Qingtian City. Everyone urged the Holy Power to look through the void and see the elders look like enemies, all curious.

Thirty-six domains, in terms of relationship network, Dan domain is the most profound domain!

Not to mention the forces that belong to one of the representative Dan domains, the elders will. Provoking Danyu Presbyterian Church? Even the Qipin giant forces do not have this heritage!

The elders will be in the territory of Wanbao when the outside world is facing an enemy.

With a dozen and three hits, Lin Chen never fell off!

At this time, Lin Chen's pure power is approaching 6.5 trillion dragon forces!

Although his God of War suit has reached the limit of the current charge can be improved, but his "desperate life and death" talent, burning vitality in exchange for power, will become stronger and stronger with the passage of time!

The vast expanse of Marlboro Mountains is now fragmented!

Most of the space enchantment shrouded in the medicinal materials has been dissipated, and many rare treasures are free from the void or sinking to the ground, and some have been severely damaged.

The crystal walls of the space were devastated and nearly broken. The Wanbao Secret Realm has withstood the aftermath of three powerful battle circles, and is already nearing the limit!

It seems that there is only one opportunity to open the shackles of the entire plane from the inside!

boom! Rumble~~! !

It was another shocking collision, one person and three demons separated, according to one side!

Lin Chen panted slightly, but his eyes were full of excitement!

In the previous battle, he gained a lot of attributes!

The most important thing is that this level of fighting is endless for Lin Chens benefit!

"Ben Wang's injury has not recovered!"

"Devil's wound is expanding, this... how is this possible?"

The two demon kings were horrified, and the eyes of Holy King Haotian were shocked!

When he was in the boundary tower, he saw Lin Chen's strange tricks. Although he had been careful to guard against it, he still didn't know when he had made the trick!

He did not use blood power and magic skills, nor did he use any mastery skills. He used to fight with those two bizarre golden arms and leg armor before, but he was Lin Chen's way!

"Two, there is no time to entangle with him, this boy's strength is getting stronger and stronger, and one stroke will destroy him!"

When Haotian Saint King Shen drank, the eyes of the two Saint Demon Kings flashed, and their teeth were ruthless.

"Haotian friend, I hope you don't let down the friendship of my family. I will wait for the four kings to assist you. If you can't get the money or enough remuneration, in the future, this king will tell you about it."

Haotian Saint King frowned and said in a deep voice: "Don't talk nonsense! Opening the bow without turning back the arrow, killing this child, is equivalent to giving you the Devil except a future scourge!"

The twin kings glanced at each other, his face softened slightly, and they immediately stood behind the Haotian Saint King.

Poof~! The surface of the two demon kings cracked, highlighting a dozen spikes!

At the next moment, the spikes slammed into the heavenly cover and temple of Haotian Saint King!


Haotian Saint King burst into a roar, the devil qi in his body suddenly rose, and the devil qi was like a black snake dancing in the sky!

All the evil spirit black snakes began to pour into the eyebrows of Haotian Saint King, and suddenly locked Lin Chen, the dark magic light became stronger and stronger!

"A move to determine the outcome? Just what I want!"

Lin Chen is arrogant and wanton, the smile is getting crazy!

The orange flame burning in his body suddenly intensified, and Lin Chen, which was intertwined with Jinhui's orange flame, the vitality passed faster!

At this moment, Lin Chen's left leg swings a little later, the God of War Ultimate's left leg armor releases hundreds of millions of golden radiances, and twists into a golden vortex, as if all time and space are included in the golden vortex!

500 times, 1000 times, 2000 times, 4000 times!

The power in exchange for Lin Chens vitality is constantly soaring, and the dragon force breaks through 70 billion dragon force and 80 billion dragon force!

Lin Chen's war intentions were violent, and his lips were raised!

"This foot, I will send you back home!"