My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1306

Vol 5 Chapter 1306: Destroy The World Shocked Dan Yu

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"Halloween Sacred Burial!"

The Haotian Saint King, who blessed the powers of the two demon kings, roared, and the eyebrows burst into layers of magic gas vortexes. The vortex swept a golem across half of the Wanbao secret realm and went straight to Lin Chen!

"Give me... broken!"

Force urged, the figure was crushed, Lin Chen suddenly turned around, the God of War left leg armor erupted to explode the peerless divine power of the planes of the heavens, went straight, and slammed into the golem!

At this moment, the other two demon kings and Crimson Fairy and Song Yilian realized something at the same time, their face changed slightly, and they immediately withdrew!


Outside, the space barriers inside the block of the Wanbao secret realm broke apart in an instant, and a golden glow!

The void begins to shake, and the expression of the Tsing Yi giant changes slightly!

The Tsing Yi giant responded quickly and rushed over immediately!

Tear ~! Bang~~! Bang!

When an explosion resounding through nine days and ten places echoed, the space exploded, and the splendid golden divinity, if it pushed the power of three thousand worlds, slammed out of the Wanbao secret territory and destroyed the sky directly above the Dan domain!

"Yi Lian, Little Friends Lin Chen, the old man came to rescue... eh!"

The Tsing Yi giant's scalp exploded in an instant. As a senior member of the Presbyterian Church, he was so stunned at the moment.

Even more terrifying is that in the endless golden divine brilliance, the teenager raised his left leg and kicked horizontally, three figures were blasted out like lightning and spit blood violently!

The Tsing Yi giant was stupid on the spot!

It was Houtian Shengwang and the two holy demon kings that were blasted out?

What is even more distraught is that the young man of the Wanbao secret realm was kicked by Lin Chen?

Defeating the world! !

boom! boom! boom!

The space exploded, Jin Hui tore the void, and drove the two demon kings and Haotian Saint King instantly for a hundred thousand miles away, rushing out of the Dan domain!

The Tsing Yi giant stared blankly at Lin Chen and Haotian Shengwang, who were passing by...

What's so special...

Who protects who! Does this kid really need protection?


Dan domain, Qingtian city.

When the space was shaking, all the elders stood in wait, and suddenly, the humpbacked elder seemed to perceive something, and his face changed dramatically!

"Not good! Increase the space boundary!"

Ten elders just shot, when the Holy Power was injected into the enchantment, the space of heaven and earth seemed to be stirred up instantly!

The space seemed to be lifted up and turned a lot, and everyone felt upside down, and dizzy-

Boom~! Bang~! Bang~~!

The ten elders were shocked by an afterglow of Jinhui on the spot!

Above the sky dome of Qingtian City, almost in one thousandth of the breath, tearing open a crack in the space that leads to millions of miles!

In Qingtian City, everyone's heart fluttered, and the sky actually "split" apart?

The sky of golden divinity filled the cracked sky at once, and four flashing figures flew by!

When the saints urged the Holy Forces to stare, they suddenly exploded!

"Look, what is that?"

"Shit, Holy Demon King?"

"Demons dare to come here? Complete preparations, copy the guy to beat his mother! You can not buy things, women can not go up, the demon must die!"

"Wait a second! Hey~~~ I'm leaning, isn't that Lin Chen!"

"There is that person, I am Gan, Holy Heaven King?"

"Haotian Saint King was shot?"

Lin Chen flashed by quickly, but failed to avoid the eyes of the saints.

Seeing the appearance of Haotian Saint King vomiting blood, even ten elders were stunned!

what's the situation!

Why is this Haotian Saint King and the two demon kings beat out? This kid is too much!

Sigh~! Bang ~! !

The space disintegrated, a golden vortex formed between the collapse of the airflow, and Lin Chen's horizontal sky was another whip leg that hit the star of the exploding plane, swept out, and the entire Qingtian City shook violently!

boom! boom! The two holy demon kings were blasted away, the demon blood hurricane, the attributes were crazy!

As soon as Lin Chen's figure urged the dragon force to move, he shuttled again in front of Haotian Saint King, and Jinguang's fists smashed his chest with a fist, forcing Haotian Saint King to fail even if he defended!

The Haotian Saint King gritted his teeth, and the demon qi oozed out of the blood.

I don't know that he didn't hide at all, and urged Dragon Force to approach Haotian Saint King desperately.

Attacks that can be avoided are avoided as much as possible, and those that cannot be avoided, Lin Chen also chooses to bang hard in the face. If you punch me, you will not lose! Without any counsel, it's stupid to look at some of the Wizards on the spot!

"Dare to move your brother Chen, I will hammer you to death!"

"Life and death are bearish, I'll do it hard! Come on, don't retreat! Are you hiding from you, Lao Yinbi, and bringing the Demon to Yin Laozi, I'll pull you back!"

He burned an orange flame all over his body, and the golden divine radiance covered his whole body, defeating the flesh of Haotian Saint King!

The two demon kings who were seriously wounded tried to support the Holy King Haotian, but were kicked by Lin Chen again and again for thousands of miles!

Lin Chen entered the last moment of the talent of "Death and Death", the offensive was like a mad demon, and his fists and feet were used together. The uppercut, the elbow, the knee hit, the horizontal throw, the whip leg, and the fatal move, approaching the Holy King close combat, like a **** of war. Introduced into the world, the world is overturned, the space is overturned

Everyone in Optimus City is stupid!

Whether it is the Sixth-grade family sect, or the Seventh-ranked giant, or the refining masters of the refining medicine, or the vicissitudes of life, the old hidden monsters who have gone through the ages, or the unruly monsters of the evil list. , The expressions of the people are surprisingly uniform, their eyes wide, and their mouths open to put an egg!

After the sound of Dan came and Wan Dan lifted his eyes into the air, this son let them witness the unforgettable scene of immortality!

Punch Haotian Saint King, step on the high-level Demon King!

Is this **** demon list?

If Lin Chen is to be counted as a list of evildoers, aren't other evildoers all Muggles?

"There is this boy in the world..."

"It's so cruel, I don't want to be an enemy with him in my life..."

"Hell with the Holy King, this guy is not human at all!"

"It's unreasonable, how could we be born in the same era as this monster..."

The people in the demon list who were still stuck in Optimus City felt a huge sense of powerlessness.

Seeing this scene, the ten elders of the Presbyterian Church did not dare to intervene easily in the battle. In minutes, they would be affected by Lin Chens insane offensive and protected the entire Optimus City million people with their backhands!

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen's fist style hit the body of Haotian Saint King with a series of explosions, the demon blood flew, and the Saint King changed color!

He finally began to support it!

Haotian Saint Kings injuries have been accumulating, and his talent of extinction and cracking caused him a snowball-like injury. The Saint King has no gap even when he escapes from the space channel. He was defeated by Lin Chens stormy attack!

at last--

Sigh~! Bang~!

Lin Chen forgot how many punches he made, and when he hit the chest of Haotian Saint King again, his whole body slammed, and he was beaten into a **** mist by Lin Chen!

[The target character has been killed, and the fatal state of life and death is lifted.