My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1307

Vol 5 Chapter 1307: And Property Treasure Chest

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At the moment when the replacement of Haotian Saint King's replacement flesh, a treasure chest with a five-light exquisiteness and an orange glow shining all over the body was dropped.

This five-light supreme treasure box is a bit special.

The orange flame burning on Lin Chen's body slowly eased, and the light of the two components of the God of War also appeared dim.

Lin Chen breathed out a long breath!

Just now, he supported the Haotian Saint King with a single breath!

Once the desperate talent for life and death was opened, there was no turning back! Either you die or I die!

"Thanks for killing this old guy, otherwise I'm hanging..."

When Lin Chen was afraid, a new vision came from the holy cave, and the holy cave in Taiyi space-time spawned a new holy cave!

Click~ Click~

Two crackling sounds came from inside the body. Lin Chen's 23rd and 24th holy caves broke open at this moment, breaking through the bottleneck! Twenty-six hexagonal stars flashed brightly on him!

Those who witnessed this scene were even dumbfounded and stayed stark!

Won? Lin Chen won!

It's too cruel, and the shell of the Saint King's possession was exploded alive!

Many geniuses secretly swear in their hearts that they will never provoke this guy again in this life!

Too perverted, too cruel!

Anyone who fears their status as a demon and does not dare to move their lives, they will believe that only Lin Chen!

The Holy King, he fights according to the death, will he be afraid of the identity of the monster list? Isn't it causing him to hang himself?

The two devil kings in the outside world responded very quickly. When they saw this scene, they immediately urged the demon blood seal, and opened a vortex of magical energy in one breath.

The two demon kings stared at Lin Chen's eyes when they left, full of fear!

"Human race has such a monster..."

"It seems that it must be reported. If such figures appear in the human race, the potential will threaten our plan..."

The two devil kings disappeared, and the ten elders dared not chase them easily.

They are the Danyu Presbyterian Church. After all, they are proficient in the alchemy field, unlike the demons who fight and fight all day long.

Normal fighting at the same level is bound to be a higher-level Saint Demon King better than them.

"Breakthrough again?" Lin Chen looked at his holy cave full of surprise, then sighed.

"However, the price paid is a bit terrible..."

When Lin Chen turned on the system, the corner of his mouth slightly pumped.

[God of War Set-Ultimate Left Leg Armor Charge: 0.2%.

[God of War Set-Ultimate Right Armor Charge: 0.13%]

The essence of the suit, although there are still 1.9 million, but can only restore a component charge to 1.5%.

By then, he can cope with a Holy Realm at most six times.

Like today's battle, if he meets again in a short time, he will definitely have an accident.

"The boat came straight to the bridgehead and hammered the old guy. In a short time, I didn't have to worry about him coming to me. A person who was dying, I didn't believe that he could come up again and again!"

Lin Chen put away his feelings, lifted the two pieces of God of War parts retrieval system, and released the Holy Dragon, taking away the attribute light **** dropped by the two demon kings!

[The host gains 18 billion points of advanced qi blood, 12 billion points of advanced qi blood, 13.3 million points of advanced mental power, 5 billion points of strengthening points, 9 million points of talent points, 900,000 points of wind energy...]

The quality of these attributes is extremely high! The power of Lin Chen's Qi and Blood, the six avatars immediately assisted the body to absorb the massive Qi and Blood attributes, and the power began to advance by leaps and bounds!

Lin Chen's eyes lit up when he grabbed the attribute chest of Haotian Saint King who was exploded!

[Open (Function) Five Light Supreme Treasure Chest, the host obtains the orange-level intermediate body skill: "Nine Wings of Heavenly Demon", cultivation to nine wings, can travel a million miles of void in one breath, in the Holy Space, can also surpass Speed of light.

Orange-level intermediate exercises!

And it is the most precious and rare body combat skill in legend!

"This wave is not a loss, ha ha ha! The Orange Tier body method is already ridiculously expensive, the Orange Tier Intermediate, the power of the Seventh Grade Big Mac may not necessarily be there! Haotian Saint King, I really thank your family!"

Lin Chen's heart was unhurried, and when he received this volume of exercises, he found many eyes of Qingtian City staring at himself.


Lin Chen was stunned, then banged Liu Hai, and the evil charm smiled.

"Don't be obsessed with brother, brother is just a legend. Don't worship me because I belong to the world!"

Everyone: "..."

The person who admired Lin Chen's five-body cast in the previous moment was halved at this moment.

However, after this battle, in the near future, Lin Chen will surely cause an uproar throughout the Holy World!

His achievements in refining medicine and record are shocking! If you don't do it, you will be alarmed by the Saints List!

"You make a big mess every time! Don't take me with you!"

As soon as the space enchantment was lifted, the little demon immediately rushed up with the people of Zixia Wanggu, and the little demon later thumped Lin Chen with a blow.

The elders of Zixia Wanggu had to smile bitterly and bring you? Be good, Lin Chen played as a substitute for the Holy King. Miss you also want to fight the Holy King?

They can't afford it.

"Hey, don't worry, I'm also on the list of evildoers. We have more opportunities for cooperation."

The pale Lin still showed a heartless smile.

The corner of the little demon's mouth raised, and the two devil smiled at each other, so that several elders couldn't help but hair in their hearts...

"Master Lin Chen, are you okay!"

The scarlet fairy came through the void, his breath slightly weak, and his face worried.

Lin Chen's heart was warm, this time thanks to the Scarlet Fairy, otherwise another high-level Saint Demon Siege him, I am afraid the result is not optimistic.

Lin Chen immediately asked, "What about the two demon kings?"

Crimson Fairy said: "They left, and you will retreat shortly after you broke the space barriers of Marlboro's secret realm. Be careful. The potential you show will inevitably attract the attention of the Devil."

"Then I don't have you." Lin Chen chuckled.

The fairy gave him a white look: "I can't help you every time!"

The ten elders of the Presbyterian Church saw Lin Chen's breath being weak, but fortunately he was relieved when he was still alive.

When they urged the Holy Power and looked through the void, they saw their own Tsing Yi giant repairing the space boundary while being messy in the wind, it was stunned again!

Looking at the second look, the elders shuddered at the corners of their mouths!

The entire Wanbao secret realm is torn apart!

The treasure inside.

Especially in the Far East area, he was kicked out of a huge cave of hundreds of thousands of feet!

"One... one foot destroys the world..."

"This boy is so scary..."

The elders twitched a few times and couldn't help laughing. Immediately, seven elders shuttled into the void and joined the operation to repair the Wanbao secret realm.

Even the pain of all the elders is the treasure of the Wanbao secret realm!

Although it is not too late to rescue, there are more than 30% of the treasures, which are scattered to boundless voids due to the collapse of the space boundary.

Even if the Tsing Yi giant shot it, it would be difficult to find them all, let alone repair the secret treasure.

However, it is impossible for them to blame Lin Chen, after all, it was the result of Haotian Saint King's initiative to call up...

Lin Chen seemed to remember something, and immediately shuttled through the void and returned to the Wanbao secret realm.

There are still property treasure chests in Wanbao Secret!