My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1308

Vol 5 Chapter 1308: Stealing Shadow.

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Burial holy mountains; inside a bronze ancient coffin.

The body of Haotian Saint King suddenly bleeds from the corner of his mouth.

An air-transplanted bladder flashed back into the ancient coffin like a ghost. This luck-carrying sac is like a shadow, and it seems to only follow its main spiritual imprint, which is a lot more advanced than Lin Chen's Qingxue sac.

Haotian Shengwang opened up Sen's cold eyes, and his vitality was even more bleak.

He gazed into the air-transplantation sac, the dying Devil Nine Nights, with a cold look.

"Lin Chen, what a Lin Chen. This child is full of wings, I am afraid it will be difficult to restrain its edge in a short time..."

Haotian Shengwang's expression was very gloomy and fierce.

He is by no means a person who despised Lin Chen. If not, he would not personally attend the general election conference.

But he didn't expect that he recruited four holy demon kings, and added his own shot, he could not be killed by this son, and ended in the worst!

"This child's growth radii are too far from the sky. How long has it passed since he met this kid in the Sacred Mountain Range. Not only has he become a triple in the Holy Land, he has been on the list of evildoers, and his killer is actually invincible under the Star Realm. hand!"

Haotian Saint King's eyes flickered, and his mental weakness grew stronger.

The saint's four-fold expansion of the holy hole, the expansion of the holy hole, the increase of the holy power, once all the sacred qi is released, such as the mountain and sea prison.

Five folds of condensate, the holy cave condenses and transforms, the sacred qi passes through the heavens and the earth, the sacred power is infinite, and every inch of the ray has the power of fighting and moving.

Sixfold life and death, Shengli is contaminated with the spirit of life and death, detached from the worldly life, Shengli can create life, one thought blooms, and the other disappears. It has the power to create destruction and is contaminated with the breath of life due to the divine power. If it is hit hard, as long as enough time is given, it can even be reborn,

Sevenfold Na Xing, uses the divine power with the gas of life and death in the holy cave to absorb the energy of the world, and many precious energy can be refined. The holy cave can be turned into a planet-like hiding place, making the power of the holy cave like the great shore of the star, Solid as the realm of Na Xing.

This child's combat power can now erupt, as long as he still has those two weird armor and leg armor, he is invincible under the saint Seventh Star Realm!

Na Xingjing is a force near the top of the Holy World. Not many people stay in the Holy World on weekdays, or explore endless secret realms, or travel the world.

Even if this kind of character can be mobilized by the Holy King Haotian, it will not be found in a short while.

"Well, the top priority is to find Jiulongzhu to restore the spiritual source of the king, and the substitutes are, Lin Chen, Lin Xingchen, when the king is resurrected, both of you will die!!"


Lin Chen seemed to remember something, immediately shuttled through the void and returned to the Wanbao secret realm.

There are still property treasure chests in Wanbao secret territory!

When returning to Wanbao's secret realm, regardless of the doubtful eyes of the elders, Lin Chen rushed towards the direction of the attribute light!

At the top of the golden mountain range, there is another five-light supreme treasure box suspended!

However, this five-ray treasure chest is unusual and colorful, but the treasure chest emits a pale orange, which is a little different from the previous one.

When Lin Chen flew into the air and grabbed the property treasure chest, the system light screen popped up.

[Open (Talent) Five Light Supreme Treasure Chest, the host obtains the orange rank (one-time) active talent: natural rebel. Extreme attack, ultimate instant kill, and instant defense kill both.

Lin Chen was instantly struck by lightning! My heart is ecstatic and annoyed!

The phrase "I'll take you to fight" almost blurted out.

"Rely! If I just got this talent and matched with the two-piece suit of God of War, I would hammer all the dogs of the Devil!"

Lin Chendun lost 100 million! If the God of War two-piece set is matched with the ``Sky Rebel,'' Lin Chen has absolute confidence that the four demon kings will die!

However, he was more confident anyway!

"The sky-turner is in hand, everything is possible. Alas, the world is so beautiful, and I suddenly feel more handsome again."

Lin Chen accepted it with joy, and in the case of insufficient charge of the two-piece Ares set, this trump card is the strongest!

However, when I just got Lin Chen, the'Sky Rebel', I was shocked to find that there was no trace of a small shadow in Qingxue's capsules!

Little shadow, gone!

"Where did this little guy go?"

Lin Chen moved! The spiritual imprint of Little Shadow is very bleak. He couldn't tell whether it was weak or because of the distance.

"Grandma, let me go if you want to go. Where did your kid go!"

Lin Chen was so anxious that if the innate shadows wanted to hide and wanted to find them in the endless void, it would be easier to find a needle in a haystack.

After following Lin Chen, the little shadow never left Lin Chen, because this little guy has fatal shortcomings, consumes it very fast, and does not take the Elixir for a while, and is hungry enough to walk.

Especially for the small shadows nowadays, ordinary elixirs give it up to snacks, and it takes a pint of Shengdan to support it for a period of time.

In case of encountering a peerless powerhouse or something again, it is going to be a pet of others!

Lin Chen anxiously found a large circle of Wanbao's secret realm without ghosts.

However, his physical weakness did not allow Lin Chen to look for it any longer, and he was forced to return to the Elder Pavilion for treatment.

The Presbyterian Church is still in a hurry to rescue the treasure.

Lin Chen purchases many sacred healing products from the Presbyterian Church, and the effect is better than his Long Qingguo.

The saint was wounded, and even the slightest degree had to be healed for months. Lin Chen recovered 80% in just one day and one night.

At night, Lin Chen was anxious.

The little shadow has not come back!

Where did this little guy go?

At this time, a Qingxue planting a sac that carried a colorful bloom into Lin Chen actually ignored the spiritual prohibition of the air transport planting!

Lin Chen is preparing to be alert, but his face is delighted!

"Little guy? You still have a face back, where did you go!"

Lin Chen was preparing to "learn" the little shadow, so that when he remembered for a long time, I saw the little guy staring at Lin Chen's spiritual body in tears.

"Look, what do you think you're not going to be beaten, right? You run without saying a word, do you know... I'm going!"

Lin Chen's eyes glared, and he froze for a moment!

I saw that the mountains of precious light behind the small shadows were endlessly encrusted, colorful and gorgeous, with a tens of thousands of feet of superb sky-cold soul, valuable against the sky, a nine-color exquisite bodhi heart with the effect of resurrection, and the other side contaminated with life and death Holy Lotus...

There are too many treasures! Seeing Lin Chen breathing coldly, his heart was trembling!

This little guy went to rob the treasure house of which seven ranks sect? Many treasures and even a single piece of value are no less than a volume of orange-level exercises!

Now they are piled up in front of Lin Chen like a hill, and with Lin's net worth, there is a dreamlike illusion in the face of these treasures!

Seemingly thinking of certain possibilities, Lin Chen was thundered!

"You stole the Wanbao secret realm?"

Mentioning this matter, Little Shadow suddenly became proud of herself, very proud.

Lin Chen thought about it again, although this little guy was talented, he still had no means to steal the treasure of Wanbao's secret realm under the eyes of Tsing Yi Giant and Song Yilian.

To be precise, this little guy should pick up the leak!


Little Shadow: "It's impossible to sleep, and it's impossible to sleep in this life, but stealing this kind of thing can only maintain the way of life."