My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1309

Vol 5 Chapter 1309: 3. Casting Weapons

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The aftermath of the battle between Lin Chen and Haotian Saint King shattered the space boundaries of many treasures, causing them to fall into endless space cracks and void gaps.

Innate shadows were born in the boundless void. They have the most natural space talent. They can easily find the superb relics scattered in the void of the Wanbao Secret Realm. The Tsing Yi giants of the Presbyterian Church can't do the efficiency and speed of the small shadow.

Although some sacred objects were damaged, most of them were intact. The small shadow picked up all the 30% treasures lost in the Wanbao secret realm.

"You little one, don't take an example!"

Lin Chen taught the Little Shadow a serious and serious, and then scolded and rewarded the Little Shadow three second-class Saint Pills.

The little guy is very spiritual and nods thoughtfully.

"Well, increase your strength next time and mumble..."

Lin Chen made a count. There are 189 kinds of fifth-grade sacred materials, 110 kinds of sixth-grade products, and 12 kinds of seventh-grade products. There are 24 kinds of sixth-grade mines and 9 kinds of seven-grade mines!

There are also ten sacred objects of inestimable value, such as the nine-color exquisite bodhi heart, which claims to have the magical effect of resurrection, and the other side of the lotus, which is contaminated with the spirit of life and death.

These sacred objects that even the Sixth Level of the Holy Realm will be crazy about, Lin Chen can't temporarily estimate their value.

When there is something in the hands of someone in Lin, there is no possibility of returning.

"It's the inheritance of the Presbyterian Church. Can I talk about it later? Without reaching the cave, I still have too much resistance against many powerful saints. I can only rely on the armor of the God of War to change the status quo!"

Although the elders of Danyu would treat him well, but if he had a chance, he would have emptied the entire Wanbao secret realm!

Right now, Lin Chen has the Holy King Haotian in front of him, and there is a Yintianzi in the back, and there is a mountain like the Shenyan Palace in front of him. It is not enough to increase the strength of this kind of thing. Now is not the time to do bad and good people.

Lin Chen urged the Holy Cave, and put the two middle-class crystals of the Champion of the Election, one fire and one dark, into the Holy Cave. Six avatars assisted the body and quickly refined it.

Lin Chen turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 7.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Sanjing Middle Triple (24 sacred caves)-Advanced essence: 2,862.6 billion points

Ultimate strength: 7.8 billion dragon power (carcass awakening + 100%)-Advanced Qi and Blood: 234.5 billion points

Advanced spirit: 15.1 billion points

Advanced skill essence: 95.09 million points-advanced rune energy: 94.95 million points-intermediate sky value: 39.22 million points.

Intermediate talent points: 78.2 million points-suit essence: 1.95 million points

Blank attributes: 0 points-strengthening points: 18,965 million points-refined crystals: 37 pieces.

Advanced elemental energy: 34.1 million points in the fire system, 24.15 million points in the soil system, 23.99 million points in the wood system, 24.33 million points in the gold system, 24.41 million points in the water system, 24.35 million points in the thunder system, 24.31 million points in the wind system, and 23.46 million points in the light system , Dark Department 23.52 million points.

Set column: Golden God of War set, holding parts Ultimate Right Armor-Ultimate Left Leg Armor-(Making) Ultimate Right Leg Armor.

Bloodline Status Bar-Kung Fu Status Bar-Life Awakening Bar

Active Talent Bar-Passive Talent Bar-Nirvana Bar-Special Rune Bar-Talent Combination Skill]

Lin Chen has exhausted all the essence of the suit, and the Ares armor temporarily restored to: 1.6% charge.

"System, I am going to practice "Nine Wings of Heavenly Demon" and "Eight Seals of the Eight Extremes!"

[Consuming 92 million advanced exercises and spirits, began to integrate "Eight Seals of Heaven" and "Nine Wings of Devil" to practice memory.

Bajixuan Shengyin, the orange-level low-level alchemy handprint, is the champion prize for Lin Chens natural selection conference.

After practicing this seal and strengthening it, Lin Chen's medicine refining skills will get a qualitative leap!

In the next ten days, Lin Chen got rid of the refining crystal and merged with the memory of cultivation, and fell into a state of crazy refining medicine.

Little Shadow's appetite is getting bigger and bigger, and the number of Saint Pills needed is also increasing. Ordinary first-grade and second-grade Saint Pills can make about 5 to 8 pieces a day at the speed of Linchen's medicine.

After practicing "Eight Seals of the Eight Extremes", if the materials are sufficient, the efficiency can be increased to 13-18 pieces a day!

After Lin Chen's experience and outline of the "Pluto Pill Saint" were gradually engraved into his mind, the holy pill that made temporary outbreaks became more adept.

There are three grades of Saint Pill, Barbaric Dragon Blood Pill. It is also effective to take a saint in the Acupoint Expansion. The user can temporarily increase a large amount of pure power, but it will consume a large amount of qi and blood power and fall into a weak state afterwards.

There are also four grades of Holy Pills, Thousand Illusion God Pills, which can increase the speed of the Holy Force and increase the speed of the body method by more than half. The side effects will make the Holy Cave Holy Force dry.

For all the side effects of the temporary Shengdan, Lin Chen only needs to prevent the body from taking it, with the power of avatar, to maximize their effects!

For Lin Chen, this undoubtedly added a new hole card.

Nearly half a month after the retreat, Lin Chen consumed more than half of the resources at hand, all of which were converted into combat power. However, many of the relics obtained in the Wanbao secret territory have not been easily used.

Lin Chen has already calculated the best way to use them.

When Lin Chen left the border, he searched for Song Yilian from the Presbyterian Church.

In the lobby, Song Yilian and the Tsing Yi Giants gathered together, Lin Chen and the Crimson Fairy, the little demon, Han Yizhi and others sat in the lobby.

"Are you looking for a caster?"

After hearing Lin Chen's request, Song Yilian couldn't help but feel a little stunned.

Lin Chen nodded and said seriously-"Yes, I want to find the top caster of the Holy Realm I can find at this stage."

After the elders glanced at each other, there was some silence.

The top caster is extremely difficult to find. In a way, it's harder than their refining giants.

The pharmacist has a unified organization called Danyu. It is not too difficult to find a top pharmacist.

But the founder, there is no recognized strong organization, the reason is very simple. Ten thousand years ago, there was a caster who turned against the sky and tried to cast artifacts, causing anger of'certain forces'. , Completely ruin the Founders Guild!

That campaign of annihilation made the history of the castings of the Holy Realm go backwards, civilization was lost, and many ancient books and casting techniques were destroyed once the heritage could not be preserved.

After this, the caster division had no recognized organization, and no one dared to form it easily, which naturally became a problem for the Holy Realm.

Lin Chen, to cast the Xeon Paladin!

Although he is also a caster himself, the true caster technology is only eighth order.

Even if he is desperately specializing in research, combined with the power of avatar, in the short term, he can only approach the eighth order intermediate level, which is far from meeting his requirements. Unless, he can find a more top-notch caster inheritance, but this inheritance is much more difficult than the alchemist's alchemy fingerprint!

In the past, when Lin Chen's opponent was an early saint, he had enhanced functions. He still had an advantage in weapons.

Now on the list of evildoers, the opponents are facing more than one horror. The ordinary holy weapon can no longer meet his requirements, and even become his fatal flaw!