My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1310

Vol 5 Chapter 1310: Return To The Odd Domain

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In the battle with Haotian Saint King and the four demon kings, Lin Chen has gained the most from strengthening the attribute! He wants to use all these strengthening points in the holy objects, so top-level holy objects are essential!

Lin Chen didnt dare to use the [Fusion Function] easily. His resources seemed extremely rich, but if he used the [Fusion Function], he could fuse up to two high-level holy artifacts, and it was still completely random. Lin Chen couldnt make such a key. Resources to gamble luck.

The Tsing Yi giant seriously asked: "Little guy, how many casters do you want to find?"

Lin Chen thought for a moment, and then said: "The lowest, but also the Sixth Grade Saint Caster!"

Everyone moved!

Sixth grade, this grade of caster is much harder to find than the same level of holy pharmacist!

"For now, I only recommend that you look for some of the seven-rank forces, maybe you can find a caster who sits in the seventh-rank forces, but the casters dedicated to the forces often have a very high cost, even us. If you dare not say it, you will be able to please them."

Song Yilian frowned, but the giant Tsing Yi next to him suddenly said.

"Yes! There is an old guy whose conditions should meet your requirements. However, it depends on whether you can impress him!"

Everyone looked at the Tsing Yi giant together, and he smiled.

"Singularity, old man with six fingers Xuanyuan."

As soon as the fame came out, the elders of the Presbyterian Church looked very wonderful!

The little demon embarrassedly wondered-"Six Finger Xuanyuan? Is he still alive?"

"He didn't die. It was just that after the death of his dead wife, he didn't start the furnace again. It is said that he was still drunk and dreaming all day in Qiyu. Even some old friends couldn't see him and broke up with him."

The Tsing Yi giant sighed, and then said: "If you can untie his knot, you might be able to impress him to cast the tool for you."

Lin Chen hesitated: "Here, Qi Yu is so big, where can I find him?"

"It's okay, he's in Biyun City in Wonderland. You should be able to find him when you go there."

The Tsing Yi giant laughed.

Hearing the word "Biyun City", the face of the little demon changed slightly.

"In this case, you have no choice, go to Biyun City!"

Lin Chen stood up and Song Yilian's pretty face changed slightly.

"You... are you leaving soon?"

Lin Chen wondered-"Otherwise? Will you stay here for the New Year?"

How can he run away! I haven't researched what his alchemy is all about, how can I let people run so easily!

"Yilian, please be quiet. If he wants to go, can you stop him?"

Tsing Yi giant said helplessly.

Song Yilian looked sad and begged-"Don't go, okay, I'll practice alchemy to support you, for ten years, you will stay in the Presbyterian Church for ten years, and I will discuss alchemy with your little one."

The elder congregation's mouth twitched slightly, his face unbelievable.

They were the first to see Song Yilian whispering so low. In the past when they discussed alchemy, they all consulted her...

Someone Lin was ashamed, and he said ten years like ten days...

"Senior Song, your kindness, my heart leads..."

"No! I don't care, you must stay in the Presbyterian Church. Your alchemy skills are so amazing, you should play your special skills in alchemy!"

"If you dare to run, I will chase you to the end of the world!"


Outside the lobby of the Presbyterian Church, Lin Chen's mouth twitched out.

He has a big head!

He finally saw what an alchemy maniac was, and Song Yilian almost didn't pick him up!

It wasn't until she wrote down his "eye-finishing alchemy" that the heart program was always good that she let her go a little and exchanged it with him in two high-value six-volume pill formula.

However, Lin Chen was not worried that Song Yilian could learn his unique method of refining medicine. Even if she had learned it, she would not be able to develop her own refining skills.

This is a move against the sky that only Lin Chen of "Spiritual Awakening" can accomplish.

Lin Chen clenched his fists and said with a smile: "It's a pleasant day to come to the Presbyterian Church, and all the elders will have a date."

The elders smiled at Lin Chen with fists, and they were very emotional. It was really a young boy who was aspiring in the Quartet. This childs mind was not entirely on alchemy. Perhaps his future achievements could reach an unprecedented height.

"Little guy, what you have is a pre-investment by my presbyterian church. Don't let the old man down, huh, huh."

The Tsing Yi giant secretly heard Lin Chen, someone Lin's face was not heartbroken.

Sure enough, the Tsing Yi giant still guessed what, in the end is an old monster that has lived countless eras.

From the perspective of his old man, he would never ask Lin Chen's luck to transplant the capsule on the spot.

"Seniors are assured that if the kid doesn't die, he will definitely be worth the money."

Lin Chen and Tsing Yi giant smiled at each other.

After Jian Qingcheng came to say goodbye, Lin Chen and Han Yizhi, and the little demon, crimson fairy left together.

When he appeared in Optimus City again, when many powerful people looked at Lin Chen's eyes, they were full of awe and admiration!

In a way, Lin Chen has reached the height of some hidden monsters!

In the eyes of everyone, he is no longer as simple as the demon list. He has the foundation of the Sixth-grade Saint-level Alchemist, and is matched with the high-level devil. His height is even regarded as the master of some Sixth-grade forces!

A young wizard from the monster list flew into the air to greet Lin Chen and his team, respectfully clenching their fists.

"Lin... Senior Lin Chen! The junior has an emotional doubt and would like to ask the senior to indicate."

Lin Chen listened strangely, and waved and smiled at random: "Dont be senior, Im not as old as you, just call me a handsome guy."

"This... handsome Lin Chen, why did Long Yijing know that he was disgusted by the little demon girl, and the bright-eyed people could also see that he could not hold the beauty back, why did he have to fight and fight, and he was still making trouble everywhere Before Lin Chen... What about handsome Lin Chen?"

After that, the evildoer glanced at the demon.

This question also asked many people's doubts. Many wizards of the enchanted list cast doubtful eyes from all directions of Optimus City.

"Yes, yeah, why?" The demon queen smiled fascinatingly and patted Lin Chen's shoulder curiously.

Under the eyes of everyone, Lin Chen coughed lightly, a serious way.

"You are still too young, regardless of men and women, when a person likes each other enough, he (she) will deceive himself, there is always a trace of self-directed hope in my heart."

"This kind of person, the coach said that: the highest state of licking dogs."

For a time, many wizards of the evil list were silent...


Four days later, the odd domain.

"I am finally back!"

Lin Chen stepped into the void, opened his arms, shouted loudly, and felt very happy.

After he came to the Holy Realm, he started from the strange domain and killed all the domains all the way, stirring up the Holy Realm.

When returning, things are wrong. With his current heritage, he tried to covet his saint and the sect behind him at the Sifang Conference, and he could wipe out the other party with his hand!

"I don't know what happened to Jun Hao and Ying Liang. Didn't Yueqi's bloodline wake up..."

Lin Chen's eyes reminiscent of memories and fiery.