My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1311

Vol 5 Chapter 1311: Lin Chen Is Back

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"He still left, he didn't even say hello..."

The thin shadow of Zi Yunqing emerged from the sky of Qingtian Island, gazing at the direction of Lin Chen's departure. The jade hand held the blood order, hesitating and confused.

"Yun Qing, why haven't you returned yet, why haven't you returned yet. I'm worried, is there a war in Danyu?"

"If necessary, immediately use the Great Seal that I left to you to save your life. I heard you did!"

Within the blood order, the spiritual voice of the father and emperor Ziyun Qing came out. The light of the beautiful woman's wonderful eyes flickered and flickered. She picked up the blood order and said.

"Sorry, Father and Emperor, Xian Yunqing can no longer listen to your orders this time."

Zi Yunqing, closed the **** ancient order, the beautiful face that has always been cold and charming, for the first time a voluptuous smile appeared, and there was a girl's grumbling humming from the tip of her nose.

"Lin Chen, I won't let you run away easily!"

Zi Yunqing waved his hand, the space opened, and disappeared into the void.

Qingtian Island looked at his goddess in the distance to reveal this look, Long Yixuan gritted his teeth envy, jealousy and hate!

"Lin Chen, Lin Chen, dont let me meet you the next time Lao Zi picks up a girl. Otherwise, if you dont, you will detour! Niang, you go east to Laozi and go west. !"


Bingxin Palace, the main hall.

Many elders gathered, as well as core true disciples, and sister Su Lan was among them.

At this time, all the women in Bingxin Palace looked somber.

Lord Hao of the Bingxin Palace bites his teeth and whispers coldly

"Your Snow Dragon Hall is too unreasonable! Robbing people halfway, doing whatever you want, really think you can cover the sky with only one hand!"

In the lobby, four old men and a handsome young man stood opposite everyone in Bingxin Palace and hid their swords in their smiles.

"This palace lord, you must know that behind our Xuelong Temple, you are the son of Xiangwentian. The prince named the woman who wants you to Bingxin Palace today, that is your honor!"

The main finger of the main palace of the palace was flowing cold and cold with a sense of sensation and frost, but he did not dare to shoot!

This always asks heaven, has a great future, comes from six grades, is a wizard of the evil spirits list, and his identity is extremely noble!

In the thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm, the second-rank and third-rank denominations are as many as ox. The twenty-three-rank denominations in each domain of the thirty-six domains can be described as tens of thousands.

There are also many sect sect. Only the Fifth Grade denomination can be called a specification. And who is the evil monster list? There are so many geniuses and geniuses in the entire Holy Realm, and the enchanting list is always only 10,000!

This 10,000 people is the culmination of the Holy World today! Each of the Sipin sects is a giant existence.

Encourage them, they will be destroyed in no time!

It is precisely because of this support that the Wulong sect's Snow Dragon Hall dared to act so arrogantly, and forcibly took Leng Yueqi to the seal in a secret territory of ice!

"Aren't you afraid of Mrs. Lin Chen, Ms. Leng Yueqi is his woman, you are abducting people without permission like this, and be careful to bring the scourge of death!"

The two old men scolded that they were sent by different forces to protect the saints who were related to Lin Chen.

The quota of the enchanted list is not like the genius list. Not everyone can see it. Only by obtaining certain achievements and heights in the Holy World can you obtain the right to open the enchanted list.

"Lin Chen, the guy who was chased and killed in the Quartet Conference? He is also on par with Xiang Wentian son? Hahaha, he dare to come to die!"

The handsome young man in white laughed loudly, patted the table, put away the kindness on his face, and said with a smile: "I said to Master Tian, you dont have to accept this gift, no matter what. Its his decision. If you know each other, kneel down and shake your tail as a dog, maybe you can get some benefits. If not, today is the time for the destruction of Bingxin Palace!"

Bang ~!

The four elders beside the young man in white released their breath. The holy caves were magnificent, like the stars shining, and they were all the expansion of 33 holy caves!

Lord Bingxin Palace's face was pale, and the four cave-enlarged realms were enough to destroy any Sipin sect!

Not to mention the Bingxin Palace of the Sanpin sect!

The two elders from the Qing Dynasty sent from other regions, but in the early stage of the expansion of the 31 sacred acupoints, the gap between the four was far.

"How about, the palace master can think about it clearly? We asked Xiang Tianzi's original words that we don't mind the master and the disciples serving him together."

The mouth of the handsome young man raised a wicked smile, and the palace master was shaking with anger!

"Bing Xin Gong is indestructible! Elders, prepare to kill the net!"

At the order of the palace master, a group of disciples and elders in Bingxin Palace showed the attitude of seeing death as if they were dead.

"Have you a shame..."

The handsome youth gave some elders a look.

The atmosphere in the hall was suddenly drawn in time!

"Hey, finally came back! Palace owner, sister Yue Qi, everyone is here, why can't you see her!"

At this time, the space was split, and a group of figures directly ignored the space boundary of Bingxin Palace and tore the space.

Everyone was startled!

When the teenager attacked the silver robe, three unbelievable people surrounded the middle, like the stars holding the moon, Fengshen Junlang, Shenjun extraordinary!

The Master of Bingxin Palace was stunned!

so similar! This teenager is exactly the same person she met when she fell in love! It should be said that it is better!

"Lin...Lin Chen?"

Sister Su Lan in the lobby exclaimed!

The appearance of Lin Chen has changed a lot! Most of this change stems from the transformation of temperament and life, which is completely different from that of the war emperor.

Sister Su Lan seemed to think of something, crying a bit.

"Lin Chen, Teacher Yue Qi was abducted by them! They still came today to make a ceremonial gift. If we don't accept it in the palace, we plan to destroy us all!"

Su Lan's words, Lin's smile immediately solidified.

Bang ~! The space outside the Bingxin Palace was inexplicably shattered!

"Huh? The Holy Realm is triple? Such a young saint, interestingly, your Excellency is the young man at the top of the genius list."

In the tone of the four acupoints, there is a hint of Jiangshan in the tone, and Lin Chen is not taken into consideration. They have closed their doors for many years, and they have recently closed their doors.

The handsome young man still said with arrogance: "You are Lin Chen? The consciousness rolls away and asks Master Tian Tian..."

Boom~! Bang~!

The head of the handsome young man exploded in an instant and turned into a blood mist!

The four acupoint-expanding realms suddenly turned into shock!

"There is something wrong with this child, out..."

Bang ~! A ray of dark light shuttled, a pair of black wings shaped like magic wings flapped, and two'Lin Chen' ghostly appeared behind the four people, palms on the shoulders of the four expanding caves.

The fiery sacred power was shattered between its five fingers, and the 39 crystal clear crystals flickered, causing the scalp of the four acupoints to numb!

What a joke! Didn't they see through the triple action of a holy realm?

There are also outrageous numbers of abnormal crystals. The number of light crystals is more than the holy cave they opened. Is this kid a human!

Lin Chen asked indifferently: "Who is your master."

An old man said in a difficult way: "8120 enemies, Xiang Wentian..."

Poof~! Click~

Four saints in the cave-enlarging realm, the heavenly spirit cover was smashed at the same time!

There is no time for reaction or self-exploitation!

The elders and masters of Bingxin Palace were dumbfounded!

How long has it been since, this little guy is so strong nowadays...