My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1312

Vol 5 Chapter 1312: I'm Going To Destroy A Play.

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The leapfrog challenge of the Holy Land is extremely difficult, let alone leapfrog!

The only way to challenge the expansion of the cave realm today is the demon list!

But the list of monsters, it is impossible to leapfrog the four expanding caves!

They knew the news of Lin Chen's sanctification, but this is too ridiculous!

This little guy, how strong is it now...

Before Lin Chen stepped up to the challenge, he faced Mo Qingxu of the demon list!

There is a world difference between the leapfrog challenge and the expansion of the cave monster.

Ordinary expanding hole, want to walk a few rounds in his hand, there are not many at all! Not to mention Lin Chen after practicing "Nine Wings of the Devil"!

"Princess Palace, I haven't seen you for a long time." Lin Chen looked at the Palace Master of Bingxin Palace, and smiled indifferently: "Although I said I wanted to talk to everyone about old times, Sister Yue Qi is more important.

Palace Master Feng Yun said with a shudder on his face: "Lin... Little friend Lin Chen, but the other party is a demon list..."

Lin Chen smiled, his smile indifferently surprised: "I kill people, I never ask what power and what list, just ask the location and name."

"They are the Snow Dragon Hall! The Fifth Power of the Wonderland, the location of the 3 million miles of the Luoxia Mountain in the southwest of Bingxin Palace."

Su Lan answered first, she knew Leng Yueqi's place in Lin Chen's heart.

"Very good." Lin Chen glanced at the scarlet fairy, "please ask the fairy to open up space."

"You're going to cause trouble again~ But, I like it." Scarlet Fairy chuckled and waved her hand, the space channel extended.

The demon's charming face is full of excitement-"Are you going to make trouble, great! It's exciting, I like it, how do we do this time?"

When they saw the demon queen, everyone was even more surprised!

As a woman, she knows how to judge and appreciate the beauty of other women. Regardless of temperament, appearance, body, and the beauty of the secular woman, the little demon queen, together with the woman, can't help but be tempted. For the entire Bingxin Palace, perhaps only Leng Yueqi can match it!

Lin Chen can make such people follow, and can see its excellent level.

Lin Chen sneered indifferently: "When I first returned to Qiyu, I was a little bit in a bad mood. I will go to destroy a sect first."

When he stepped into the space channel, he turned around and said-"Princess, you also hurry up, you will need you when the time comes."

"This... little friend, with your current strength, we can not help you much..."

The three elders smiled bitterly.

Lin Chen said: "How come there aren't many. The five-grade forces have a great career, so they can take you over to take over their land!"

When the elders of Bingxin Palace exploded, the palace owner's lips were slightly opened! The tingling of the scalp is indescribably shocking!

This... listen, it seems to be going to destroy the Wupin Sect!

Fifth grade sect, ancient ancestors, based on the century or more, the strong are like clouds, and there are several people in the five layers of the Holy Realm!

Not to mention the number of cave-enlarging realms, just a group of them, want to destroy a Wupin sect?

Lin Chen was impatient and did not get everyone to respond. He reached over and pulled the Bingxin Palace and others, and also into the space channel!


In the Luoxia Mountains, there is a behemoth headquarters, rooted here.

Snow Dragon Palace! The Fifth Grand Sect, the Sovereign is a super master with a five-fold sacred realm.

Today, the Snow Dragon Palace is in full swing, singing and dancing.

The Dragon Hall main hall, the lord of the Snow Dragon Hall Ji Feng, looks handsome and undiminished, looks like he is over thirty years old, it can be described as a spring breeze.

He presented gifts to the powerful of all forces. When many saints gathered together, he stood up and smiled with Yan Yue's clenched fists.

"Thank you for your face appreciation. I am waiting for Xuelongdian to ask Master Tian's help to help him organize a happy event. It is really my lucky three-year-old Dragon Palace!"

During the talk and laughter, Ji Feng couldn't help but tone up a few points. This wedding banquet gave him a long face in Xuelong Palace.

The purpose is to inform the parties of the strange domain, he is next to a demon list and the six ranks of forces in the Snow Dragon Palace, and announces the status of the parties' primary and secondary status!

The fifth and sixth grades seem to be the difference between the first grade, but the six grade sect can easily destroy the fifth grade sect by randomly sending a few strong men! The gap between the details is completely incomparable!

"Oh, congratulations, Lord Hexi."

"The lord's blessing is really enviable!"

Everyone toasted in advance, full of smiles, all smiled on the surface, and my mother sold it. Friends from all sides smiled, greeting the genealogy not to fall.

Ji Feng's face was full of spring light, and he was full of enthusiasm. For a time, he had thought that he would take Xuelong Palace to the moment of high light.

At this moment, a sword light flew into the air, wearing a bright red robe, a cold man Qi Yuxuan, fell with a sword and entered the Snow Dragon Hall.

After his hands were lost, his sword was radiant, and there was a kind of majestic majesty and arrogance in his eyebrows, as if born naturally, as if for granted!

The red robe man holds 40 holy points all over his body. The fluctuation of the holy power is released a little, like the suppression of one side of the mountain and sea prison, the breath is so strong that some low-level saints dare not breathe, and the cultivation of the expanding cave will also feel very strong in this person. Of oppression!

Monster List! There can be such horrible fluctuations of holy power in 40 holy caves, it is definitely a list of evil spirits!

"Sect Master Ji, people brought it. Remember my condition, I want to invite people over without any flaws."

The indifferent tone of the man in the red robe seemed to be giving orders.

Ji Feng stooped down like an old man, rubbing his hands to smile and said with a smile-"Here it is, dressing up the bride in the harem, please sit down with the son first, don't be restless."

"Um..." He looked around casually and threw a sentence like alms: "You are here, everyone."

Seeing that the Wizards of the Sinister List uttered their voices, many saints were shocked and rejoiced and quickly laughed.

The coercion of the Wizards of the Sinister List is terrifying!

The holy prestige in full bloom of 40 holy caves is no less than the fivefold of holy land!

8120 in the list of evil spirits, merciless swordsman, Xiang Wentian, the minimum hole expansion is 17 times, the highest 20 times! Expanding the hole ten times, the hole-expanding realm is successfully repaired! Is a real supreme demon!

Expanding the acupoint realm, you have the power of the ordinary sacred realm in the fifth and middle stages, and even in the latter stage! The horror of strength made every saint present tremble!

You can see the charm of the enchanted list, this trip, come worth it!

From the perspective of combat power, the combat power and cultivation of Xiangwen Tian are slightly inferior to that of Fengtianxue in Shenyang Palace, but the ranking is several hundred higher.

The reason is that the disciples of Shenyan Palace have not been out for the ranking all the year round, otherwise the strength of the latter is enough to rank in the top 8,000.

At this time-there were ten beautiful maidservants in the hall holding a beautiful and exquisite beauty shadow into the hall. The lady wore a fairy fairy moon dress, light silk and silk waist and jade belt. Even if the true appearance was not revealed, many saints felt Stunning.

At this time, the beautiful woman's cultivation base was completely sealed, and even her hands and feet were bound, so she could not escape.

Seeing the beautiful lady coming, a hot flash of light flashed to Wentian's eyes!

For the first time, his merciless swordsman did not attack himself, but he saw the portrait of this beautiful woman at the chance of chance, like the moon fairy and the dust, pure and flawless.

Now, he finally got her as he wished!