My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1313

Vol 5 Chapter 1313: Worship You

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"You." Xiang Wentian looked at Ji Feng, "have you done anything to her."

"Return to Your Excellency, no. According to your instructions, the lady was invited from the secret territory, and she did not even move a little, only to repair her as a temporary seal..."

"Well, very good." Xiang Wentian looked obsessed with intoxication: "I like pure and flawless, you people, will only make my woman feel ordinary."

He has regarded Leng Yueqi as his default woman.

"Sovereign, it is ready."

The two beautiful maids walked, Yingying stooped and bowed, and the light in the corners of her eyes aimed at Xiang Wentian as the spring tide flooded. It is not an exaggeration to describe the fact that you can win the favor of the demon list by flying to the branches and becoming a phoenix.

"Well~ I also invite you to enter the venue. On the day of great joy, I bow to the world."

Ji Fenglang smiled and walked into the lobby with Xiang Wentian negative sword, standing beside the lady.

At this time, the two beautiful maidservants clasped the jade hands of Leng Yueqi wearing a red cap, holding her meridians so that they could not move at all, and even their voices could not be made.

"Everyone, let us get up together and bless Xiang Wentian's good wife."

Ji Feng smiled and waved his hand, and everyone in the lobby got up and toasted.

Ji Feng said loudly-"Worship the world..."

"Worship your mother!"

A cold drink and a huge explosion sound came at the same time. With a bang, the entire Xuelong Temple trembled, and the space boundary was shaken into nothingness like paper paste!

Suddenly, all the sages did not anticipate that the main hall of Xuelong Temple shook a few times at once, and Ji Feng was stunned and angry!

"Who dares to break into my snow dragon..."

Bang~! With a knife, the moonlight shone across the world in an instant. The front of the moonlight split the snow dragon hall into two halves, and the knife fell directly on Jifeng!

Ji Feng twisted his palm, scratched with five fingers, squeezed the vast sword of the sky!

It was at this moment when Ji Feng was distracted that the crimson brilliance was shining like star sand, and a flash of light appeared from Zixiang Wentian, making his eyes squint suddenly, and a backhand shot smashing the void!

Sigh~! Bang~! With a wave of sleeve robe, the palm of infinite strength was removed, and I was shocked to Wentian!

Even at the beginning of the fivefold of the saint, it is impossible to dismiss his offensive in such a light manner!

The blushing phantom flashed, almost to the extreme, took the beautiful lady in the moon skirt away, and immediately angered Wentian's murderous intention, and drew his sword!


Sword Qi surged, as Chilian Xinghua climbed up and down, a sword pierced, and the sound of the sky exploded. A sword smashes three thousand miles!

The scarlet phantom was torn and it was a residual image.

"Space moves?"

Startled to ask Wentian!

Suddenly, many guests instinctively retreated to one side, and the split thousand-meter hall collapsed on both sides, causing a storm of anger!

I saw that above the void, all the figures appeared.

The silver robe boy led the team, his face was a bit gloomy indifferent, and the crazy killing intention flashed in his eyes!

"A group of Holy Realms are triple and quadruple, and they want to come to my Snow Dragon Hall for trouble? Boy, who gives you courage!"

Ji Feng laughed angrily, and when he saw the people in Bingxin Palace, he chuckled-"Are there any people in Bingxin Palace? It turns out to be you. I don't know if I'm dead or alive. I came here to find..."

Bang~! Rumble~~!

Before Ji Feng's words were finished, seven streamers fell head-on in front of the broken hall!

When the guests from all walks took a closer look, they immediately took a breath!

Sect Master Ji Feng's pupils shrank!

The seven streamers are seven heads, all of them are the Snow Dragon Hall, the first level of the elders in the expanding cave of the outer hall!

All slaughtered! The seven saints are fourfold! For the Wupin sect, it can be said to be a big hit!

"Great dog gall! Boy, you are dead!"

Ji Feng thunder rage, 46 holy caves all over the body like the eyes of an endless hurricane, a raging ice storm that broke out, and the entire Luoxia Mountains snowed in June!

"Old dog, the next one is you. And you, Xiang Wentian, right."

Lin Chen raised his gun and pointed to Wentian. The six avatars around him stood around him like a patron saint, standing majestic like a mountain and sea prison. The eyes were strong and powerful, giving the cave expansion a strong sense of oppression!

"Xian Zaren waited to roll directly, and stopped for another second, at your own risk. After today, there will be no more Snow Dragon Hall and Xiang Wentian in the Holy World!"

Lin Chen suddenly drank coldly, his palm flew up to the sky, and a jade-like glaze token gleamed with dazzling light. The three large characters released the pressure of the rolling, suppressing the eternal, it was heart-wrenching!

Monster List!

The three vast and simple characters suppress one side, such as the immortal giant engine, blocking the Holy Three Thousand!

Everyone's mouth twitched fiercely, and it was another demon list!

Oh my god, they saw two wizards on the same day!

Today, there are only 10,000 evil spirits. For them, every evil spirit is a top character who sees the dragon and never sees the end. Is it fortunate to have the battle of the evil spirit list today?

"How can you keep the limelight occupied, and I will come too!"

After playing with the little demon, she lifted her palms, and the tokens of her demon list also appeared in the void!

Boom~! Two emerald ancient orders glowed with the glory of glass, soaring into the sky, shining through the sky!

Han Yizhi was a little bit more excited, and released his own evil token!


"Provoked a Bingxin Palace and brought in three demon lists, what is the beginning of this Bingxin Palace..."

"Oh my god, what's wrong with Qiyu today, and why the monster list will appear one after another!"

The hearts of the saints from all walks of heart shivered, and the three enchanting ancient orders, such as the divine sun that never faded, shone through the Luoxia Mountains!

Ji Feng finally realized the seriousness of the problem!

Ordinary forces, there can be no three enemies! Even the Sixth Grade sect, trying to cultivate two enchanted lists at the same time, is extremely difficult!

Ji Feng swallowed hard, "Dare... dare to ask your name, what is wrong with my Snow Dragon Hall, why not sit down and discuss one..."

Lin Chen smiled indifferently-"Yeah, we really should talk about what you need to pay attention to when Bingxin Palace takes over your site after the Snow Dragon Palace was destroyed, but now I just want to kill, not want to talk!"

Bang ~!

After all, the six avatars come out together, and the speed of the Nine Wings of the Devil is as fast as the aurora shuttle!

Eight-headed spirit burning dragon rises into the sky, a sound of spiritual dragon sound appears out of thin air, fear of all things, burning the spiritual power of all the creatures in the entire Xuelong Temple!

The dazzling flying knives jumped into the sky, and the six palms of burning flames descended from the sky.

In a face-to-face meeting, Lin Chen's many orange-level sacred arts all burst, all blessing instant light splitting, and the saints and guests who came to participate in the happy event suddenly exploded in scalp!

How could there be such a terrible saint triple in this world! They regretted that they hadn't just slipped away!

Playing Jifeng, this five-layered late stage, has an unprepared taste!

"Autumn snow and snow!"

Nineteen hurricane holes were generated in the void, such as the hundreds of millions of ice and snow storms, and there were thousands of ice worms rushing out of the holes, which broke Lin Chens many offensives!


A **** swordmang cuts the void, smashes Lin Chen's five notes and six times to burn the sky palm, and the afterglow flames are scattered all over the sky, igniting the Luoxia Mountain Range!

Xiang Wentian! He shot himself!

"In the end it's just a triple of saints, wanting to destroy my snow dragon palace, idiot said dreams."

Ji Feng sneered. Seeing Xiang Wentian shot, his heart suddenly felt emboldened.

Suddenly he was shocked, and the ice jelly from the eyes of Hurricane Point rushed to Lin Chen again!

Lin Chen's mouth raised a murderous smile.

"Don't worry, it's not just you who is going to destroy the Snow Dragon Hall. On Huangquan Road, you will also have a companion of evil spirits."