My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1314

Vol 5 Chapter 1314: Just Hardcore?

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When the ice jelly strikes, Lin Chen wields the ghost phoenix gun quickly, and the gun shadow like a dragon dances, crushing all the broken ice jiao!

The little demon's back slender fingers tap lightly, a ray of Saint Mang flashed past in a cyan color, tearing a hurricane eye!

Han Yizhi folded her fingers together, her spiritual strength was suppressed by the mighty Shengwei, and shattered into pieces of ice storms from the raid!

The entire Luoxia Mountain Range was torn apart by an earthquake, and the space barrier was not enough to resist this offensive!

All the guests saw that the offensive was blocked, and escaped into the void quickly. This series of battles, being entangled at close range, is absolutely dead!

"Don't think that you killed my seven elders in the Snow Dragon Hall. Are you really like my Dragon Hall? No one can do it? The elders of the Penalty Hall, follow me! The elders below the cave area will protect my Dragon Hall territory!"

Ji Feng hit a real fire, this wave of shots, he already understood Lin Chen's details!

Although the combat power is ridiculous, after all, he has not expanded his hole, and he cannot threaten the foundation of his Snow Dragon Hall!

What's more, there is also a demon list sitting on their side, the Five Grades Sect, but it is not that they will be destroyed!

brush! brush! brush!

Ten silhouettes quickly flew out of the Snow Dragon Hall, eight of them were in the cave-building state, and two were in the solidified state!

"Every junior, dare to come here to stalk the wild, to find death!"

"Elders, teach this lesson, don't give him a chance to escape!"

Counting Ji Feng, it means that the three saints have five levels, and the other seven sacred areas in the branch hall that have been killed are fourteen holy levels.

The details of the Fifth Sect sect are indeed quite different from those of the Supremacy Sect. Looking at the number of sages of the Supremacy Sect, there are only about ten saints, and it can be regarded as the top four tiers to be able to have a dignified cave.

At this time-

"People have been rescued."

The space fluctuated, and the shadow of the scarlet fairy flashed out, bringing Lengyue unscathed, and untied the seal. When the red hijab was lifted, the two met again!

"Lin Chen!"

"Sister Yueqi!"

Lin Chen hugged the beautiful woman's slender waist, Leng Yueqi's cold and beautiful cheeks were stained with a light blush, and her heart settled down. As long as he was there, he wouldn't be afraid of the sky falling!

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhced not, said that our big brother Lin Chen was fascinated...

The little demon was astonished, and the wonderful eyes swept across a stunning!

She rarely admires the temperament and appearance of women of the same age. As one of the ten most outstanding figures in the evildoer list, her own charm is recognized by the Holy World.

Throughout the hundreds of millions of women in the Holy World, there are very few women who can rival the demon queen.

But the beauties in front of you are spotless, like the fairy in the moon palace, and the beautiful coldness has the heavenly fascination and enchanting, which is not inferior to yourself!

The others who are comparable to her little demon queen, who are also the ten most outstanding demon lists, are also considered. In addition, the goddess of Shenyan Palace, Bai Ruoyan, and the woman in front of him, both of whom are There is a relationship with Lin Chen. I dont know how many young demon envy this news.

"Sister Yueqi, please wait by the side first."

Lin Chen let go of Leng Yueqi, Leng Yueqi nodded her head gently, and Xueyan, who was always cool and gorgeous, was full of tenderness and said softly: "Be careful of everything, your safety is the most important."

Lin Chen nodded with a smile-"Relax, this is not the past. Yi Zhi, I will trouble you to protect Yueqi."

"Yes~" Han Yizhi smiled brightly, blocking Leng Yueqi's side-"With me, I won't let anyone touch the teacher's hair."

"It's okay Yueqi, they didn't do anything to you!"

Elders such as Bing Xin Gong immediately protect Yue Qi, but she is the lifeblood and future of Bing Xin Gong!

Leng Yueqi shook her head-"I'm fine, they don't dare to treat me, just repaired as the previous seal, fortunately this sister unlocked it for me."

When Lin Chen turned around, facing the many powerful men in the Snow Dragon Hall, the indifferent look revealed the cold killing intention!

"Hand over Ben Shao's woman. I want to ask the woman in the sky that you didn't touch it if you want to. You are also a demon list. Even if Ben Shao can't kill you, there are 10,000 ways to make you better than death!"

Xiang Wentian flicked his sleeves and stood with his sword in between.

He has expanded his holes ten times, which is different from the triple saints of the saints!

"Interesting, I still wanted to torture you. It seems that you are in a hurry to lead the death."

Lin Chen smiled, and the demon queen and the scarlet fairy stood out at the same time.

Crimson Fairy smiled and said, "Let me pass the three condensed environments, son Lin Chen can rest assured."

The little demon was full of excitement-"Those who expand the hole, Miss Ben packed it!"

Lin Chen said: "My avatar will cover you. The two elders of Zixia Wanggu have asked me to take care of you. I dare not let you lose."

The little demon said: "Ce, Miss Ben still uses you to protect, brother Lin Chen, who do you despise~"

Brush ~!

The second daughter dispatched at the same time, Ji Feng's face changed slightly!

The woman in the crimson dress has unfathomable strength! "Elders, don't keep it, fight against it!"

boom! boom! boom!

In the Luoxia Mountains, a terrible battle started. If the battle is not more than four times in the Holy Land, the battle space will be set up. The aftermath of the battle is enough to destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of miles!

The six avatars of Lin Chen urged the speed of the celestial demon nine wings, which changed the face of all elders in the expanding cave realm!

"Xuelong, protect my temple!"

At the moment of danger, Ji Feng produced a blood mark, the space was reversed, the space directly above the Dragon Hall was broken, a thousand-footed snow dragon was born, the shape was like a dragon, the wings were as white as crystal snow, and the wings were covered. Intermediate extreme prison snow dragon, comparable to the fourfold Sacred Realm!

"It's the holy dragon guarding the Snow Dragon Hall! The snow hidden cards in the weekdays, I didn't expect to be forced out today!"

"These list of evildoers is really going to be fierce. Isn't Xuelongdian really able to resist today?"

Many saints who retreated to the distance in the distance looked at the distance to watch the battle, and were amazed by the background of the Snow Dragon Temple.

However, the next moment-

"Just you have a dragon?"

Lin Chen snapped his fingers, the Holy Dragon came into the world!

Hundreds of feet of magnificent Qingtian dragon turned out, dragon scales Xuanqing, dragon head and magnificent all directions, azure dragon tail azure blue like jade, a pair of dragon pupils are black and white, if there is yin and yang rotating!

"Huh? What kind of dragon is this?"

Extreme prison Xue Longkou spit out words, can not help but exclaimed.

"It's right to kill your dragon!"

Sacred Dragon used Lin Chen's tone, the extreme prison snow dragon was provoked and instantly angered!

The Ssangyong started to confront each other, and the magical powers urged them out continuously, the dragon claws were flying all over the sky, and the dragon tail was twisted and swept, such as returning to the era of prehistoric civilization and witnessing the confrontation between the two powerful dragons!

Extreme Prison Snow Dragon is in full bloom with 3.5 billion dragon veins, at the same level as the ordinary saint's quadruple perfection. Although Lin Chen's holy dragon has only 2.3 billion dragon veins, he may use all his talents perfectly!

In addition, the Holy Dragon's bloodline supernatural power starts at a perfect level, and the cross-order and the extreme prison snow dragon are heads-up without falling down!

The chaotic battle, only Lin Chen and Xiang Wentian in the void!

Xiang Wentian walked towards the void step by step. The fluttering robe raised his sword and floated in the air. The red sword in his palm was surging Chilian Xinghua, picking a disdainful arc to Wentian's mouth.

"I don't know heaven..."

Brush ~! The voices did not fall, the five-color nine-color aurora sounded, and Lin Chen threw out the five-color nine-star robbery stars!

Just a moment ago, Xiang Wentian looked upset, and when he saw the five stars of nine colors, his face suddenly changed suddenly!

Lin Chen: "Pretend? Just pretend?"