My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1315

Vol 5 Chapter 1315: Awesome

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"Chi Lian Shen Xing cut!"

Xiang asked the weather is badly corrupted, and the sword cuts the five avenues of refining the gas, such as Changhong crossing the sun, sweeping the sky boundlessly!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

Five nine-color stars cut across the sky, nine-color afterglow ceilings crashed, Xiang Wentian had not yet started his body, two pairs of heavenly demon wings appeared like ghosts behind him, and Xiang Wentian was shocked!

"True dragon dances!"

The shadows of the guns flashed heavily, like a shocking wave that would never be exhausted. The guns and guns overwhelmed people, if there was a dragon!

"Blood Sacrifice Cangtian Wanjian Jue!"

Xiang Wentian's eyes were indifferent, sword shadows were chased infrequently, Dao Daoguang fluttered the sky, thousands of Daoguang spins, blooming like a kaleidoscope, and he faced with guns and dances violently, exploding the horizon explosion!

"Dragon blood scattered soul claws!"

"Nine heavy burning palms!"

Lin Chen's palm, lingering around the nine-fold fire mark, rolling fire dragon roaring the blue sky, Lin Chen slammed his back against Wen Tian, and the five palms of burning heaven turned out!

Nine heavy burning heaven palm! This trick from the Fire Department of Shenyang Palace is superimposed by Ninefold Burning, which is comparable to the orange-level intermediate level! The strongest offensive broke out in Lin Chen's hands for the first time!

Not to mention,

The dragon claws rammed the five strokes of the giant palm of burning flames, the firemark exploded, the dragon light shattered, and the crystal wall of the space space was broken, and the palm shattered the strongest claw of Xiang Wentian, making his expression slightly change. Quickly urged a large number of Holy Forces to save the sword, shredding the after rhyme of the burning palm!

However, when Lin Chen chased back and regained his spirit, he had rushed to the sky cover of Xiang Wentian, the speed was strange and unpredictable, and he was forced to point out another finger to Wen Tian!

"Fengying Finger!"

"Four Shadows!"

"Xuanwu Dafa Possession!"

"Xiu Luo JiuhuangEightfold"

"Ten Thousands Split Dragon Power!"

"Slow rune!"

The two men fought more and more fiercely, and a world war shattered and the entire Luoxia Mountains turned into ruins!

The two battled again in the direction of the Tianyin Canyon of Qiyu, and the places they passed along, such as natural disasters sweeping, were shocking!

The saints who retreated to the distance witnessed this battle and were even more dumbfounded!

This is the battle between the enemies!

The orange-order exercises they pursued all their lives, in the hands of the two, endlessly emerged, and the hand was coming! The one-to-one match, even the five-fold Holy Realm, did not dare to easily join that group of war circles!

What makes them even more incredible is that silver robe boy! Only 24 holy caves are in full bloom! How can this holy power be comparable to the fourfold holy realm, every move of the orange-level exercises can be reduced to five moves, completely subverting everyone's cognition!

"What a joke, I was actually leapfrogged? Ben Shao was born from now until now, only me leapfrogged others, and no one can leapfrog me!"

Xiang Wentian was a little hysterical, his arrogant and indifferent attitude became crazy and violent, and the sword was even more fierce and violent!

However, Lin Chen avoided his attacks like a cloud, and no matter what kind of offensive he used, Lin Chen would double back!

Xiang Wentian was even hard to accept reality, he was forced to do his best in one face!

That's right, it's all out! Xiang Wentian has now been forced to use all methods to improve his strength,

How could there be such an outrageous saint triple in the world!

He made 10 times of expansion to Wentianzhang, the lowest is 17 times and the highest is 20 times. The holy cave holds the holy power like mountains, sun, and moon. With a single blow, it can explode more than 90 billion dragon power!

The sage who expands the hole five times as usual, and the saint who expands the hole ten times has a maximum of 23 to 25 billion dragon powers, which is completely different from him. His combat power is directly chasing the five-fold late holy realm!

Not to mention the blessings of the many orange-level exercises and orange-level heart methods he practiced, even on the demon list, who can leapfrog and fight him, five fingers can be counted.

As for the leapfrog? Totally impossible! This is also the reason why he is so difficult to accept reality. Leapfrogging and leapfrogging are two different things!

After the little demon in the melee, when Yu Guang looked at Lin Chen from the corner of her eyes, she couldn't help but wonder.

"I saw Lin Chen like this for the first time. Sure enough, men are all the same, and their women are touched like crazy. Suddenly, I still envy that Leng Yueqi..."

The destructive power of the 24 holy caves should be about 5 billion dragon powers. Lin Chens "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" has doubled!

Add another supernatural possession and add 3 times, that is 4 times! Lin Chens divine power can explode 25 billion dragon powers!

Even though the number of his alien crystals is double that of Xiang Wentian, it is not enough to force Xiang Wentian's full strength.

In the previous battle, he used all the active effects of Extinct Fissures, Instant Light Fragmentation, and Extremely Possessed Body, which only leveled the huge gap between them!

"Eight Dragon Burning Sounds!"

The attack was not endless, Lin Chen became an instant seal, with eight-headed spirit burning dragon on top of his head, and behind him was the phantom of the Extreme God wearing armor.

Roar ~~! The roaring dragon roared, the mountains and rivers were frightened, the area of Wanli Mountain Gorge instantly turned into powder, the roar collapsed the airflow, the light was dim, and the sand and stone walked away.

Xiang Wentian's complexion changed slightly, with both hands holding the sword horizontal frame, and a red mark appeared on his eyebrows. When he held the sword, a round red Chilian Jianguang body was derived!

"Sword Spirit Guard!"

boom! boom! boom!

Jianguang's body was blasted by Lin Chen, and he vomited blood to Wentian, the injury could not be recovered!


A thousand-foot rune descended from the sky, Lin Chen's rune energy plummeted by 500,000 points, a rune was sealed by the heavenly demon, and a rune and town demon!


The saints took a breath of air!

Is this guy really human? Even if the saint's holy cave contains infinite holy power, there must be a gap!

This kid's tricks were wave after wave, and he never stopped. This goddess' holy cave is inexhaustible?

Repeated offensives, from fighting against skills, to fighting against spirits, to slow runes, Xiang Wentian couldn't withstand it at all!

Bang ~! This time, the space stagnate, and more than half of Xiang Wentian's holy caves were temporarily delayed by the operation of the holy power. Lin Chentian's magic wings flickered, and the palm of the nine-hearted burning heaven was ready to go!

"Want to sneak attack, Ben Shao still..."

Lin Chen sneered sneer: "Super chaos."


Xiang Wentian's face changed, and there was a high degree of chaos in his mind and the holy force in the holy cave, and even some of his holy caves did not even listen to his own command.

"This... what is this?"

When Xiang Wentian didn't respond, Lin Chen had an extremely possessive body and instantaneous light split, and Jiu Chong Tian Tian Palm shot angrily in front of his chest!

Bang~! Kaka Kaka!

A blue energy shield protects Xiang Wentian for a short time, it is a fifth-grade protective holy weapon, heart starfish holy pendant!

Rao is so, the ribs in front of his chest burst out a crisp cracking sound, and was blown to the ground by Lin Chen!

The outcome is divided!

With regard to the victory and defeat, all the saints have seen the result of the duel!

Heavenly Demon wing flapped, Lin Chen appeared again to Xiang Wentian's side, the golden armor of the left leg was gorgeous and the gods burst into flames!

What does he want to do? Everyone was baffled!

However, at the next moment, the sages of the saints are numb!

Lin Chen, whose pure power soared hundreds of billions of dragons, kicked Wen Tian's head with one leg!

boom! The azure energy hood ruptured, Xiang Wentian was like a ball, kicked by Lin Chen for thousands of miles away, ruining the mountain along the way, rolling in succession, Xiang Wentian vomited blood and cracked, his face was incredible!


Not right!

This **** rhythm?

Xiang Wentian is a demon list! The rules of the monster list are known to the Holy Realm!

The little demon whispered enchantingly-"Hehe, there is a good show."