My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1316

Vol 5 Chapter 1316: I Also Kill The Demon List

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"Yang Wentian even lost..."

"Where is this little fellow?"

"Ah! Ji Feng, Ji Feng, who brought you the Snow Dragon Hall!"

Seeing Xiang Wentian defeated, the elders of the Snow Dragon Temple mourned bitterly, but Ji Feng panicked!

Known as the ruthless swordsman, Master Xiangwentian will be defeated by the leapfrog challenge?

However, the next moment!

Bang ~!

When Xiang Wentian was kicked and flew by Lin Chen, all the elders had a shocked face!

How can I continue to fight if I win? Does this kid don't know the rules of the demon list?

"What does he want to do!"

"Damn, come true! This kid really wants to kill Xiang Wentian son!"

"Quick, save people!"

Several Holy Realms of the Snow Dragon Temple broke through the fivefold desires, and were stopped by the Scarlet Fairy, and the sleeve robe flicked lightly, easily suppressing all the five Holy Land of the Snow Dragon Temple including Ji Feng!

"Woman, get away!"

Ji Feng roared.

"What do you do so rudely, son of the slave family, but a man who dares to fight even the Holy King, a demon list, do you think he dare not kill. Look quietly, you Snow Dragon Hall, you should not be Annoying people."

The crimson fairy smiled softly, and the laughter was light and graceful, and there was a hint of coldness again.

Ji Feng's mouth twitched...

How dare the King fight? What a fairy!

the other side;

"You..." Xiang Wentian struggled to get up, Lin Chen raised his leg again!

Bang ~! The mountains dumped, and Xiang Wentian was trampled with blood and flesh, and fell into the ground tens of thousands of meters!

"It's over!"

"The monster list is about to change!"

The faces of many saints changed!

This kid doesn't show mercy at all!

This is fighting, this is simply fighting to death!

Just now he did not give Xiang Wentian a breathing opportunity. When there was a gap, he would slow down the runes and wait for him. His body started to run at full speed and rushed to chase and fight. Now he has no chance to let him relax. hit!

This is definitely a precursor to the dead hand!

"This... Will Lin Chen stun his head with anger!"

"Does he want to kill Xiang Wentian? It's too much..."

The people in Bingxin Palace are shocking and fearless!

They wanted to stop Lin Chen, but they didn't have the guts! This son is not what he used to be. He is no longer the little war emperor of the year.

"I am angry, but I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse."

The master of Bingxin Palace gave a complicated sigh, and his eyes glanced over some loneliness and memories.

In the crack, Lin Chen's eyes were cold. Although there was a wound on his body, Xiang Chentian, who was **** in one hand, was alone.

"You... who the **** are you? Don't you want to kill Ben, and you are also a list of evildoers, you should know how serious the consequences are! Kill me, the question behind Ben Shao will not let you go! The eighth rank forces of the list will not let you go unpunished!"

Xiang Wentian's flesh and blood are vague, and his mouth is full of grin. Until now, he only feels that the teenager in front of him is bluffing!

Kill him? joke! As a demon list, he knows the importance of killing each other in the demon list!

According to the rules stipulated in the enchanted list, anyone who kills the enchanted list of wizards on the spot will be directly accountable, and the direct forces on his body will also be directly implicated.

The rules of the enchanted list are established by the eighty-six sects of the thirty-six domains. If you want to disobey the rules of the enchanted list, even if you are the same as the eight-ranked sect! Multiple eight rank forces can target one eight rank forces, and the latter must fall into the disadvantages!

So, even if Lin Chen's origin is the Eighth Rank Force, he can't move him to ask Heaven's life!

"Are you serious when I fear the rules of a demon list."

Lin Chen's majestic evil smile-"How are you tyrannical list on weekdays? It has nothing to do with me. But you dare to touch my people and hurt my friends. Don't say the wicked list, even if it is a sage list, Laozi kills no doubt! "

Bang ~! Energetic and violent, Lin Chen kicked his leg with a sharp knee and kicked into Wentian's abdomen. The 230 billion dragon power of the God of War's right leg armor suddenly broke out!

Bang~! !

A streamer rising from the sky to Xiang Wentian was suddenly kicked into the sky by Lin Chen, spitting blood in his mouth, turning his eyes white, and he was on the verge of death!

"how can that be"

Under the eyes of all eyes, Lin Chen's palm directly below the canyon dissipated his anger and burned into a nine-fold fire mark.

Bang ~!

A giant palm of the burning sky swarmed up against the head, slamming to the sky!


Xiang Wentian's entire body exploded on the spot, and the blood mist was burned into nothingness by the burning flames!

All the saints who witnessed this moment shuddered!

The Wizards of the Underworld are killed! !

Qianyu, asked the palace.

In the sky palace above the clouds, two old men dressed in white and black robes are playing chess.

Suddenly, the old black and white old man's hand stopped suddenly, while his face slightly changed, his expression changed from stunned to shocked, and returned from calm to calm.

Under the calm old face, his eyes hide the anger on the eve of the volcano.

"Why God is dead."

"I still died in the thirty-six domain, not outside the Holy Realm or the secret realm, this is, naked contempt and asked the palace!"

"The location of the demise is a strange land."

"Convene the manpower and start the strange domain!"


In a certain ancient tower, a black lightning flashed through the spire of the tower to Jiuxiao.

Inside the ancient tower, a long-haired man with deep eyes stepped out, his hair in black robes and his eyebrows cold.

"Someone dares to despise the rules of the evil demon list? The place of death is a strange land, arrest the prisoner, and if necessary, destroy his whole family!"

Brush brush!

As soon as the voice fell, a figure appeared around the long-haired man, like a ghost!

A total of eleven people, led by a long-haired man, pulling the space horizontally with both hands, tearing into the void and stepping into it, disappeared!


At this moment, the top forces of all parties in the Holy Realm shook, and all forces with more than six ranks received the situation that some people in the ranking of the evildoers died in the first time!

The vacancy of Xiang Wentians quota has not been replaced by any name. The reason is very simple. The ranking of the demon list has never been won by fighting, but by assessment and competition within the prescribed range.


Dan domain.

"We are late."

Danyu Void, directly above the Elders Pavilion, two groups of shadows suspended in the void, showing a team of figures.

"Hey, there is still the breath of Holy Heaven King Hao, it seems that he has been here before."

The old man on crutches smiled hey.

"He can't run away, search for his information!"

The old man's smirk smiled, looking away from the direction of the elder pavilion, that is the direction of Wanbao's secret realm!

The old man's eyes narrowed and muttered to himself.

"This breath can't be wrong. Really...the old guy really created the 14th issue in order to deal with me..."

It's weird that this group of people appeared on the top of Dan Yu elder's pavilion, but nobody noticed it!