My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1317

Vol 5 Chapter 1317: Sword Territory Is Changing

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Sword Domain, Sky Sword City, and Thousand Dao Sword Wheels hang above the sky, radiating a brilliant artistic conception of the sword.

In Jiancheng, in front of a sword monument, Jian Qingcheng's red robe was bright and worried.

The middle-aged man on the side narrowed his eyes, closed the list of emerald glazes on hand, and asked seriously.

"Qingcheng, you said earlier that the boy Lin Chen returned to the strange land to find the six-finger Xuanyuan, right."

Jian Qingcheng nodded: "Well, if you count the days, the space channel of Danyu can also reach the strange domain recently..."

The elegant middle-aged man's mouth twitched slightly.

It wouldnt be so coincident, the wizards who just died in the monster list are also in the strange domain...

This kid is really the chaotic storm center of the Holy World.

"Dad, in case it really is him..."

Jian Qingcheng's Hao teeth bit softly, and her pretty face was full of worry.

Not to mention, Jian Qingcheng is almost completely certain that Lin Chen is the one who killed the enchanted list and asked Wentian!

To say why, it depends on Jian Qingcheng's understanding of Lin Chen and the woman's intuition.

He is not afraid of the Holy King, and even the will of the gods is not devoid of half. How can such a guy abide by the rules of the demon list...

The elegant man in the blue robe looked strange, staring at his girl for a long time.

"Daddy, what do you think?"

"This... Allure, you won't really like other elders, do you like this kid?"

Jian Qingcheng's cheeks were blushing in time, and he quickly waved his hand: "No, he is just the goal I want to surpass..."

Not finished yet, the Qingpao man shook his head and marveled!

Lin Chen, what an amazing kid! He had never seen him, his obsessed Kendo baby girl showed this little woman like gesture!

He, this baby girl, was surprised by how many monsters he had seen before, but he didn't look at one. Instead, he was hailed by a boy with no background and a background!

You should know that when Lin Chen became a holy man, he broke nine holy caves in a row, while Jian Qing City was only one line short of breaking eight holy caves.

Although there is still a huge gap between the two, but her potential is definitely not weak, even stronger than many demon lists, all she needs is growth time.

Jian Qingcheng Hao teeth clenched cherry lips...

"Why, expect your dad to save him?"

Jian Qingcheng said: "If you don't save him, your daughter will have one less goal to surpass!"

Listening to the poor excuse of his daughter, the Qingpao man laughed and said-"Your dad, I can't beat the old miscellaneous hairs of the eight grade sect. One or two words are easy, let them go for a few rounds. Yes, but it's a group of large honeycombs. When you poke it, a group of old bees run out."

"Then... how can I save him!"

Seeing his father's mouth smiled more intensely, Jian Qingcheng was anxious, "Daddy, please tell me! What time is it, and you still have a joke!"


The Qingpao man laughed in the sky and said, "What a Lin Chen can make my baby fall into this way. I really have you. I really look forward to seeing what this kid looks like."

Bang ~~! At this time, three figures descended from the sky, and they were three old men in white robe.

They are all immortal wind bones, white hair and long beard, transcendent, with a face of immortality, like a fairy who does not ask the world.

Seeing the appearance of these three elders, the man in the blue robe immediately became serious, but his lips were raised, and he seemed to be holding a smile?

After the three elders arrived, they did not speak, so they walked around Jian Qingcheng, and their expressions were unsurprised and transcendental.

"Well, you dad, I'm sure I can't help it. To mobilize many forces in Jianyu, it depends on how your three grandpas mean."

The Qingpao man shrugged, there was no trace of smirk, and he was very professional.

Jian Qingcheng looked at the three old men and insisted: "Qingcheng has seen Jianjin, Jiansha and Jianming three grandpas..."

"Well, is there anything?"

San Lao asked, knowingly, his face lightly.

Jian Qingcheng cowardly said: "That, can you..."


"Can that be..."


Three old oil and salt did not enter, Jian Qingcheng looked at his father for help.

The Qingpao man couldn't help but remind him-"You were in trouble when you were young, what sword did you want, how did you tell your grandfathers, and now try what attitude you might try, maybe there will be a miracle."

Jian Qingcheng is dumbfounded...

When I was little? How long has it passed...

Jian Qingcheng's mind now appeared inexplicably like Lin Chen, seemingly with great determination, he stiffly headed up...

Then, Jade's hand grabbed the arm of one of the elder goatbeards, his teeth twitching his red lips.

"Grandpa~~Qingcheng begs you~~Help your friends~"

Jian Qingcheng squeezed his mouth, shook his grandfather's arm, and acted like a little girl.

The old goat-beard said seriously: "Allure, mobilize the power of the sword territory, not the grandfather alone, and you have to think about the big picture!"

"Yeah, but Qingcheng can't ignore him... Qingcheng will beg you for the last time~ I won't trouble you in the future~ Okay, just once..."

The lady was in tears, and the old man gave an ambiguous answer, and then threw the question to another old man.

Jian Qingcheng pleaded with the three old men in turn, and finally, in the mouth of Grandpa Jianming, who had the most power, finally got a reply.

"Okay, Grandpa reluctantly helps you once, remember, not so lucky in the future."

Grandpa Jianming said seriously, Jian Qingcheng jumped happily, and wept while holding Grandpa-"Thank you Grandpa Jianming!"

Seeing that the granddaughter had shed tears, there was a hint of distress in the eyes of San Lao!

"Then I will call Uncle Zuo them now!"

After Jian Qingcheng wept with joy, he quickly left Sky Sword City.

After Jian Qingcheng left... The Qingpao man covered his ears very professionally.

"It's back! Allure and she's back! This nizi is finally willing to treat us as grandpa!"

"It's exactly the same as when I was a kid, my baby granddaughter! You're back!"

"Uh oh oh!"

In the previous moment, the bones of the immortal wind were returned, and the three elders like a sword immortal.

The old Jianming was so excited that he pulled out his beard in half.

The elder Jianjin waved his fists excitedly, and hit the sky a few holes.

Jiansha was so excited that he yelled and shouted. After dozens of laps, she flipped back on the spot, and the whole Sky Sword City shocked.

Qingpao man's support...

These three granddaughter control... just acted like it was. One by one, he almost believed him.

Jian Qingcheng was very sticky when he was a child, and was used to relying on others. The three grandpas were afraid of becoming in the palm of their hands. Later, after the death of their master, the mood experienced a change. Jian Qingcheng was completely enlightened, and the infatuation of Kendo became stronger. family.

And the three grandpas who spoiled her alone, missing a sticky little cute, one can imagine...

The Qingpao man smiled and asked.

"So, when the three elders mean too much?"

"Dare to cry Xiao Qingcheng, I will go over and hammer the boy first! However, he must survive to be able to hammer him."

"Adjust the momentum and go to the odd domain!"


The sword field is changing!