My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1318

Vol 5 Chapter 1318: There Is No Snow Dragon Hall In The Wonderland

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San Lao had overheard clearly next to him. The reason for the matter was that he didn't even need to tell the man in a green robe.

In their minds, a decision has already been made.

Just waiting for the good granddaughter to get close to them.

"Go, save the future granddaughter-in-law. Weeping Xiao Qingcheng, if you want to hammer him, we have to be hammered by our own family."

"First of all, the old man doesn't recognize the boy as the future grandson-in-law. He can't pass the old man's level. Don't want to touch a hair in Allure!"

"The two of you, are the devil. Can't you learn from the old man what is meant by modesty and courtesy, and love the juniors? Let the old man see, take him to the boundary of the sword territory, kill thousands of senior holy demon kings and come back."

"Thousands? What do you want to make Qingcheng cry? Are you still a person?"

The three elders heatedly discussed, and the Qingpao man shook his head and smiled.

These three old guys...

It seems that when he was young, the man in the green robe raised his lips.

"Who hasn't killed a few enchanted lists in the past, not crazy, how to call the young man, go, and see my future son-in-law."

Qingpao men waved their palms, and laughed like a wind and thunder!

"Sword is coming!"

Choke~~! !

The dragon-like sword chanted throughout the eight territories of Kyushu, the sky cracked a crack, the sun and moon were dark, and the sky and earth lost their colors. That vast sky-like sword city cracked out of thin air!

The sword city splits into countless sword-mansions and flows into the palm of the Qingpao man, condensing into a simple and glorious sword, releasing the billowing heavenly prestige, which is like antique art in the dust .

"Jianyu Peerless Sect, Yun Dian, Tian He's House, and the Sun Setting Hall, summon all the elders at the fastest speed, and join the three great ancestors to march into the strange land!"

Sword Territory, this calm and quiet region in the latest era, is one of the most legendary territories in the Holy Realm!

Sword domain masters are like clouds, there are many sword sages, but rare wizards are listed in the demon list!

It is not that there are no future generations of Sword Territory, but they are. For some reason, many of the Sinister Sword Saints of Sword Territory have never competed for the ranking of the Sinister List.

Because they have challenged authority!

In the ancient times hundreds of years ago, there was a battle initiated by Jianyu, and a violent battle with the main forces of the demon list. The victory and defeat of both sides was unknown, but Jianyu still retreated!

The family of Jian Qingcheng is the top force that controls one-tenth of the sword domain, and has a deep friendship with many Jianzong sword factions. With a wave of arms, there will be a large number of swordsmen to go out to help!

This is also the reason why even the Holy King Haotian coveted the talent of the sword allure in the sacred mountain range!

Sword domain has one of the deepest details of the 36 domains! After a lapse of a century, it will once again be on the list of evildoers!


The dark hall, looking at the end, burned a purple-black flame, like a little starlight under the stars, becoming the only light in the night.

The purple-black flame blazed fiercely, and a giant space door suddenly opened!

Inside the giant door, slowly walked out of a black robe Qianying, concealing the true appearance, not seeing it.

"Emperor, are you?"

"It's approaching the inheritance day. Why does Zun Shang leave the inheritance space?"

A few old voices asked with surprise. There were more than a dozen groups of black clouds of spiritual ideas suspended in the void. Each group had the coercion beyond the saints, overwhelming all living beings!

"Does Emperor need to report to you when doing things?"

The black robe said indifferently, "This emperor is going to deal with some private affairs. Who dares to follow and kill without pardon. The matter of inheritance is related to the whole demon clan. The emperor will not delay.

Brush ~!

The black robe's figure jumped like a star nucleus, and the battle shifted to the stars, disappearing without a trace.

More than a dozen groups of spiritual ideas did not dare to act lightly, but the ideas conveyed by each other were full of doubts.

Private matter?


Snow Dragon Hall, many elders struggled and fell into the disadvantage of all aspects!

The moment when Xiang Wentian fell, it was a devastating blow!

Xiang Wentian didn't know who killed him until he died! He retired all year round, and rarely heard of Lin Chens deeds, even if he heard it, he would not take it seriously.

"Ben... Benzong remembered that he was Lin Chen! It was Lin Chen who buried the Holy Mountain Range!"

When Ji Feng was horrified when he lost his voice, his heart fell to the bottom!

He didn't even think it would be Lin Chen at first! The intelligence of the Wupin sect is not as fast as that of the Liupin sect. In his memory, Lin Chen's person is absolutely gorgeous even when he is shocked, and he is also far away from the list of evil spirits in cultivation.

"What about the demon list, what about the Fifth Sect, all will die today!"

Lin Chen's murderous skyrocketing, if it is an ordinary thing, he certainly does not account for the final solution to the demise.

However, Xuelongdian and Xiang Wentian touched his bottom line!

After killing Xiang Wentian, Lin Chen almost didn't hesitate. He didn't even receive Xiang Tiantian's backward attribute light sphere. He rushed straight to the direction of Xuelongdian Sect Master, and the magic wings flapped, spanning thousands of miles and only a blink of an eye!

The God of War left leg armor released a golden divine power, and the pure power surged again. The final recharge turned into a power increase. Lin Chens pure power skyrocketed to 300 billion dragons and 400 billion dragons!

500 billion dragon power!

This is the highest increase in the charge of the left leg armor at this stage. After a blow, the charge of the right leg armor will be 0!

"Now it's your turn, Xuelong Temple!"

The speed of Lin Chens outbreak caused the two elders and Ji Feng who were seriously injured by the Scarlet Fairy to fail to react, and they were blocked by the Scarlet Fairy to open up their space.

Bang ~! Lin Chen's figure turned sideways, a terrifying kick kicked sideways, and the Xeon Dragon's power that burst through the stars broke out. The whole person was like a golden divine glance!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The two Taishang elders and Ji Feng failed to send out the mourning before death. After being flashed by the golden divine glory, they instantly penetrated the Eucharist and blood splashed into the void!

Instant kill three saints fivefold! !

Many saints tremble their teeth, and their hearts are cold!

"Is this kid really a human..."

"The old man didn't... have no dazzle, Ji Feng died like this? In the hands of a young man?"

"The Lord of the Fifth Sect, a generation of arrogant people, has just fallen..."

Many saints have not even recovered from this shocking fact!

Despite the help of the Scarlet Fairy and the premise of serious injuries, the power of Lin Chen's foot has already surpassed the scope of the ordinary saint's five weights!

In the mid-five times of Sacred Realm, the lethality of about 100 billion dragons can be exploded, while in the late period of the fivefolds, it should be more than 100 billion. Of course, this refers to the level of saints 5 to 8 times each time and 4 times the condensation gas.

Lin Chens blow has already broken through the destructive power of 500 billion dragons. Although there is only one blow, there is no chance for them to use their life-saving means under the circumstances of limited movement and serious injuries!

[God of War Set-Ultimate Left Leg Armor, Charge: 0%. It has been automatically disengaged, and the host cannot use it until the charge is restored.