My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1319

Vol 5 Chapter 1319: Lin Chen's Preparation

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Jin Huis dazzling leg armor disappeared, Lin Chen breathed out a breath, and when he looked around again, the elder of Xuelong Temple was injured and died.

His avatars all have a decent position. Any elders in the immediate family who want to counter-attack or sneak attack on Lin Chen and others, his avatars must be killed.

If recruited, the elder Qin Qing, who only dealt with in the battle, was only seriously injured and did not kill his life. This is the last bottom line he left to the other party.

Lin Chen threw all the saints into Qingxue planting capsules, and when he was absorbed by the blue crystal jade rod, he looked at the entire Luoxia Mountains and several giant cities outside.

"From now on, there will be no Snow Dragon Hall in the odd territory! Everything under the name of Snow Dragon Hall will be taken over by Bingxin Palace. Whoever dares not to accept it will come to Lin Chen to debate with me. People, either hit me until you serve, or I hit you until you serve."

"All the disciples under the name of Xuelong Temple leave immediately. If there is still a stay tomorrow, there will be no pardon!"

Lin Chen passed on the spiritual realm of entering the Holy Realm, and the sounds rolled across thousands of miles, spreading across countless cities and territories, and he could clearly hear his voice even farther away, such as crossing the void.

When Lin Chen announced, the many saints who had come to participate in the happy event were both amazed and sighed.

Not to mention the happy events and the funeral, the high-level power of the Wupin sect was completely wiped out, and the foundation of the 100,000-year-old history of the Snow Dragon Temple was destroyed!

There are three monsters sitting in the city, and the new Bingxin Palace is bound to be in the sky, and its status is unshakable!

The premise is to be able to withstand the next storm. The matter of destroying the Wupin sect is small, and the matter of killing the evil ranks is great.

"You, Lin Chen... alas!"

The three elders of Bingxin Palace sighed when they stepped into the air.

They are not happy to take over the Xuelong Temple now, and they have just killed the Wizards of the Wicked List. The forces they have to face are far from being as simple as a six-grade sect!

"It's okay, the water will cover the earth, the soldiers will block, and the woman will come to me. The back of the demon list only depends on the forces. If they can't fight, they will overthrow them!"

Lin Chen smiled, his terrible self-confidence showed in his laughter!

The little demon took a deep look at Lin Chen. As the golden treasure of Zixia King Valley, the level of her contact was far beyond ordinary people. She learned that in the ancient wars, the main force of the evil list is not as simple as the unusual sect.

The strong man dispatched this time will inevitably be even more terrifying than the four demon kings who infiltrated the Dan domain that day!

To die, a demon asked to heaven, has no effect on the main force behind it, those super giants have seen too many devil wizards!

What they want to protect is the rules of the enchanted list and their authority!

If you kill a list of evildoers but have nothing to say, isnt it possible that you can kill and fight in the future? Then sent a few more sages of life and death to encircle the enemies, and the fresh blood of the human race will inevitably be cut off!

What they want to maintain is the order that iron does not change!

"Is he more powerful than that day? What other cards do he have, look forward to!"

The little demon queen thinks more, the more curious about Lin Chen! The beautiful eyes flashed with different colors, staring at Lin Chen's eyes, his secrets seemed to never end!

The holy dragon wanders the void and incorporates all attribute light **** into the dragon body.

[The host gains 100 million strengthening points, 120,000 ignition energy, 1 million talent points, 90,000 water energy, 1.9 billion advanced blood, 1.2 billion advanced blood, 50,000 set essence...]

The demon queen cooperated with the holy dragon to kill the holy dragon in the snow dragon temple, and the advanced qi and blood attributes obtained were entered into Lin Chen's body, and the qi and blood raged!

"Fairy, what's your reason for helping me." Lin Chen turned to the Scarlet Fairy, revealing a meaningful smile-"I can't really look at the handsome handsome, if so, then the next topic we You have to find a place to chat at night."

After the Scarlet Fairy came from the Realm Tower, helping herself could not be spared. She even dared to fight Haotian Saint King.

For now, Lin Chen can't think of any reason why she can touch her so desperately to help herself.

The scarlet fairy smiled: "Of course it is because you are handsome."

Okay! Let the coach make a guess? Naughty~

"Okay, I know you always tell me."

Lin Chen did not ask, after the avatar ended the battle, he quickly returned to Qingxue to plant capsules, and tried his best to refine a large number of Qi and blood attributes!

The high-level qi and blood dropped by the extreme prison snow dragon have greatly improved Lin Chen's holy body.

Previously in the Great Desolation, most of the advanced qi and blood obtained by him were also distributed to the Holy Dragon. His own body refining realm has not grown much. This time, his flesh shell dragon power broke through 6 billion dragon power. There are no signs of stopping!

The practice of Xuelong Snow Dragon is enough to be comparable to the late stage or perfection of the holy realm of the human race, which greatly benefits Lin Chen!

In addition to the blessing effect of the flesh shell awakening, the pure power has 16 billion dragon power!

The battle methods of the human race and the dragon race are different. The blood of the dragon race will consume most of the energy of the dragon vein. It will usually be exhausted only a few times. However, even if the dragon vein is vacant, the dragon body's holy dragon body also has the power to destroy the earth. .

Although the holy power of the human race erupts with extremely strong power, and the attributes are variable, it is used many times, but if the protracted battle is consumed violently, when the holy power of the holy cave is exhausted, it will fall into a very fragile state. In the case of dryness, dragons of the same level will crush the holy land of the human race!

And if Lin Chen can raise his body to the same level as his holy realm, it is equivalent to having one more move in the mountains and rivers.

"Squad leader, this is their precept."

Han Yizhi took away all the absurd rings of the elder Snow Dragon Hall elders and Xiang Wentian's'Silent Belt'. This object is a fourth-grade space holy object, and its storage and functions far exceed that of the precepts. Will have.

"The elders in Bingxin Palace can tell other elders to go here. Starting today, you will be able to take over everything in Xuelong Temple."

Lin Chen smiled, the elders of Bingxin Palace were happy and worried, and they landed in the Snow Dragon Hall, and even began to skim to the location of each branch hall.

Seeing this scene, the many saints watching from afar broke up immediately. In case the young man went crazy and killed them, it would be a big deal...

Lin Chen was preparing to open all the saints' precepts. Leng Yueqi hugged him from behind Lin Chen's, soft and cold breath lingering on the tip of her nose, and the lady said a little blamingly.

"How's it, don't get hurt so much? I'm so impulsive every time..."

Lin Chen smiled-"Hey, men don't rush, is that still a man, not to mention your man is the most handsome me."

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh, don't worry about it, you let me collect things, Zixia Wanggu has already collected them for me."

The demon later interrupted the two and handed Lin Chen a promise.

When Leng Yueqi saw the little demon, her beautiful eyes swept a bit!

Such people are really rare in the world.