My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1320

Vol 5 Chapter 1320: At Your Fingertips Ultimate Right Leg Armor

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Lin Chen grinned after accepting the little demon handed over from the demon; "Then thank you! Hey, as long as I don't die, the coach will never fail to pay."

When spiritual consciousness opened the Nahua, more than one hundred second-grade sacrificial wares were hidden in it, and Lin Chen's eyes swept a fiery!

He made an agreement with the little demon queen and Zixia Wanggu from the tower, at the cost of selling 1,000 wandering fruits every year, let Zixia Wanggu buy a large number of second-class sacristy for him. .

Anyway, Zixia Wanggu's wealth is generous, and he really does not lack this money. Lin Chen doesnt even know that even now its a list of monsters, Zixia Wanggu is a power of several ranks. This power has a long history and seems to be a special existence in the southern region. Even the little demon has never answered Lin Chen directly. .

"Go, let's copy the house! Look at the treasure trove of the Fifth Sect, what good is there!"

Lin Chen waved his hand, Han Yizhi and the demon followed up, and heard the word copying home, and the demons eyes were shining brightly, as if exploring a treasure hunt!

The crowd straightened up on the Huanglong, and the Snow Dragon Hall hid its own treasure house secretly. Even the scarlet fairy had to spend a little time to find it.

It's a pity that Lin Chen has the ultimate shadow. The hidden treasure trove was turned over by the little shadow within a quarter of an hour, and four treasure trove were found in succession.

The first treasure trove of secrets has cultivated five kinds of lower-grade luck luck plants, a middle-grade luck luck plant "Snow Dragon Vine", and gold holy yuan coins and silver holy yuan coins piled up into mountains.

Lin Chen ceded the holy Yuan coin to the little demon queen and Han Yizhi and others, and Qiyun Lingzhi gave it to Bingxin Palace.

This is the foundation of the development of Bingxin Palace in the future. To put it bluntly, with the help of Lin Chen, the future Bingxin Palace must be in charge of Leng Yueqi. Now leaving Qi Yunlingzhi is equivalent to leaving it to your future wife to practice .

The second treasure trove of secrets is the class of exercises. There are four types of orange-level exercises and two types of half-orange-level heart methods. Purple rank top, countless. There are also 13 inferior crystals and 1 ice crystal in the middle. Lin Chen and the demon only use their own, leaving nearly half to Bingxin Palace.

The Xuelong Temple is also a major ice system practice. Many inheritances can be said to be perfectly connected with the Bingxin Palace. The elders were once ecstatically stunned.

The third treasure house secret realm is the elixirs and elixirs. Although there are many types, Lin Chen is a sixth-grade saint-level pharmacist and has a very high vision.

In addition, the Snow Dragon Palace is not the main force to practice pill, and the maximum of the pill is no more than four grades. Therefore, Lin Chen only took a part of the small shadow as the staple food. Bingxin Palace.

The fourth treasure house secret realm is what Lin Chen wants most. It is the holy class, 178 pieces of first grade holy items, 99 pieces of second grade holy items, 12 pieces of third grade holy items, 3 pieces of fourth grade holy items, all packaged by Lin Chen take away!

The Scarlet Fairy opened the space channel personally and transferred all the high-level elders in the Bingxin Palace to the Snow Dragon Hall. All the elders in the Bingxin Palace had a dreamlike feeling!

Almost a day, they replaced the Snow Dragon Temple? The ups and downs of this life are more exciting than Baishen!

If it is an ordinary force, this possibility is inevitably impossible. Even if the Snow Dragon Hall is destroyed, it cannot be directly taken over.

However, Lin Chen is a demon list, and other deeds cant interfere. Unless Xuelong Temple is a direct affiliate of a sixth-grade sect, the ordinary sixth-grade sect will not easily find a sufficient one to destroy the sect. Trouble with the Wizards of the Underworld!

one day later.

"What? All sold?"

"This...but Sipin Danfang, the value is too high..."

In the lobby of the Snow Dragon Temple Treasury, the elders of Bingxin Palace heard that Lin Chen was going to sell all the third-grade and fourth-grade Danfang at the fastest speed. When they replaced it with a second-grade sacristy, they thought they heard it wrong!

Han Yizhi smiled and laughed, explaining: "The elders dont need to worry. The squad leader is already a sixth-grade saint-level pharmacist. He won the championship at the Danyu General Election Conference. It is not for him to sell these Danfang. The elders do not need to worry about the fundamentals that affect the Snow Dragon Palace.

Six grades?

The three elders of the Holy Land and the main palace owner of the Bingxin Palace almost dropped their chin to the ground, and the corners of their mouths shivered!

Sixth-grade Saint-level pharmacist, this is a legendary pharmacy giant! In the thirty-six domain, where can not enjoy supreme treatment, Lin Chen is so young ranked sixth?

After the little guy left from the strange domain, how far has he transformed...

Not daring to hesitate too much, the elders of Bingxin Palace acted swiftly and sold these recipes for Lin Chen at the fastest speed.

Two days later.

Snow Dragon Hall, practice secret realm, cold jade bed.

The vast and vast cold jade ice bed hangs over the sky like a mirror, and there is a breath of cold bone ice. In the past, this place was only accessible by the elder level of the Snow Dragon Hall.

Leng Yueqi is in the center of a ten thousand-foot-long superb ice-cold sky. Her beautiful eyes are closed. Like the ice fairy frozen in the sky-cold sky, Lin Chen is a little dazed.

"Sister Yueqi is getting more and more beautiful, well, after her retreat, I should be able to...hehehe."

Someone Lin touched his chin with a smirk, and at this time, Lengyues beautiful body swallowed the vast energy of the skys cold soul, and even Lin Chen had to urge the Holy Power defense to approach her. Within a hundred feet.

In this 10,000-foot-long ice-cold sky, a little leakage of ice energy is enough to turn some small planes into ice and snow, which is obtained by the small shadows leaking from the Wanbao secret realm.

As far as value is concerned, Lin Chen's whole body can be compared with the six-grade Shengdan "Poulin Destiny Pill" refined at the day election conference!

Leng Yueqi's nine tremendous cold veins are at the best period after awakening. If she can perfectly absorb the sky's cold soul, if she can't be more than one in ten thousand, she will fly into the sky! Maybe, Xiuwei will directly surpass Lin Chen!

When Lin Chen exited the secret realm and returned to the Snow Dragon Hall, the elegant crimson shadow waited for a long time.

It was a scarlet fairy, she threw a ring to Lin Chen and smiled.

"It was sold in exchange for the many properties of Xuelong Palace, and there are some territories that are temporarily beyond the scope of Bingxin Palace's ability management. All of them were sold to the Liupin Chamber of Commerce under my guarantee, plus the more than 1 million you gave me before. Gold Saint Yuan coins, I personally ran the Qipin Chamber of Commerce of Qiyu, and found a lot. The people in Bingxin Palace heard that you need a lot of holy tools, all contributed, and only the minimum life-saving holy weapon was left."

Lin Chen's eyes flashed fiery when he accepted Najie!

There are 516 second-grade sacrificial objects in this ring!

It is not an exaggeration to call this amount astronomical!

Although the second-grade sacristy has a slightly lower view of Lin Chen today, it is difficult for even the six-grade sect to achieve so many holy objects in a short time!

In addition, the number of second-grade sacristy held by Lin Chen is exactly 1,001 pieces of second-grade sacristy!

The third Ares component is right in front of you!