My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1321

Vol 5 Chapter 1321: Asked The Palace To Arrive

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The system has informed Lin Chen that the God of War suits, the more parts, the more terrifying the power increase will be!

For example, a single piece of Ares armor 4% charge, and 2% armor plus 2% leg armor match, the latter two pieces of the power of the increase is even more against the sky!

When Lin Chen left, Crimson Fairy looked deeply at Lin Chen's back. In the end, she didn't break through Lin Chen's details.

Every genius has luck, and talent is important, but it is always luck and timing that determine fate.

The Scarlet Fairy has been in contact with many demon wizards. She has never tried her best to help a person like this. On the contrary, she will be very cautious in treating each demon. The reason is her origin. She is not a human race, but a spiritual plant.

In many cases, she can more or less perceive the strength of a genius's luck, and can achieve a level similar to that of a top saint-level operator. Looking through the panther, she can see the height and achievement of a person.

However, Lin Chen's son, no luck at all!

It should be said that there is no trace of'luck' on his body, and his life and destiny are not at all!

This proves that he is most likely not a person in this world! This is the result of the brave scrutiny of Crimson Fairy as Ling Zhi!

"What height can you grow up to, let me see, I have wandered countless eras, cultivated human form, and gained wisdom. In these days, I am already tired of it. I hope you can let me see another beginning, Lin Chen..."


Snow Dragon Temple closed the secret realm.

Lin Chen sat cross-legged and turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 7.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Sanjing Middle Triple (24 sacred caves)-Advanced essence: 39116 billion points

Ultimate strength: 18.2 billion dragon power (carp awakening +100%)-Advanced Qi and Blood: 535.4 billion points

Advanced spirit: 16.9 billion points

Advanced skill essence: 65.71 million points-advanced rune energy: 124.41 million points-intermediate sky value: 27.22 million points.

Intermediate talent points: 110.2 million points-suit essence: 6.74 million points

Blank attributes: 0 points-strengthening points: 16.955 billion points-refined crystals: 38 pieces.

Advanced elemental energy: 44.1 million points in the fire system, 34.15 million points in the soil system, 33.99 million points in the wood system, 33.33 million points in the gold system, 33.41 million points in the water system, 34.35 million points in the thunder system, 34.31 million points in the wind system, and 34.34 million points in the light system , Dark Department 33.52 million points.

Set column: Golden God of War set, holding parts Ultimate Right Armor-Ultimate Left Leg Armor-(Making) Ultimate Right Leg Armor.

Bloodline Status Bar-Kung Fu Status Bar-Life Awakening Bar

Active Talent Bar-Passive Talent Bar-Nirvana Bar-Special Rune Bar-Talent Combination Skill]

Killing Xiang Wentian and the elders of the Snow Dragon Hall, Lin Chen has gained a lot of suit essence!

Compared with the previous World War I, it is not that the four demon kings and the holy heaven holy king are as good as Xiang Wentian, but that the holy heaven holy king did not use any holy objects at that time.

So far, Lin Chen has obtained the essence of the suit only to explode and destroy the holy weapon, or to decompose the holy weapon.

"System, I want to make Ares right leg armor!"

[The system receives, consumes 2 million days of value, 2 million sets of essence, 999 pieces of second-grade sacristy, a gold-based nine-grade holy mine.

Bang ~~!

In Lin Chens Qingxue planting capsules, the golden holy mine sealed with a sharp and energetic atmosphere of Gengjin disappeared!

In the system space where Lin Chen is conscious of the sea, a golden vortex rises sharply!

Then, when the vortex dissipated, a piece of golden leg armor shone brilliantly, and slowly lowered, its proportion and length were completely designed according to Lin Chen's figure!

[Successful production, congratulations to the host for obtaining the third gold war arena set component-Ultimate Right Leg Armor, Charge: 0.45%.

When Lin Chen's state of mind throbbed, the little shadow came out of his arms again, and there was good news!

"You opened the Silent Belt?"

The black dragon-shaped little shadow nodded excitedly, and came out with a thought response: "I made a small goal."

Xiang Wentians belt of silence is a space holy object. This holy weapon is not like the ordination. After death, the spiritual imprint of his master becomes very weak, but it will become more solidified, making it impossible for outsiders to obtain its internal secrets. .

This is often forged by some super giants to avoid revealing the sects secrets after the death of some strong men. Later, it became the configuration of the enchanted list, because this thing can also be used as a gas transport capsule.

Lin Chen immediately released his spiritual power to dive in. I saw that a vast ocean was in sight, and two islands were floating on the sea surface, which was actually a lot of treasures!

There are exercises, there is a holy pill, there are eighth-order treasures of heaven and earth, and there are a few fourth-grade holy objects that have not yet been recognized by the Lord.

"It's worthy of the list of evildoers, and the foundation is really rich!"

After Lin Chen received all the orders, he found that there were still some rare mermaids in that sea!

The mermaids are all graceful and graceful, and they are as beautiful as jade, and they are so charming and charming, which is not much more than some princesses of the Holy Kingdom!

Seeing that the spiritual consciousness that entered this time was not the original master, the mermaids who cultivated even the eighth order shivered and hid deep in the seabed.

"Damn, this is really good for Wentian. Can emotions enter this space from time to time to relax?"

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, and found some time to release these mermaids, and it was imperative to prepare more power!

"System, all the holy objects here are broken down for me."

Lin Chens spiritual consciousness touched the entire silent space, and the system was activated again, breaking down all the holy objects!

Then, Lin Chen took out the seized ring of the many elders in the Snow Dragon Hall and Jifeng's ring, all selected holy objects, decomposed, decomposed, or decomposed!

Among them, there is no shortage of fourth-grade sacristy, and even a fifth-grade! He greatly improved Lin Chen, and he still chose to decompose it because he was preparing for the situation in the next battle!

[Successful decomposition, the host currently accumulates the essence of the set: 16.65 million points.

Lin Chen keenly rubbed his hands, "Very well, I want to use all the essence of the set on the three pieces of God of War parts, balanced distribution."

[Start recharging... Recharging is complete. The host currently has a three-piece Ares suit: Ultimate Right Armor: 5.2% recharge.

[Ultimate right leg armor: 5% charge-Ultimate left leg armor: 5% charge.

Even with the preparations in mind, Lin Chen's apex could not help shaking at the moment!

All over 5% charge!

Last time, two pieces of God of War components with a charge of about 2.5% were matched. The pure power of Lin Chen's temporary eruption exceeded 6 trillion dragon power. Finally, the foot that destroyed Wanbao's secret realm exceeded 8 trillion dragon power!

This time, three pieces of 5%! !

"Six ordinary saints, if they dare to come to me, all will die!"

Lin Chen's eyes are blooming, and there is a sense of self-interest in the world, and the domineering world!

No matter what the consequences of this era of killing the Wizards are, he will never regret it, even if he dies!

Those who touched his bottom line, Lin Chen must do everything!

Bang ~~!

Suddenly, the sky shook and shook, like a thunderous wind, thundering and decaying, echoing millions of miles outside the Luoxia Mountains.

"Ask the palace to do things, idle people, etc., and leave immediately. After a quarter of an hour, life and death will be the sky."

Lin Chen's heart moved.

"come yet"