My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1322

Vol 5 Chapter 1322: Heads Up Asked The Palace

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Asked Dao Gong's warning that the last batch of forces would be completely evacuated. It was thousands of miles away.

The Snow Dragon Palace was destroyed and the enchanted list was killed. With such important news, the forces that had received the wind before had already run away, and who would stay here.

Dare to stay here, there are only a few old monsters lurking in the void, they are the hidden world old monsters of the strange domain, just come to see the excitement.

What's more, some powerful saints from a realm released a spiritual idea from a distance to observe the nearby Luoxia Mountains.

"For many years, such an exciting thing hasn't happened in a quiet, watery field."

"Hey, hey, it seems that during the retreat of the old man, some outrageous wicked wizards have emerged, which is not much more than the crazy people in Jianyu."

"This kid killed the Wizards of the Underworld List? Interesting, this is much more interesting than watching the little guys on the talent list!"

"I haven't been born for a long time, and I met these interesting things as soon as I was born..."

Some powerful spiritual ideas talk to each other and do not intend to intervene.


"Kill me and ask the palace demon, get out!"

get out! Boom~~!

The terrible holy sound is mixed with the glory of the Huanghuang, shattering the space, the sky is scattered, the light is dim and wandering, just like before the end of the world!

The Silent Belt fell into Lin Chen's hand, and asked the palace how fast it was to find the door! At the speed of the saints moving through the void, except for individual realms, only special spatial channels will cross the multiple realms of the holy realm and directly reach the strange domain.

Lin Chen's eyes became particularly sharp in a moment, and his body flickered to and fro in the hall.

In the hall of the hall, the expressions of Bingxin Palace and others were messed up, and the demon queen and Han Yizhi were calm.

Seeing Lin Chen appear, all the talents found the main body and calmed down.

"Squad leader..." Han Yizhi's expression was solemn, and his mental power felt that those who came were extremely terrifying! The extraordinary saint fivefold, the other party seems to have directly dispatched the high-level forces!

"It's okay, just come to me. You can take care of it here. I'll go alone."

Lin Chen smiled indifferently, stepped on his feet, his wings spread, and flickered into the void.

The shadow of the Scarlet Fairy appeared in the lobby, and found a place to sit down.

"Senior Crimson, don't you help Lin Chen?"

The master of Bingxin Palace couldn't help but ask the scarlet fairy.

Crimson Fairy glanced at her, and smiled indifferently: "You seem to be worried. Speaking of it, you are the master of Leng Yueqi. Why do you think his eyes are a little different."

The master of the palace was stunned, and the beautiful face lifted a faint red glow. He coughed a little: "No, Lin Chen treats me like Bingxin Palace..."

"This time, I can't decide for myself." Crimson Fairy interrupted her, and said seriously, "You haven't reached my level, the level of contact is different. My participation can change the outcome. All depends on Lin Chen himself. The agreement I made with him is just to protect the place from being affected by the battle."

Everyone looked at each other with a complicated and worried mind.

Indeed, there are some things in the world that you think are very rare. In the eyes of some people, they are just playthings. You think they are rare because they failed to reach that level.

Like the emperor, I think the saint is so great and powerful, but above the saint, there are naturally more classes, the world, or the whole world, all created by layers of classes.


Outside the Luoxia Mountains, the Tianyin Canyon, Lin Chen stood alone on the top of the mountain, as the silver robe rolled over and fought against the wind, a piece of Jinhui's armguard derived a faint divine power and a restrained edge.

The little shadow turned into a little black dragon entrenching his shoulders. At present, the enemy even yawned, carelessly and easily.

"This little guy is swallowing Shengdan faster and's terrifying..."

Lin Chen was surprised, and then his eyes suddenly froze!

Stimulating the Holy Power, I saw a million miles away, and three figures slowly emerged!

Two old men, one black and one white, and one old woman on crutches, the eyes of the old and empty eyes penetrated.

When the old woman opened her eyes suddenly, the fluctuation of her divine power made Lin Chen's spiritual perception faintly tingling!

This old lady is terribly strong!

Not only! Eight figures appeared on all sides. The holy cave was like a star in a battle, and it was actually a five-fold consummation of eight holy realms with 50 holy caves in full bloom! !

In the four directions of southeast, northwest, eight saints successfully blocked their retreat in five levels. The essence of these six ranks is evident!

And only five sects with five sages and five quintessences are not in the same order of magnitude!

"I am you, kid, sign up."

The black and white two old man flicked his nails, as if the tiger looked down on an ant.

"There are a lot of names for this handsome man, I dont know which two old gentlemen want to hear? Some people call me the most handsome in the Holy World, some call me the club card, and some call me Fangxin Arsonist, but I personally like Yes, its that plain and even boring god. The old gentleman asked my name if Im going to invite me to health care. Lets say it first. My person has a clear taste and its hard to satisfy, otherwise Please let me have a supper."

Lin Chen picked up a wandering fruit and grumbled.

Little Shadow picked up a Saint Pill and chewed it in unison. One person and one dark, the arrogance is very arrogant.

"Humph! Junior, what nonsense with him! Crush back to crush bones and torture him!"

The old man in black robe sneered, the sleeve robe waved, and the dark, dark ink of five fingers exuded the **** of death and destruction, and turned into a shocking electric shock to Lin Chen!

The old man's momentum is not strong, but the sky suddenly darkened when he shot, a small and deep crack across the sky! !

At the moment when the opponent shot, Lin Chen finally felt the strength of the old man.

Lin Chen urged the armor of the God of War with lightning, flexing his backhand, and smashing Jinhui to break the sky!

Sigh~! Bang~!

Jin Hui collided with the breath of death, and the world was ruined and withered. In the thousands of miles of space in the center of the explosion, the vitality was instantaneously evaporated, the space collapsed, and the vitality turned into death!


"Pure power took over the old man's attack, which is hundreds of millions of dragon power?"

The black and white two old expressions were shocked, and the empty-eyed old lady finally radiated a little bit of curiosity, staring at Lin Chen's direction.


Lin Chen broke into the void, possessed the shadows, and the wings of the magic were spreading. When the spiritual strength condensed, it burst out and spread coldly to the world!

"You ask the disciples of the palace to take me the woman of Lin Chen first, don't blame me for the killing! Although come up, I am alone, and you ask the palace!"

At this moment, nearly half of the Northwest Territories of the Strange Territory shook! Many saints who watched in secret were shocked!

One person singles out six ranks sect?