My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1323

Vol 5 Chapter 1323: What's Wrong With Bullying Young People?

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Although Dao Gong will not come out of the nest, the strong man who arrived here is already the core top force of the Six Ranks!

The most important thing is that it is also difficult to call so many powerful people in a short time!

Many hidden monsters and powerful people who watched the battle could not help but dumbfounded. They thought that what kind of powerful forces would be called for this, did not expect to go directly to the war?

A head-on strong man of six ranks in front of him, and this young man?

Not only is the newborn calf not afraid of tigers, it is extremely crazy!

"I asked Dao Gong's evildoers that even if they made a mistake, it wouldn't be your turn to point and point!"

"Young people, they think they are arrogant with a little ability, and today let you know what it means to be out of heaven!"

Bang ~!

The black and white elders were angry and smiled, stepping over thousands of miles, the sleeve robe shocked, and the two giant dragons broke through the sky. One black and one white, the energy of Shengli moving mountains and reclamation contains the energy of life and death, which is more than the forest. The five-fold saint that Chen had played before was so clever that he didn't know how many times!

The sixfold of saints, the realm of life and death, the divine power is contaminated with the breath of life and death, and every move has the power to create life and destroy all creatures!

Buzz~! The divine power is vast, the divine power is like the sea. The golden divine power circulated Lin Chen's right arm. Lin Chen's thoughts urged the God of War's right armor, and he became more and more familiar. The pure power soared to 500 billion dragon power!

Sigh~! Tear ~! Sonic boom rolled, Lin Chen faced the front, slammed with a punch, crushed all directions, the broken void, flashing golden Shenhui's boxing style blasted the two black and white double dragons!


The second elder was shocked, how is the pure power of this kid still climbing!

Bang ~~!

In an instant, the sky turned around, Lin Chen's fist burst into endless golden light, he smiled awe-inspiringly, and the small shadow cooperated with his magic wings to add wings to the tiger's wings.

A brilliant golden radiance flashed across the sky, and the two fell into the ground, cracking the mountains and rivers, and it was the two elders who asked Dao Gong to be repelled?

Lin Chen's fist is like thunder and lightning, and the dragon force is released. , Destroy all things unstoppable!

"There is such a thing...!"

"Where's the monster from this kid? Isn't he a saint triple, where is the means to break out such a strong force?"

"Three saints over six saints? Is the old man crazy or the world crazy?"

The hidden elders of the strange domain are horrified!

The old man in white robe was chased by Lin Chen and fired a real fire. His anger was burning. With a palm in his hand, the vast rainbow-like red mansions gathered into a giant sword that released the breath of death that swallowed everything and cut Lin Chen!

"Ask Red Dust Sword!"

Asked the Zhenzong orange-order exercises of the Xeon Palace Xeon-asked the red dust sword!

Lin Chen had just repelled the old man in black robe, volley turned around, elbowed and smashed across the sky, shattered the death sword across the sky, exploded countless broken mans, and the old man in white robe retreated hundreds of steps, looking shocked!

"Forget the silence!"

The old man in the black robe flashed a piece of blue light claw, and suddenly grabbed Lin Chen from across the air. Wherever he passed, the airflow collapsed, the space disintegrated violently, and the blue claw marks of the seven jumping spaces ripped to Lin Chens heavenly cover!

In the electric light and flint, Lin Chens spiritual power into the sanctuary period sensed the approach of the killing, and suddenly raised his hand, his five fingers were clenched in the sky, and his palm broke the world-like storm-like power of the world. Kill claws!

Let the two elders display the orange-level exercises of the Taoist palace, the power of the middle-grade alien crystal, Lin Chen's strength is reduced by a thousand strokes, and a fist is broken!

Eight senior elders from the Taoist Palace who blocked Lin Chen's retreat were dumbfounded!

Erlao asked the elders of the Taoist palace, whose status is lofty and powerful, second only to the number of people in the palace!

Such a powerful duo, can't win a young man?

What a realm of evil spirits this son! If they ask Dao Gong's most outstanding demon since the recent era, Xiang Wentian will face these two elders, I am afraid that even two rounds can't get out!

The explosions in the void have exploded hundreds of times in a row, the space vibration in the northwest region is endless, and the waves of space storms are like a world disaster.

Only the location of the Bingxin Palace in front of the space boundary can be avoided in advance.

The whole Bingxin Palace stared into the distance with anxious gaze, and the crimson fairy cloud was breezy, but his eyes had never left the battle.

Only after the little demon, the charming and peerless beauty face was eager to try, looking forward and excitedly looking into the distance, as if waiting for something.

When the two sides retreated, the old black and white breath was slightly embarrassed.

Looking back at Lin Chen, when stepping into the air and floating, the magic wings are stretched out, the breath is long, and the fighting intentions are doomed for nine days and ten places, and there is no fatigue at all!

"Use that trick, ordinary tricks have no effect on this child!"

"Unexpectedly, the two of us banned the tactics of the tens of centuries, but we have to deal with this kid!"

The old black and white two gritted their teeth, their eyes were burning with anger, and the Holy Cave burst into the magnificent divine power, and the Holy Force climbed rapidly!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed: "Are you going to sacrifice a move, right? I plan to do you in a wave!"

Just as Er Lao Yu and Lin Chen competed, a remnant of the image suddenly disappeared, and Er Lao's body suddenly shook, and the body's soaring power subconsciously stopped.

At the moment when the afterimage disappeared, Lin Chen blasted his scalp violently, as if there were some wild beasts staring at himself!

"System, right armor maximizes strength!"

Between Lin Chen's thoughts, the armor of the God of War broke out with an undefeated divine glory, and Lin Chen's power broke through 80 billion dragon powers! !

Lin Chen slammed his fist, the golden divine light flashed!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The terrible scene appeared to everyone's perception, and the thousands of miles of space near Lin Chen seemed to instantly become a paste, turning into a chaotic vacuum!

Lin Chen's corner of the mouth was bleeding, and he retreated thousands of steps. A shadow in the void retreated ten steps and stood still, his eyes hollow and vicissitudes.

Black and white two old faces are happy!

Asked the chief guardian elder of the palace shot!

Her strength is second only to the most mysterious ancestor of Dao Gong!

Lin Chen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, staring at the old lady in the distance, and suddenly laughed: "Seniors are still attacking young people like me at an age, I am afraid they are not as shameful as someone in Lin?"

The old lady opened her mouth, her voice was extremely hoarse, like scratching the wall with her nails-"To deal with monsters like you... The old lady doesn't plan to treat you like a normal person. I asked if the palace's evil spirits died without an explanation. Show the cards, they may not be able to win you, let the wife be your opponent."

Lin Chen's eyes were solemn and excited!

This old lady looks like a candle in the wind, very weak, but she is really strong!

At least, it is not the ordinary six-level peak of the Holy Land! Better than that black and white elder!

When Lin Chen was preparing to sacrifice the extreme left leg armor, a mile of Zixia across the sky broke through the void, and the space blockade of the Dao Palace was broken in front!

An extremely calm and powerful voice shakes the world!

"Ask if the palace is at this point, he has almost lost the face of old man Mo, what is the matter of bullying a young man, and he has come here with two strokes?"

The Pharaoh's look was dignified!

Lin Chen was shocked! Has the strong come again?

The little demon from the distance waved a pink fist, excitedly.

"finally come!"