My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1324

Vol 5 Chapter 1324: The Climax Is Repeated The Strong Gather

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"Is this voice the old man of Zi Tianhu?"

"He didn't die, and he broke through that realm?"

Hearing the domineering warning, many hidden monsters were horrified and solemn!

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I saw that the sky outside Lin Chen was not far away, and the purple Xiahong of the sky was rolling across a Hongqiao Avenue. Above the Avenue, a group of people came head-on!

The first one, nine feet nine in height, a purple robe in armor, a tiger eyebrow eyebrow, and a sturdy face with a sturdy outline, like a knife axe!

After his hands were lost, a pair of Zixia burning eyes were like the eyes of the sun, very domineering, like the emperor overlooking the mortal beings!

On his left, there is a handsome middle-aged man with a dash of dust, a feather fan in his hand, a gentle smile on the corner of his mouth, and his body is unremarkable, like a mortal standing beside the saint, only those eyes, even Astral flashes.

On the right, there is a flamboyant beauty with a charming charm, a flamboyant body, a smile and a smile, and it is breathtaking, such as reincarnation, never awake forever.

There is also a handsome young man with a three-foot hand-held green front, a feather crown and a robe. The handsomeness of this temperament and looks is even a bit surprised by Lin Chen, chasing half of his face!

Beside the four people, there are six old men in purple clothes, or the clouds are light and windy, or the sharp edges are exposed, the evil spirits are evil, or the fairy bones.

These old men looked at Lin Chen curiously, as if to see him through all the secrets, but without exception, none of their breath was weaker than the black-and-white old man who asked Dao Gong!

"You are Lin Chen?"

The man in the armor who stepped down from the purple Xiahong, the world-famous Chong Linchen showed a smile: "Very good, very good seedling."

Fengyun beautiful woman giggled: "Dragon wind among people, no wonder that in recent years there are legends everywhere, just the champion of the election this day, the foundation of the Sixth Grade Saint-level pharmacist is enough to equal us."

Junya youth said concisely: "The future can become a big weapon."

When the handsome middle-aged man received the paper fan, he rarely said seriously.

"It's the life-saving benefactor of the young lady. Well, it's a character that the young lady can often mention. It's really extraordinary. I don't know how many grades than the evil wizards I have seen."

"Several seniors are..."

Lin Chen held a fist in a humble and indifferent manner, and he could see that those who came were not friends but enemies.

The other party hadn't answered yet, and asked Dao Gong's Pharaoh Nude, a gloomy face: "Zixia King Valley? You are a group of unborn? Come to interfere with me and ask what Dao Gong does!"

Lin Chen stunned, this group of strong men who arrived suddenly was actually the people of Zixia Wanggu!

"Uncle, second aunt, you are finally here!"

After the little demon queen turned into a startled rainbow, the smile was simple, and when everyone saw the little demon, they showed a kind smile that their loved ones met.

The charming young woman smiled and said-"You are a lot of money, and we will all be mobilized in one word. Why, what's wrong?"

The little demon said proudly: "This time it wasn't me who caused the trouble, it was him who caused the trouble."

Everyone was puzzled. The uncle behind the demon, the man in purple robe curiously said-"What's wrong with him?"

"It's nothing, just killing more than 8,000 monsters in the list."

The faces of Zixia Wanggu were stiff.


I'll be good! This Lin Chen can cause more trouble than this lady, killing a Wizard of Wizards?

You said that you secretly made a bit of yin, and yelled the other party yin to death, in the thirty-six realm to kill a demon list? People of the Eighth Sect sect do not dare to do it easily!

The beautiful woman smiled bitterly: "It is worthy of being with the young lady, and it really is beyond ordinary sense."

"Let's talk nonsense, come here. This Linchen, our Zixia Wanggu is guaranteed. No matter what his fault is, I will take the responsibility of Zixia Wanggu and ask the guys in the palace, are you going to roll it yourself or give it away? You guys!"

The little uncle's uncle stood up, domineering and leaking. Although he didn't reveal the divine power and cultivation practice, Lin Chen felt a great sense of the sun's majesty and oppression!

At the same time, Lin Chen's heart was moved. They chose to stand on their own side without asking the reason. In this case, the little demon did not inform herself that she was a strong man who called herself from home.

This is by no means a simple matter. This will mean that Lin Chen will take away the responsibility of the Wizards of the Wicked List, and will also bring Zixia King Valley into the water, completely bound to the same front!

It is impossible for the demon queen not to know this consequence.

However, Lin Chen still spoke to the purple robe man seriously.

"Senior, this is my personal affair. Although I have a good relationship with the goblin, this matter cannot rise between Daoist sect forces..."

"It's done, young man, no one can stop what we want to do in Zixia Wanggu. How can we help you today, can you stop us?"

The purple robe man laughed and laughed, Lin Chen was a little speechless. Why is this tough attitude so familiar?

brush! brush! brush!

The strong men who asked the palace returned to the old Pharaoh.

The headed guardian Pharaoh's murderous intention is hidden, and his voice is hoarse and sullen-"Zixia King Valley, you are not as powerful as you were, you cannot afford to take this matter!"

"You can't afford it, and it's not your turn to comment on the person with half of your feet in the coffin, to give you three breaths, and take your people away, otherwise, leave something to go."

The little uncle's uncle patted his shoulder dust, and a disdainful arc rose at the corner of his mouth, with an overbearing attitude!

Asked the strong men of the palace, their faces are extremely ugly!

Really fight, they can't have a chance! But if you retreat, wouldn't you ask Dao Gong Gong to sweep the face?


The man in the purple robe started counting, and extended his finger again-"Two!"

Finally, Pharaoh's face was unwilling, when he was about to evacuate with a wave--


The casual voice was like thunder, and the sky was torn apart in an instant!

"This three, the old man counted for you!"

"There are no tigers in the mountains, and monkeys are called kings. The people of Zixia Wanggu are so overbearing."

Rumble~~! call out! call out! call out!

When the space vibrates, 9999 saints of light and glory are intertwined and crisscrossed, spreading all over the sky and the ground, as if the dragons and tigers saw the mountains and rivers, and there are golden boys and girls writing hymns to commemorate the merits. Changed into a holy place!

As soon as this momentum appeared, it seemed that even the dark place between heaven and earth could become a holy place!

In the colorful auspicious cloud, there are eleven black robe people standing, the breath is strong, and even the whole world is shaking for it.

In front of the black robe, there is an old man with a white beard who is immortal. He has a smile on his back and turns nine holy wheels. His plain eyes contain a kind of majesty that can teach the world, which can enable millions of lives. respect!

"Young people will pay the price if they do something wrong, follow me, Lin Chen. Today, no one can guarantee you."

When the old man with white beard opened his mouth, Lin Chendun turned around, his spirit was a little confused, and his heart was inexplicably born of a kind of admiration and conviction to him!

"Broken!" Lin Chen's spiritual awakening rebounded instantly, and his will was firm to break the old man's "eyes", and his heart was extremely vigilant!

"Oh? This young man..." Senior Whitebeard was slightly surprised.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, as if the old man's words and expressions all represented the truth, which made people involuntarily convince him!

Asked the strong man of the palace to see the appearance of this group of people, and immediately looked ecstatic!

"It is the law enforcement team of the demon list directly under the main forces of the ten denominations!!"

All the strong players in the audience instantly became daggers, and the scene was very strange and chaotic!

Lin Chen, asked Dao Gong, Zixia Wanggu, the enemies' law enforcement team, and the strong sides have their own side!