My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1325

Vol 5 Chapter 1325: This Kid Is The New King Of Dragons

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The person who asked the palace seems to have recovered his confidence in an instant, and immediately surrounded the Zixia Wanggu and others!

The law enforcement team of the monster list is by no means a worthy name. Even if Zixia Wanggu has a lot of strong today, it may not be the opponent of the law enforcement team!

In terms of taking a ten thousand steps back, even if the two sides are temporarily invincible and lose the temporary asylum of Zixia Wanggu, they asked the people in the palace to win Lin Chen!

At least, they think so.

"Legendary Law Enforcement Team?" Lin Chen's eyes narrowed and whispered to the demon queen privately: "The reason why some saints are afraid of killing the Wizards of the Yinli List is that they are afraid to attract these guys."

The demon queen not only has no fear, but looks like she is eager to try, smiles and charms, and rushes to Linchen to say-"Its not entirely right, this law enforcement team should be only one group. Generally speaking, kill a Wizard of Wizards, first provoke Its the forces behind it, and a single group of law enforcement teams."

"If a single group of law enforcement teams is unsure, more law enforcement teams will appear. Each law enforcement team is very strong. They are all affiliated with the ten sectarian forces that form the evil spirits list, and there are other eight. Composed of the strong of the Pin Sect faction."

"If the problem is extremely serious, it will even provoke a series of old monsters in the law enforcement team. That level is really a monster that has existed since the early era of the Holy Realm. It can only be found back to the ancient time of the Holy Realm. The footprints placed on the Eighth Rank Sect are also the ranks of the Taishang elders, but generally, such characters will not be dispatched because of the fall of the individual demon list."

Talking about this, the little demon's eyes shined and looked at Lin Chen expectantly.

As if telling him; you have to work hard to cause trouble, Miss Ben is like looking at what the old monsters look like.

Lin Chen rolled his eyes, then thoughtfully, quickly calculated the situation on the spot.

If there is a golden divine light on his legs, if something is wrong, Lin Chen will immediately use three pieces of the God of War suit!

"I still have a trick, if you look at it as a goblin, unless it is the old monsters of the law enforcement team, otherwise there will be more strong people, and my chances of winning will never be zero!"

Lin Chen's heart is not weakened. Although Xiu Wei has not made much progress, he can now explode more than any time before!

Brush ~! The purple robe man stood in front of Lin Chen, his expression was pale and stern, and all the elders of Zixia Wanggu were ready for war!

"Zixia Wanggu, the old man will return it to you in the original words, leave here in three breaths. Otherwise, don't blame the old man for not feeling old, this young man is not yet qualified to defy the rules of the evil devil list!"

The white-bearded old man in the colorful auspicious cloud is light and breezy, and there is a kind of divine power that teaches the world in his speech, which makes people involuntarily convince him.

His sleeve robe waved and the space around him shuddered.

It makes Lin Chen feel the dangerous breath. This is a very clever means of space confinement. All the space here is confined. No one can shuttle or move the space away!

Unless Cultivation is higher than the old man, or many strong men join forces to bombard.

In other words, the small shadow can still maintain a calm appearance, even a little disdain.

"The law enforcement team, right, I have good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear."

At this moment, the man in purple robe standing in front of Lin Chen and the demon suddenly laughed.

Bang ~!

The eleven black-robed men above the colorful Xiangyun stepped out at the same time, ignoring him at all.

"Zi Tianhu, haven't you brought your people away yet. You can protect him for a while, but you can't protect him for a lifetime."

The white-bearded old man's brows are closed, and there are wind and thunder looming in the colorful clouds!

That handsome young man and Fengyun beautiful woman are protecting Lin Chen and the little demon queen at the same time, ready to shoot!

Zi Tianhu smiled leisurely.

"We really can't protect him for a lifetime, but you old guys haven't been born in too long. I'm afraid that you haven't figured out what is happening now. Do you know the identity of this little guy?"

He pointed to Lin Chen, and even Lin Shuai was shocked!

What is my identity? I have nothing but the most handsome name in the Holy World!

"Dragon Clan Wanlong Club, this kid can hold a holy dragon in his body, as a human race, the body of the holy dragon, sneaked into the Wanlong Club, won the name of the dragon clan Wanglong, my Zixia King Valley is of course I cant protect him for a lifetime, but you said, what if I take him here to break through and send him to the Great Waste to the Dragon Clan?"

Purple Tianhu's arrogant words caused a thousand waves!

Numerous secretly hidden old monsters and strange denominational sectarian giant Qing Suddenly changed!

They dont know the name of the Wanlong Association. Each generation of the King of Wanlong is almost the pinnacle of the Kings of the Taigu Dragons, and every one is like a king!

This kid turned out to be the king of Wanlong? Human race becomes king of Wanlong? What are you talking about here?

Lin Chen immediately noticed that he released his holy dragon, entrenched in the void, that the mighty dragon, the mighty dragon body, and even the law enforcement team of the demon list were dumbfounded for a moment!

The dragon body of Optimus Dragon, the dragon tail of the extreme prison water dragon, and the dragon pupil of the yin and yang chemical dragon!

The bloodline is pure, the breath is pure, the genuine eight-grade peak bloodline, and the three bloodlines are one?

"The king of the dragon is actually homologous to this son?"

It was also a horror to see the law enforcement team with broad knowledge and strong as a monster list!

They know very well that the dragons with multiple bloodlines want to increase the difficulty of the bloodline grade. The purer the bloodline, the more likely it is to cause the blood pulse to burst suddenly! Three kinds of eight-grade peak bloodline? Unique!

The law enforcement team of the enchanted list has been living for a long time. They know that the dragon clan has born a new legendary king of dragons, with multiple blood lines.

But they did not appear in the boundary tower, and did not know for the first time, this is actually the dragon family captive in this child, one person and one dragon are homologous!

"A king of dragons plus a champion of the natural elections, if you push him urgently, ha ha ha! What will happen if I take them to the dragon race?"

Zi Tianhu laughed and laughed, all laughter is a threat!

The meaning is very simple. I dont plan to always protect him in Zixia Wanggu. Ill bring someone to break through. Your law enforcement team is so good.

If it is not necessary, in time, there will be a super strong there!

A sixth-grade saint-level alchemist plus a triple-eighth-grade peak blood dragon of the dragon, if this weight is forced to surrender to the dragon, the law enforcement team must also weigh the weight!

"I want to use this to bluff the old man, but it really shows the old man's potential. There will only be two results today. Either let the child plead guilty or let him be used by my law enforcement team!"

The old man with white beard was shocked, and he left the colorful auspicious cloud in person and came to everyone!

Zi Tianhu's eyes narrowed, didn't he bluff this old guy...