My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1326

Vol 5 Chapter 1326: Really Because It Is Handsome

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They came in a hurry, Zixia Wanggu, did not bring too many strong men.

Today, if you want to break through, you will inevitably have a hard fight. If you are not careful, you will have to pay a great price!

"The old guy handed it over to me. You can help the kid with someone. Don't let the person who asked the palace take him away."

Zi Tianhu left a word and slowly took off.

The handsome middle-aged man and the charming woman have changed their attitude slightly. He alone dragged the captain of the law enforcement team?

When the handsome young man was about to protect Lin Chen, suddenly, Lin Chen pushed away and stood up.

"Everyone in Zixia Wanggu, as well as goblins, I have your thoughts. However, I have always done things by myself."

The corners of Lin Chen's mouth rose faintly in a crazy arc!

"You don't need everyone to shoot! I'm going to single out all of them! Let's do it if we don't want to accept it!

Brush ~!

Three golden radiances flashed, Lin Chen's right arm and legs, the golden armor of the radiance of radiance!

Asked the palace guardian old woman and black and white two old pupils trembling!

three item!

This child can fight the strong men of more than six levels in their holy realm, relying on the strength of that golden armor, but now there are two more leg armor? He actually has three? How terrible it must be!

Black and white two old hearts are scared after a touch! If it wasn't for the protection of Pharaoh, they just fought hard with Lin Chen just now. It's them who might have trouble!

The captain of the law enforcement team's eyebrows were clenched, and he was imposing, and there was no trace of bluff at all. Is there really a hole card?

Lin Chen is about to launch the three-piece suit of God of War

A long roar completely broke the void, breaking the space imprisonment of the law enforcement team!

"Hahahaha! Well, one person does one thing and one person does, and a sentence of life and death is not good enough to do, the old man likes, um, this little guy fits my eyes."

"For his arrogance, he was barely allowed to be his son-in-law, but he still had to be assessed."

Tens of thousands of sword lights shot up from the sky, breaking through the vast void, and intertwined into layers of sword gas storms, rowing mountains and falling into the sea, crushing the mountains, sun and moon!

In the Jianqi storm, a group of figures came to the front, the space between heaven and earth suddenly cracked in countless cracks, the sword marks penetrated the void, like a thousand swords, and the sword gas roared!

The man in the blue robe led by the man was dashing out of the dust, with a blue shirt, a blue sword, and a radiant spirit. If there is a sword proud in the world, a sword will open the world!

The brigade showed up, and the three old men stood side by side, pedaling their sword energies in a vertical and horizontal direction, evolving the supreme sword qi of the heavens and the world, like a sword fairy coming!

Then there are twenty-one people with countless sword lights, or swords in their waists, or negative swords behind them, or empty hands, a look, like a thousand swords, and the sword gas is overwhelming! A hand is thrown away, there is a peerless swordsmanship vision in the world of heaven and earth, which is evolving in infinite kendo, the space roars, and the world is trembling!

This group of people coming out of the massive sword gas storm, without exception, are all peerless swordsmen!

Each one, placed in the thirty-six domains, is a super kendo strong who is admired by hundreds of millions of swordsmen!

The hidden elders of Qiyu suddenly sighed with air!

You can't be wrong, except for that area, there is no place in the Holy Realm that can gather so many peerless swordsmen at the same time! They even came!

Asked the palace people's expressions changed greatly, as if the mouse saw the cat!

Even Zixia Wanggu could not help but marvel at seeing these people!

"It turned out to be a sword and a horse, and all are sword sages above life and death. What a sharp sword pressure!"

"The swordsmanship of the three old men is particularly terrifying. Is this the pinnacle of Kendo's power... I am more than two inferior compared to the old man of Ziqing Sword Saint of Zixia King Valley!"

The strongest swordsmen are close, and the forces of all parties in the strange region who secretly observe the situation can't help but be horrified!

How much capital can you use to move the super swordsmen of Jianyu! How much energy and power is behind this child?

Lin Shuai made his mouth slightly open, stunned, and even he was dazed!

What happened?

When is my popularity so good?

Yeah, so many super powers are here! The hot pot is not so messy!

Lin, who is used to turning the enemy up by himself, faced this kind of appearance at once, and was even a little dazed!

Where are so many big guys coming to help? This is not a fight between children! This is a clash between the major denominations!

As soon as the sword field arrived, they immediately stood in the direction of Lin Chen and Zixia Wanggu.

The captain of the law enforcement team, who is high above, such as the Buddha who teaches the world, looks horrified!

"They even got out of it? Just for this kid? How is it possible!"

The three white-haired old men beside the Qingpao man looked indifferent and disdainful, and the sleeve robe waved.

"Isn't this Mr. Mo, who disappeared for a while and became the captain of the law enforcement team."

"When I met, I was still a member of the small law enforcement team. It's a real thing!"

Two elders sighed, the elder of the grumpy sword shaved a wave of impatience directly, and the fierce white mans flashed!

The captain of the law enforcement team was shocked in an instant, and was definitely not as calm as the previous one.

Sigh~! Tear ~?! The power of the two is not as shocking as it is, but there are hidden mysteries and all kinds of changes!

The sharply striking Bai Mang passed away, and the old man with white beards, the captain of the law enforcement team, burst into a sigh, repeatedly backing up dozens of steps, standing regularly, and bleeding in the palm of his hand!

Ask the palace's powerhouses to blow their scalp!

See the blood in one stroke!

The gap between the two sides is clear at a glance!

Old man Jiansha said coldly: "Mo Xiaogui, it's the old man who hammered your dog head, or you get out of your own, be smart, don't corrupt the old man to see the grandson-in-law's mood, or the old man will blow you up on the spot."

The little demon was shining brightly, and even clapped her hands excitedly, and Hao tooth cherry lips chatted cheerfully; "Fantastic, so wonderful!"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly...

This group of people is so perverted!

Especially the three old people headed by him gave him an immeasurably powerful and unfathomable!

He couldn't figure out what level the three men's cultivation practice had reached!

Even the captain of the terrifying law enforcement team can only be considered a junior in front of the old man!

"What the **** is this kid..."

"People who have to move the sword field, can't be done by the Sixth-grade Saint-level Alchemist!"

"Let's quickly go back and open the sect gate to protect the large array. His grandma, if this group of people fight, how many places in the northwest region must be ruined!"

"His sister, when the old man went to Jianyu to ask for the sword, he had the honour of seeing the senior Jiansha. Hundreds of epochs have passed, he is still in such an unpredictable way, really horrible!"

The hidden elders of the strange domain can be described as amazing, and the leaders of all parties are in chaos!

These three elders came out, I am afraid that today's law enforcement team is difficult to end!

The little demon queen couldn't help but approached Lin Chen excitedly and stolen the voice saying-"Lin Chen, how did you do this, so that so many strong players in Jianyu can help you out, and those are all food-immortal Guys, you always do what you do, even high-level holy pharmacists are hard to move! Do you reveal, do you hide your background and power? In fact, you are a super cool second ancestor?"

Someone Lin looked up at the sky forty-five degrees, and pretended to sigh deeply.

"I don't know, maybe, because he is handsome."

The demon queen: "..."

At this time, there was also a beautiful red-haired beauty in the Jianqi Storm, like a butterfly, flying to Lin Chen anxiously.

When the little demon saw the red-haired lady, she exclaimed subconsciously.

"Really handsome!"