My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1327

Vol 5 Chapter 1327: 3. The Law Enforcement Team Is Called

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"Lin Chen, are you okay! Did they hurt you!"

The red-haired beautiful lady greeted me in a red dress like a cloud of clouds, and her beautiful and indifferent beauty, who was always obsessed with swordsmanship, was soft at the moment, and looked at Lin Chen with a bit of distress.

Lin Chen was dumbfounded, Jian Qingcheng?

Could it be... is she?

"I depend! Isn't that... Did she bring such a strong lineup?"

Lin Chen was shocked!

Is she worthy of this? Am I finally handsome enough to surpass that man!

Faced with the beauty's concerns, Lin Chen said helplessly: "I...I'm fine, these are your family members? Too strong..."

"You can help me... I can't stand it..."

Lin Chen was somewhat embarrassed. This sentence is true. He doesnt think he has the energy. Please move the strong man of the level of the Sword Master!

"It's okay, you helped me too! In the Burial Sacred Mountain Range, if you don't shoot, I might be Haotian Holy are injured!"

Before Jian Qingcheng finished talking, when he saw the blood stains on Lin Chen's arm, his pretty face slightly changed, and when Lin Chen's palm was taken up--

The three old swordsmen on one side changed their faces instantly!

The old man of Jiansha immediately scolded!

"Boy, let go of your dog paw!"

This scolding, scared the honest child Lin quickly let go.

Seeing Lin Chen close his hands like lightning, a trace of loss fell across the eyebrows of Jian Qing City, so anxious another Jian Ming old man said quickly.

"What's the little guy stupefied, hurry back!"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly, just preparing to raise his hand

The third Jianjin old man warned: "You can only hold two fingers! The old man hasn't agreed with you yet!"

Lin Chen: "...I am special!"

The little demon laughed sideways, disregarding the image, and the twigs were trembling and laughing miserably.

Seeing his daughter's worried look, the green robe sighed!

"Girl, girl, you found a man who can hold you..."

Looking at Lin Chen's second look again, an unprecedented surprise appeared in the eyes of the Qingpao man!

The spiritual power of entering the holy realm, the spirit is like a galaxy, hundreds of millions, vast and deep.

In addition to the strength on the arm guard, the body refining level reached about 18 billion dragon power. The cultivation base is a triple saint, and 24 holy caves are in full bloom!

The foundation of the Sixth Grade Saint-level Alchemist, the identity of the King of Dragons!

More importantly, all of this is based on his age! From the point of view of life fluctuations, this child is extremely young!

Ordinary Holy Land may think that he is almost the same as the Wizards of the Infernal List. For the sage of Shouyuan, the difference between 10,000 and 1,000 years old is difficult to distinguish. This is also after Lin Chen became holy, many saints automatically ignored his For the sake of age.

Because, without going into it, it is very difficult to find out the true age of a saint, and it can only be estimated. But Jian Qingcheng's father saw Lin Chen's true age at a glance!

"In his early twenties? How could such a young age have such a terrible background!"

The Qingpao man was shocked!

No wonder her own baby girl is also enamoured. This is more than just wickedness. The talents are peerless, chasing after the existence of some'holy babies'!

In addition to him, the sword sages of other denominations in Jianyu are also looking at Lin Chen, and the results they have gotten shocked them!

There is such a teenager here! They were still thinking about whether it could be worthy of Jian Qingcheng a moment ago, and now it is much more than they expected!

"This little guy is so fierce..."

"Even the people in Jianyu came for him, it seems that this time we may not have to worry about him, hahaha!"

"It's a person who is often mentioned by the young lady, this child is really shocking!"

"What happened to Jianyu in the past was well known by people above the Seventh Grade sect. Their heritage can be described as a few rivals in the Holy Realm. Now that they are shooting, I am afraid that the law enforcement team will be deflated again."

The people of Zixia Wanggu looked at each other and backed away a little. After protecting the little demon, they were quite a bit like watching the drama.

the other side;

"Jiansha, Jianming, how can you old guys get out of the game! Didn't the battle of that year give you enough deep lessons!"

The captain of the law enforcement team gritted his teeth, but he was a bit afraid and frightened!

The Qingpao man turned around, and there was a storm of sword gas in his eyes, and Wen Wenrui smiled without losing his sharpness.

"The World War I? Your Excellency thinks too much. The people above you are just to stabilize the state of mind of these insiders. But when the two sides were only 50 or 50 years old, whoever got what they wanted was nothing more than not wanting to die."

"Mother's." The old Jiansha's temper tantrums came again, and sneered: "Do so much nonsense with him, do it without getting rid of it!"

His palm disillusioned the pure white sword spirit, like the sword of the sky splitting!

The expression of the law enforcement team changed suddenly, eleven people in black stepped out together, and asked the people of the palace to stick their heads in front!

This old guy really started fighting without saying a word! If you don't join forces, you can't stop him!

"The aggressive old stuff, just some of you? Lao Tzu is also called!"

The captain of the law-enforcement team worked hard, and a sapphire scroll appeared in the palm of his hand. The power of the diffuse space was included in the stars and moon, and Wei An seemed to be in front of the plane.

However, the captain of the law enforcement team has not crushed the sapphire scrolls, and those who were repaired on the spot to reach more than six levels in the Holy Land have all sensed what they have, their expressions are different, and there are changes.

The seven Holy Lights descended like the nine sky above the sky, the ceiling shattered, the Holy Light shone through the ages, and in the beam of light, a team of neat figures emerged, and the voids of millions of miles around were turbulent and shaken, and they seemed to collapse!

The hidden elders of Qiyu are air-conditioning!

Another strong man arrives! This is the first batch!

Inside the beam of light, the gray-haired old man coughed lightly, "Ah... why do people in Jianyu fight against my law enforcement team."

The cruel old man next to him, with scarred centipede scars engraved on his face, sneered fiercely-"If you haven't played enough, then you will fight again today!"

The waist in the green dress twisted like a green snake, and the beautiful woman shook her head reluctantly: "The people in Jianyu are always like this. They are arrogant and unreasonable. Aijia really doesn't want to see you."

Seven holy lights, each beam of light came out of twelve people, all of which were led by the leader of the law enforcement team!

It is another seven law enforcement teams in the evil list! This lineup is completely used to destroy the ranks!

"Oh? Calling someone?" Old man Jiansha frowned, if judging from the reaction time, based on these people's cultivation behavior, it was not enough to cross the spatial range in a short time to come to the strange domain!

Sure enough, the moment the seven beams of light dissipated, there were strong ones!

In the void, an old man came faintly, so that the strong men of the sword domain also showed a dignified look!

The old man was on crutches, like a weak wind, but strangely, he had three heads! !

Each head presents a different look, some of them have the appearance of a tall man, some are fierce and evil, such as fierce centipedes, and some have charity, such as kind and kind old people.

The three heads are the same body, and the old man has a strange breath!

At this moment, Jian Qingcheng's father, Jian Yu, the three elders, showed a dignified dip!

This old man, they once played against each other! !