My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1328

Vol 5 Chapter 1328: What Kind Of Training Do You Have?

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The expression of the three old sword domains, a rare dignified appearance!

The captains of the law enforcement teams, they didn't even think about it. The problem is this old guy!

"Yinsha Three Ghost Saints? How did this ghost look like?"

Jian Qingcheng's father's brow furrowed, and his voice was solemn: "Is it even one?"

"These three old things are not dead yet? The three of them have become one and seem to have broken through a new realm!"

"The luck of the three old ghosts was really good. The last battle clearly cut them into seven or eight pieces, even letting them go further!"

Sword Field's three old looks are slightly dignified.

"The three of you who are not dead haven't died. How could the old man and others die."

The ghost ghost in the Three Ghost Saints smiled and laughed. He is the head on the left. Although he has the face of a kind old man, he can stare at the three old men with a vague murder intention!

"Don't stay honestly in Jianyu and run out to die? The old man happened to have no chance of revenge, so you will come to the door!"

The sacred saint among the three ghost saints, with a fierce look on his face, grinned teeth, like a brutal beast, finally found his prey and is about to run away!

"It's actually three evil ghosts, this kind of legendary character also came out..."

The expression of Zixia Wanggu and others is unprecedentedly dignified!

Characters of this level, placed in the heyday of Zixia Wanggu, are also the top strong players who can handle it!

"It's tricky now, these three old ghosts seem to be a little strange..."

Zi Tianhu's expression was very serious after protecting the demon.

Even the people of Zixia Wanggu who are here today are not even a junior in front of these three old men!

This is the superpower in the ancient times, and became famous for a long time!

"It's a terrifying coercion, it's not an exaggeration to call it all the strong players present..."

Lin Chen's eyes are extremely dignified!

Although the two parties were far away from each other, Lin Chen knew that he did not feel the oppression of the Three Ghost Saints because of the gathering of strong swordsmen on the sword field, the sword was extremely powerful, and he shared the pressure.

If you let him face these three old ghosts, the normal state is afraid that you can't even take a palm!

These three old ghosts must be the old monsters of the law enforcement team that the little demon said!

This kind of existence, he wants to try to contend with the only possibility, that is, Desperate Life and Death plus the Sky Rebel talent plus the three-piece Ares set, maybe there will be a chance of confrontation!

Even the proud little shadow showed some fear!

The higher the intelligence of the soul, the more instinct to estimate the opponent. It is better than facing the captain of the law enforcement team. The small shadow is also somewhat disdainful, at least they can't catch themselves!

But in the face of these three ghost saints, it has a part of instinctive fear, at least, it has no absolute assurance that it can escape in the hands of this old monster!

The three great ghost saints, who were originally triplets brothers, had spirit rhythms and the same blood veins. They practiced a kind of exercises and mental methods, and even the same day of sanctification.

In the ancient war between the Sword Domain and the Lord of the Sinisters, the three old ghosts and the Sword Master belonged to the same realm.

At the time, the three old swordsmen combined with other powerful men to cut the three into a nearly fragmented appearance, and their spirits were almost destroyed.

Although the three elders of the sword domain were also hit hard by the mortal counterattack, it is expected that even if the three elder ghosts survived, the holy body would die.

But now that the three have reappeared, they have become one? This must have been their last move to save lives, and it was also related to their exercises and mentality.

The three people who have merged into one become a brand-new individual. Based on the perception of the three elders, their realm is one more holy cave than their three elders!

In the final stage of the cultivation of the Holy Realm, every opening of the Holy Cave will bring earth-shaking changes!

Although the three ghost ghosts have become one, there is no doubt that even if it is a single body, an extra cave will be opened, and its strength will be transformed into a new realm!

Precisely speaking, the three major ghost saints are consciously three of them, but from the perspective of holy cave cultivation, they are all he alone.

"If I hadn't asked the senior deity, I really didn't want to fight with these lunatics."

A captain of a law enforcement team shook his head. Although they now have a superior number, the prestige of the sword domain is well known to everyone!

As the domain where "Sword God" was born, it is one of the most terrifying areas in the Holy Realm today!

"Their three old ghosts actually reached that level one step ahead of us, but fortunately, they only got this result when the three of them merged. If all three are promoted to this situation, with the temperament of these three old guys, today we I am afraid that the people who come here will be wiped out by the whole army. That war will have different results."

Elder Jianming's sleeve robe lightly waved, and Wandao swords turned into a glaucoma weapon. With a sword in hand, the sword of Elder Jianming surged like a sharp sword piercing the sky! Broken up!

"No wonder these law enforcement teams come so fast, it turned out to be premeditated."

Elder Jianjin stood directly in front of him, with a palm of his hand, a purple light holy sword appeared, and there was a dragon roar hidden in the sword.

The old man of Jiansha is even more murderous, with both hands holding the sword, the blade of the sword is radiant, and he is full of warfare, ready to fight at any time!

"Let's deal with this old ghost, Jian Cheng you protect that kid."

Elder Jian Ming's preaching did not return.


Sword Master Cheng Jian's father, Jian Cheng, rejected it!

"You really thought I was the stunned youth of those days. Although these three old ghosts are integrated into one, the state can go further, and stopping them will definitely need four of us."

Jian Cheng's attitude was firm. Since the last battle, the San Lao realm was seriously injured, and it has been difficult to recover. There has been no breakthrough in the realm.

Right now, even if he is three-to-one, he is not at ease. If the old man is injured, the consequences will be very serious!

At this time, San Guisheng smiled to all law enforcement teams.

"Leave the first four to us, and the rest to you. What do you want to catch, I only need the dog's life!"

The three faces were unanimously showing a fierce brutal smile, grinning wickedly.

"The pain of this fusion body, the hatred of these hundreds of centuries, the three brothers of the old husband have been tortured, and today they can all be repaid today! Quack, chirp, everyone in your sword territory will die!"

The three faces were grinning horribly, and the whole sky became shaky!

In the distance; a palace trembles and the ground cracks again!

The crimson fairy in the Snow Dragon Hall is pretty pale!

Only a few coercions released let her have some signs of being unable to protect everyone in Bingxin Palace!

This old ghost is so horrible! Absolutely more than accepting the cultivation of the starland!

Choking~~~! !

The sword light traversing for hundreds of thousands of miles is like a peerless flying rainbow, and the sound of Zhengming Yinyin is transformed into a clear sword roar, and gathered in the hands of the swordsmen!

All Juggernauts of Sword Domain draw swords at the same time!

All the law enforcement team released Shengwei, the light of the Holy Cave shattered the crystal walls of the space, and the momentum was like a mountain and sea prison!

"Miss Baobao retreat, and then protect Linchen!"

Zi Tianhu's mentality of operation, the whole of Zixia Wanggu reveals the appearance of a broken cauldron!

In that war, it was indeed the forces of the sword domain and the leader of the evil spirits that were divided up and down, and no one could get anyone.

But in a strict sense, it is the forces of the leader of the demon list who have'lost'. This loss is lost to reputation! The highest and majestic image they created was broken for the first time!

Otherwise, Guisheng will definitely not go out in person. This battle is like retrieving the reputation and hatred of the three ghosts!

"No wonder they will be dispatched ahead of time. It should be because I feel that I was waiting in the sword field... These three old ghosts had a life and death enemies with us. Although they are now integrated, they can reach a higher level... Oops, I'm not strong enough in Jianyu. Now, I haven't helped Lin Chen, this little guy, but dragged him into the water!"

Sword Master Cheng Cheng secretly called bad!

If Lin Chen is captured, her daughter is afraid that she will not become a tearful man, and it is possible that the sword will not move forward!

But if the third old man is injured, he can't end!

The hidden elders of the odd roads are going straight away!

The heads of major factions have withdrawn their spiritual ideas!

Damn, if this battle is fought, let alone their spiritual ideas, even if the body arrives, it will have to pay a heavy price!

This fight, I am afraid that the entire northwest region of Qiyu will be completely overturned!

Even if the eight ranks and even higher powers informing Qiyu are too late, it is too late to stop the battle!

Because no one can mobilize the strong enough to stop the two sides from fighting in a short time!

Lin Chen flew at the forefront of the attack and stood at the front of the team?

His eyes looked straight at Yinsha Three Ghost Saints!

The eyes of the three ghosts of Yinsha Guisheng narrowed, the Holy Realm triple? This cultivation practice is not much different from stepping on a rat!

Bang ~~~! !

Lin Chen's body was covered with golden glow, and the God of War leg armor, arm armor, and infinite golden divine reflection. His war intentions skyrocketed, and his pure power was about to start to skyrocket.

"God! Reverse!"

Bang~! !

At this moment when Lin Chen was about to launch the Sky Rebel, a blast hit nine days and ten places!

Above Jiuxiao, a red divine flame that carried through heaven and earth fell from the sky!

"It's not enough to kill the small ones and the big ones, and you want to call an old one. How many people are not human, how arrogant are you, how can you do it?"

The flurry of beautiful shadows walked out of the flames, and the dancing fire silk fluttered around the beauties like elves.

At this moment, the expressions of all the powerful players in the audience have changed! !

Lin Chen opened his mouth slightly...

Even she came?