My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1329

Vol 5 Chapter 1329: Meet Now

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Scarlet Divine Flame came from above nine days, and came to heaven and earth. A fluttering red lady appeared from Divine Flame and came to the middle of both sides.

She alone calmed down the audience instantly!

Asked the palace, Zixia Wanggu, all the law enforcement teams of the enchanted list, the sword field three old men, the Yinsha three ghost holy, all strong men, the expression suddenly changed!

Other weak forces can't recognize them, they can't admit mistakes! That Divine Flame is a unique symbol of a certain force!

Palace of Divine Flame! !

This force once stood at the top of the Holy Realm, and ruled the 36 domains, dominating the whole era!

Even if the shock changes later, the Palace of the Divine Flame falls, and its heritage is by no means comparable to them!

If the ordinary strong in Shenyan Palace is okay, but the three old swordsmen and sword bears, and the captains of the law enforcement team, have seen the portrait of this woman!

"Shenguan Jue, one of the two great guardians of the Divine Flame Palace, Shangguan Jue?"

Yinsha Three Ghost Saints is shocked!

The Purple Sky Tiger in Zixia Wanggu is astonishing and amazing!

"It's too strong, my mother-in-law, even if our Zixia Wanggu doesn't come, I'm afraid this kid will have nothing to do..."

The name of Shenyan Palace is above the Sixth Grade sect, no one knows it, no one knows it!

Even the group of unruly sword sages in Sword Realm cast a terrified look on Lin Chen, calling them all dumbfounded!

Shenyan Palace can be dispatched by him. If they are ordinary elders, they will not be so moved.

But this is the Supreme Guardian!

There are only two Dharma Protectors in Shenyang Palace, and each of them was once a character from the Holy Realm, who reached the top of the list of evil spirits and the person who was ranked in the Holy Talents List!

This is really second only to the Palace of the Divine Flame Palace, the ancestor of the Divine Flame Palace, and so on.

What a sacred place this kid is, so that the second-hand leader of the Shenyan Palace will be close to the wonderland...

"Can this little guy have a background?"

"Isn't Allure saying that he has no background? Not to mention the Sixth Grade Saint-level pharmacist, even if it is the Seventh Grade, the Eighth Grade is impossible to invite the Divine Flame Palace!"

The three old swordsmen were shocked in their eyes. This woman had few rivals in their swordsmanship. Perhaps only the "those" could be comparable!

Lin Chen's face was dull, his mouth slightly opened, and his eyes were unbelievable!

This woman in the red dress Shangguan Jue, is really the big man who once came to Kyushu to take away Bai Ruoyan!

Seemingly perplexing Lin Chen's eyes, Shangguan Jue laughed and scolded-"Stinky boy, look at it, you don't understand Ruoyan, Ruoyan doesn't understand you yet. You can cause trouble everywhere you go, if you are here Dead, Ruoyan, this nizi must not run away. Isn't the old lady coming to give you the aftermath?"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, if Sister Yan really knew him...

In fact, there is one thing she didn't say, if Lin Chen died, there would be more than one Bai Ruoyan going away.

There is also Shen Lingshuang, this Nizi is now the hottest figure in Shenyan Palace...

Shangguan Jue almost completely ignored the law enforcement team on the opposite side and taught Lin Chen a stern lesson.

"Your boy, don't do things cleverly, how can you know the people who kill the evildoer list? You can find a place in the back of the world to yin and he can't do it, no one can control you, you should be clear. , Its not like being a robber on the street like a gangster."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly. This grandma is really too strong...

but! This handsome man likes this attitude!

As the captains of the law enforcement teams of the enchanted list say so, dont people want to face?

The strong power of Jianyu suddenly reduced his pressure, holding an attitude of watching the show, and his face was full of jokes.

Just kidding, the Divine Guardian of the Divine Flame Palace is here, they don't have the chance to try.

Unexpectedly, the Yinsha Three Ghost Saints and the captain of the law enforcement complexion were so blue, but they didn't even dare to let go!

suppress! This is from real power suppression!

With a big fist, I can just bully you! Without strength, face is a fart!

The three ghosts of Yinsha were horrified, and the ghost of the ghost in the middle head clenched their teeth with their scalps. "This senior, we also have those relationships above us. Are you so bullying us that you are not afraid of causing wars in all regions?"

Shangguan Jue's pretense suddenly realized!

"Oh! It turns out that you want to be fair. I like fairness the most!"

Shangguan Jue's sleeve robe waved, and her beautiful lips rose slightly.

"Okay, don't talk nonsense, speak with strength, singled out, you go together, I singled out your group."

Lin Chen: "...How come it sounds so familiar?"

Hearing this remark, the scalp of all the powerful people exploded!

The person who asked the palace was frightened and walked back thousands of miles, teeth trembling!

Mo said that the strong members of the law enforcement team, even Yinsha Sanguisheng, couldn't help but take a subconscious step back!

Pull it down! Who wants to fight you?

Fight with the Divine Guardian of the Flame Palace? Long life?

The little demon queen's beautiful eyes are shining, she just sees an idol, staring at Shangguan Jue with a face full of worship at this moment!

Shangguan Jue laughed awkwardly and gave a cold cry!

"If you don't come, you will remember it later. This kid is covered by my Shangguan Jue. Whoever wants to **** him, come and **** me first!"

Lin Chen: "...what sounds weird?"

The people of the law enforcement team glanced at each other. Do they have to deflate again this time?

It was Sword Territory back then, and now it is the Palace of Gods Flames. In this way, how powerful is the law enforcement team of their demon list!

Suddenly, Shangguan Jue Xueyan's eyes condensed, and in a blink of an eye he looked at the distant void!

It was almost the moment when Shangguan Jue reacted, the domineering laughter of the strong and calm echoed between the world!

"Oh? Shenyan Palace, can't you really consider yourself a hegemon of the Holy Realm? No one can hold the life of this kid today!"

The laughter was like thunder, and the world was terrified. Lin Chens mental perception was like being hit by a thunder light. Although he did not cause substantial harm, he felt an extremely horrible holy prestige!

Poof~~! Boom!

Laughter stirred the world, a dark, dark shadow covering the heavens and the earth, tens of millions of miles, as if falling into endless darkness!

All the strongmen who just relaxed before are instantly alert!

Even Shangguan Jue, Xue Yan appeared strange and puzzled.

She felt a very strange breath in the shadowy atmosphere!

Shadow family? Dragon family? Mozu? All confused together!


The small shadow on Lin Chen's shoulder suddenly went mad, his teeth grinning.

The black dragon-shaped shadow body soared up, lingering to the top of Lin Chen's head, revealing the body, staring steadily at the front!

"This breath is exactly the same as Little Shadow!"

When Lin Chen was shocked, an ancient mirror gleamed in Taoyuan's capsule, as if he felt the call, the riot of desire, was directly suppressed by Lin Chen's avatar!

Lin Chen was shocked!

This is swallowing the sky mirror!

The comer, is the master of this swallowing the sky mirror?

To say so...

The endless shadows, like dragging the world into the boundless void, except for Shangguan Jue, all have lost their perception of space and cant even break through the space!

A dark cloud emerged from the sky.

Whether it is the law enforcement team of the enchanted list, or Jianyu, Zixia Wanggu, people on Lin Chen's side, all look in the direction of the black cloud!

The black cloud rolled, and seven figures appeared gradually!

As the first young man, Ji Yuxuan is so tall that he looks like a crown jade, but he is pale, his eyebrows are red, and his whole body is shining brightly!

That is the light that belongs to the alien crystal alone!

Next to him, there is an old man, who looks kind-hearted, but his old eyes are rolling with crazy killing intentions and greed, staring at Lin Chen's direction!

The people on the law enforcement team first recognized the man on the black cloud!

No. 1 in the old demon list, Yin Tianzi! !

The old man standing next to him is a Tuosheng that has long since fallen!

No, to be precise, it should be the'ultimate shadow' that took away the body of Tuo Sheng!

Lin Chen clenched his fists silently, and the little shadow shouted faintly!

The eyes of two pairs of enemies, for a moment, ignoring all the strong, colliding together!

Lin Chen, to Yin Tianzi!

The ultimate shadow of the 14th issue, the ultimate shadow of the 13th issue!