My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1330

Vol 5 Chapter 1330: A Melee

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The sudden emergence of the ultimate shadow of the 14th issue of Yin Tian Zi and Seo Tuo Sheng Sheng made everyone unexpected!

Seeing the old man, Lin Chen felt heavy. This is probably the body of Tuo Sheng's body, which has become the boarding body of the ultimate shadow in the 14th issue. (Previously typo, the small shadow is fifteen.)

"Even the number one on the once list of evildoers is here?"

"Yin Tianzi, hasn't he disappeared for years, why did he suddenly appear?"

"According to the old man's information, didn't he disappear with Jiuyin Tianzong? And his master, after the rumors fell, this son disappeared directly."

"A strong and strong atmosphere, the old man can't see through his cultivation..."

The captains of the law enforcement team were horrified and horrified, and the three ghosts were horrified, looking at the seven people including Yin Tianzi.

The situation is so chaotic right now, a little carelessness is the end of blood loss!

Yin Tianzi, this person, is evil and righteous, no one really knows him. When he was first in the list of demon evils, he could be said to occupy the thirty-six domain, the culmination of the king's demon evil rankings, all eyes and focus gathered on him .

However, everyone thinks that Yin Tianzi will impact the Saints List and become a member of the Saints List. When he is on the top of the Holy Realm, he disappeared at the most proud moment!

Even, it is the first choice to directly withdraw from the demon list. The choices and results of that year made all the factions uproar!

Even more bizarre, a top-ranked seventh-grade sect, nine-yin-day sect, disappeared bizarrely when the Yin-yin-tzu quit the demon list, and even the independent space plane opened by the sect was completely closed.

Since then, the news of Jiuyin Tianzong and Yintianzi completely evaporated the Holy Realm, and so far there has not been a clear answer!

Now when I see you again, his practice is better than Yinsha Three Ghost Saints!

"Is it the number one that disappeared in that year?"

"This kid also seems to have come to Lin Chen? Xiu Wei is a little scared, and he can't see through it more and more. How much influence did he involve!"

Everyone in Zixia Wanggu felt more and more that there seemed to be an unprecedented storm, centered on Lin Chen's son, and began to appear gradually!

Overlooking Lin Chen from the top of Yin Tianzi, awe-inspiring smile.

"You seem to have done the true story of his old man."

Lin Chen smiled suddenly, and the laughter was cold"Yeah, Senior Elder and his old man worshiped by you, only the last ray of spiritual will remained, and entrusted me to eradicate you, the master's beast."

"Oh?" Yin Tianzi raised his eyebrows and smiled wickedly-"I'm afraid you won't be able to leave alive today. A saint triple can refine 39 alien crystals. Your mind seems to be somewhat mysterious. Can ignore the limit on the number of abnormal crystals."

At this time, the ultimate shadow that kept the appearance of Tuo Sheng began to distort the dark atmosphere of the shadow, and instantly transformed into a pale paper-like teenager.

It licked its tongue and stared at the little shadow with hoarse voice.

"Can't be wrong! Sure enough, this young guy has a stronger potential than me, but the shortcomings are also obvious, there are obviously loopholes, ha ha ha ha, swallow it, the bloodline of this seat will definitely be higher. floor!"

At this time, Shangguan Jue stepped out, the red dress was gorgeous, the black eyebrows were light, and the red lips lighted up.

"Are you going to roll yourself, or do you get beaten and then roll."

Although the breath of Yin Tianzi and the breath of the "Tao Sheng" are very strange, but she is not troublesome in Shangguan Jue!

Really fighting, she was not afraid of these two people, but she was only concerned about whether she could protect Lin Chen in all aspects!

Yin Tianzi glanced at the ultimate shadow, then turned his eyes around and smiled lightly at the law enforcement team.

"You, you want Lin Chen's flesh, and I want this kid's spiritual origin. I'm blocking the Shenyan Palace for you, and you are blocking the sword territory. We are responsible for taking him down!"

Having said that, Yin Tianzi didn't even have time to consider, and rushed to the Guanjue!

"Look for death." While looking at the audience and paying attention to Lin Chen, Shangguan Jue's miraculous eyes wiped out his murderous intentions, and his slim jade fingers flicked!

A ray of divine flame appeared at the fingertips out of thin air, and the scorching sun wheel twirled into the sky, and the center gathered to form a divine mandala to grind towards the Yintianzi!

Yin Tianzi palms tens of thousands of splendid light, but there is no fear, the palm of the past!

Sigh~! boom! !

The heavens and earth fell, the whole sky was cracked, and the earth's veins burst into cracks like the sky!

The enchantment of the Scarlet Fairy was suddenly broken, and the pretty face was pale and vomiting blood!

With a wave of her hand, everyone in the Bingxin Palace was included in her air-transplantation sac and quickly retreated!

"Shoot! Kill these dog thieves!"

The Yinsha Three Ghost Saints suddenly burst into tears, and the people of the law enforcement team gritted their teeth hard, urging Shengli to rush past!

"Stop holding them, don't let them come over!"

The three old swordsmen suddenly drank coldly and took the lead to block the Yinsha Three Ghost Saints! The momentum of both sides shattered the world and became the second largest war circle!

"Take advantage of it now!"

Asked that the palace was swarming up, Zixia Wanggu Zhongqiang blocked out of thin air.

The law enforcement team showed their magical powers, the sword lords of the sword field performed supreme swordsmanship, and their sharpness and sharpness broke through the ninth heaven.

At the moment when the two sides met, the entire northwestern region was sunless and moonless, as the end came!

The ultimate shadow and the servant of Yin Tianzi acted and escaped into the void!

Bang ~! The Purple Heaven Tiger of Zixia Wanggu led the team and exploded the space of thousands of miles with one punch, pushing out several servants, and the aunt and cousin who joined the little demon, intercepted five servants out of thin air!

The battle situation can be described as ever-changing, and none of the strong players present is the weak one. Except for Lin Chen and Jian Qingcheng and other juniors, the lowest is the five-fold saint consummation!

This kind of specification battle even has a tendency to surpass the power of the sword domain to challenge the leader of the evil spirits list!

the other side;

"This is, alien crystal?"

Shangguan Jue's expression changed slightly. Although Yin Tianzi was a wizard, he was still young after all. What's more, when she was in Shangguan Jue, she was also the most popular figure in the list of evildoers. She even appeared on the list of holy geniuses.

"Your cultivation is impossible to contend with me. How many alien crystals do you control?"

Shangguan Jue gave another hand, and it turned upside down, and the mountains and seas became gray!

"Oh, it's too early to play against you. Although I can't win you, it's okay to drag you for a while."

The Yin Tianzi smiles awe-inspiringly, and the two fight against each other. Every time there is a small plane explosion, no one will dare to get around!

Brush ~!

A ray of shadow escapes into the void, jumps in space, unimpeded, and breaks through the blockade, is the ultimate shadow!

It pointed directly at Lin Chen and the small shadow, like a magical power, almost broke through dozens of war circles in a blink of an eye!

"No! This **** is here for me!"

Lin Chen's expression changed slightly, and he pulled the sword allure and the little demon back to his back. His armor and leg armor rushed to the sky in an instant, and Lin Chen's power broke through 90 billion dragons and 100 billion dragons!