My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1331

Vol 5 Chapter 1331: Squeeze Directly

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When Lin Chen was about to retaliate, he scorned the void, and his sword gas spread for thousands of miles, and a sword cut off the course of the ultimate shadow!

"Oh? Sword skill is a bit interesting."

The ultimate shadow was temporarily stopped, and a pale paper-like young boy's face crossed a hint of cat and mouse.

The Qingpao man stood up against the sword, with a sword in his hand and blocked it in front of Lin Chen and others.

It is the father of Jian Qingcheng, Jian Cheng!

Except for San Lao and Shangguan Jue, he is the only one who can stop the ultimate shadow among the strong players now on the scene!

"Boy, leave with Allure, if my daughter misses a little bit, I will destroy you with the next sword."

Jian Cheng pretended to be a fierce threat.

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen didn't play cards according to the routine at all. With a backhand, the two women were pulled away, and a gentle force sent them out of the melee area.


Jian Cheng glared!

Why didn't this kid leave? If you are a bit lost, then Nizi is afraid that her soul is gone!

Lin Chen rolled up his sleeves, the strength of the God of War armor continued to soar, and he shouted awe-inspiringly.

"Life and death are bearish, and do it if you don't accept it. I'm going to make this **** today! Senior, create an opportunity for me, as long as I can hurt it, I will surely destroy it!"

Lin Chen's appalling spirit made Jian Cheng a little horrified and gave the young man a glance again!

Destroy it? Damn, you are really kind!

In fact, it is not that Lin Chen did not want to escape, but did not have to escape!

He is very clear about the ability of the ultimate shadow. Without completely getting rid of the young shadow of the young form, he can pick up many secret treasures of the Wanbao secret realm from the eyes of the Danyu Tsing Yi giant, and master the void, far beyond the human race.

Not to mention the ultimate shadow of growth! There is no chance to escape, and you will be chased in a blink of an eye, only a desperate fight!

"One punch, it only takes one punch to hurt it, and Lao Tzu can destroy it! Sky Rebel plus the three-piece charge of God of War, a long-range strike is impossible, only hit it at close range, triggering the sky Adversary, this is the only opportunity!"

The little shadow seemed to be like Lin Chen's heart, always perceiving the location of the ultimate shadow on the opposite side, introducing Lin Chen's spiritual knowledge to the sea and letting him know the location of the opposite side at all times.

The small shadow is not without feelings, it is cultivated by the Tuosheng, and it is specially dealt with the ultimate shadow of the 14th period. From the egg-forming form, the spiritual idea of the Tuosheng is engraved. , Born with an instinctive hatred of his fellow race!

"Want to fight with me, you juggernaut is not qualified yet, get away, don't hinder this seat!"

The ultimate shadow screamed and swept to Lin Chen again.

"Enough is enough, you have to give it a try!"

Jian Cheng shook his palm with his sword, mapping hundreds of millions of stars, and gathered together, like the last glory of the stars that died hundreds of millions of years ago.

This sword, splitting the sky, like a galaxy falling from the outer sky!

Orange Rank Intermediate Exercise "Billions of Stars"! It was exhibited by Jianyu "Top 100 Sword Saints" personally, and its power sweeps the sun, moon and stars!

Brush ~! Strangely, the human figure of the ultimate shadow has been divided into two forms, one person has a monstrous demeanor, his hands are pushed horizontally, his palms are out of thin air, and the palm has a dark aura of aura, it seems that thousands of demons are wailing!

Bang~! The sword light is scattered, the star light is extinguished! Sect Master Jiancheng stepped back and forth, his face slightly pale!

It was at this moment that another afterimage of the ultimate shadow swept towards Lin Chen!

"not good!"

Jian Cheng was shocked, and his expression was horrified! He couldn't even stop the other person's avatar?

That avatar, such as the arrival of the ancient Saint Demon King, perfectly blended the innate shadow and the atmosphere of the Demon Race, and even Jian Cheng was also encountered for the first time.

It happened only in 1/10,000th moment, Lin Chen didn't even react, and the ultimate shadow had reached above his head!

too fast! The speed of the innate shadow approaching the peak period is even faster than Lin Chen's spiritual reaction speed when he entered the Holy Realm!

"Come here! Quack, you are mine!"

When the ultimate shadow evil laughs, he raises his fingers and rotates a shadow vortex in the palm of his hand, which annihilates the light of heaven and earth, and Lin Chen is sucked up and flew towards it!

This is the realm controlled by the ultimate shadow, Lin Chen can't even tear the space!

The moment that Lin Chen and Xiaoying were imprisoned, its palm became a claw of the black dragon, and it was captured!

Dark claw marks traverse the void, such as time and space upside down, rolling dark dragon breath can make the world chaotic!

Poof~~! The dragon claw easily tears the holy dragon in front of Lin Chen. His holy dragon was instantly hit hard and was torn into four or five pieces by the ultimate shadow! !

Fragile as paper!

The ultimate Shadow set features the Dragon, Demon, and Shadow tribes in one, infinitely close to invincibility! !

Between the electric light and the flint, the Holy Dragon was cut into several pieces. At the same time when he was hit hard, Lin Chen was immediately injured. The moment of bleeding at the corner of his mouth made him instantly recover his instinct consciousness!

"Damn it, fight!"

The God of War armor burst out with a glorious radiance, Lin Chen suddenly waved his fist into the sky, condensed his strength and punched him!

In this punch, even Lin Chen didn't know how much force he used. He played completely by instinct!

Bang ~~! ! Jinhui penetrated the sky dome and the space collapsed!


Lin Chen was blasted and smashed the ground completely when he fell!

Between the collision of Lin Chen's punch and the claw of the ultimate shadow, the world turned upside down, and a fist-sized space boundary was directly hit!

The ultimate shadow stepped back two steps, his eyes slightly surprised; "This kid took a blow from this seat?"

All the powerful men cast their eyes in horror. How could this boy erupt such a terrifying power? This is equivalent to the pure power of Na Xingjing!

The people of Jianyu and Zixia Wanggu almost giggled at the same time!

Did this guy take this hard? Na Xingjing must also be hit hard!

That claw is not the ultimate strength of the ultimate shadow, even serious.

It first avoided the entanglement of the Sect Master Jiancheng, and then blocked the space, confining the small shadow to avoid its escape. It was completely a blow. It already thought it was enough to shoot the ant Lin Chen.

Shangguan Jue's eyes are like electricity, and the beauty of Xingying is like a phantom gleaming, forcibly breaking through the Yin Tianzi, even at the cost of injury for injury!

In other words, five cloudy emperors could not hurt her!

But now I can't take care of it, Lin Chen can't have an accident!

Dang ~!

A dark enchanted space enchantment was created out of thin air, blocking Shangguan Jue! It is the starting hand of the ultimate shadow!


The thunder of Shangguan Jue was furious, and he was about to slam the enchantment, but the small shadow flashed towards Lin Chen again!

That's too late!

Almost all strong people flashed this idea at the same time!

The Divine Guardian of the Divine Flame Palace can't save even if he can quickly break through the enchantment!

However, the next moment!

Not only in the northwest region, in this moment of 10,000th, the entire odd territory, all above the Sixth Grade sect, all the strong ones have changed color!

Whether it is the Seventh Sacred Realm of the Holy Realm, the Eighth, the Nine Heavy of the Holy Realm, or the world-shattering powerhouses that are shutting down, they are all awakened and look very frightened!

The pupil of Shangguan Jue's beautiful eyes shrank!

She clearly saw that from the top of the ultimate shadow, the slender jade hands as white as condensed fat appeared in the sky, and they were directly crushed on the heavenly shadow of the ultimate shadow!

Poof~! boom! boom! boom!

The slender jade hand is destroyed, and the ultimate shadow of the incompetent life has not even wailed. It is like a cookie made by the slender jade hand!

At this moment, all the powerful men had scalp numbness, and all the battles were stopped in an instant! !

Squeeze the ultimate shadow directly?